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Buh Rumpa Bum Bum

Posted in SL® Fashion with tags , , on December 14, 2009 by Rosie Shark

Yes, it’s like Christmas barfed all over the feeds. You can’t avoid it. And look! Soooooo cute, why would you want to? I’ve been toying with this Tattered Christmas Dollie set w/ao all weekend. Ask people! I’ve annoyed them with the jingling of the happy puppet cross bells above my head.

This adorable creation is new for the holidays from The Dollhouse by Lvs & Co. and comes in 6 festive colors! The flouncy petticoats make me happy and the vibrant red is just the thing I need to get me singing more christmas songs 😛 I just needed to put on my Dutch Touch Jolie Pip skin to make the whole thing come together!

The most fun for me about this Dollie was the AO supplied. The puppet AO gave me the most hilarious stiff-legged walk, and cutest wave, stands and sits! All photos taken were using poses in the AO. What’s important to note is that The Tattered Christmas Dollie, complete with AO and puppet strings cross is only L$100! All the time. All dolls at The Dollhouse are L$100! Add with that the always-fabulous customer service provided by Ravenlynn Templar, and it’s a steal!

The puppet cross that comes with the set is sooo cute I wanted to snuggle it… even though it jingled over my head endlessly with it’s magical tinkling bells. It features scripted puppet strings that attach to your ankles and wrists as an on/off option when you click the green present on the underside that the lil gnome/elf is holding. Note: it’s important that you have your Max. Particle Count set to above 0 to see the strings 😛 It was worth it to me to do an extreme close up like seen above to point out the charming details on the puppet cross! It comes in w/snow and w/o snow versions, various santas having a good ol’ time, and has twinkling xmas lights!!! Annnnnd the fabulous musical bells I believe I mentioned 😛


All photos except vendor ad taken at Christmas Market by MB

TheDollhouse: Tattered Christmas Dollie in red

Dutch Touch: Jolie PaleApricot PiP2 CL1

Love Soul: Cheek color red (tintable)

Naughty Designs: Impassion in Sea Mist

Silhouette: Lashes Babydoll

SLink: Paloma Point Ballet Slippers in pink (extreme ballet point base)

Torridwear: Long Ribbons Burgandy (gloves layer)

The Obscene: Collection Contacts – 011 – Dark Blue