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I can dream, it’s a simple thing – I’m building a time machine…

Posted in Virtual Worlds with tags , , on June 30, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

Okay so not really, I couldn’t build my way out of a paper bag. I don’t enjoy it, and  I don’t feel inspired nor motivated to try beyond a box to take pics in. Even then, my box doesn’t look like a box. It’s quite sad really.

Most people are quite familiar with the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.” This statement suggests that people who have failed or would be failures in the world outside of academia end up as teachers. Well I’m not sure about all that either, sooooo I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m semi-materialistic superficial-esque and I’m pretty much okay with that! I’d also like to suggest a new saying, “Those who can’t do, SHOP.”

Now with that being said… An old SL friend of mine, Adec Alexandria told me of OpenLife. He loves OL and passed his enthusiasm on to me enough that I decided to download it & log in.  Talk about going back in time. I felt like I was back in SecondLife circa 2004. Awww the days of my SL youth. The main selling point is the land aspect.


Private Region

-256×256 (65,536m2)

– Up to 45,000prims

Setup Per Region: $75 Monthly Renewel: $75 /(35,000 credits)

Versus SecondLife:

-65,536 square meters

-Island Set Up Fee Price: $1,000.00 Island Maintenance Fees – Six Month Billing Price: $1,770.00

(A monthly charge of US$295 per month in land fees)

-The prim allowance for a Private Region is the same as any other Region: 15,000

Can that possibly be right? How on earth can LL charge that freaking much? (Please correct me if I have the wrong LL info here) I couldn’t do it but I know a lot of people do. I could go on & on about why I could never justify that sorta cost on virtual reality for myself but that’s not what this post is about…

I’d like to sell you on OL Opportunity instead. I’m not asking you to leave your safe haven of SL, but if you are a content creator (specifically hair (w/pink textures), shoes, clothes, stuffs I needs, etc) please consider sharing your art & creation with the refugees of OL. It’s a tough start for us shoppers with very very very few stores & huge open spaces.

I hope to see a new world bloom within OL… but without creators, I cannot shop & create that world for myself. And ummm hello? Colleen can I get some Loft furniture please? So here is my shopping list…

  • SKIN! OL comes with your basic Eloh skin base options, but I need a better tan.
  • SHOES! I have no freaking shoes and I *need* them!
  • A prim skirt or 30… flexi please and in earthy tones.
  • Moar prim hair! This (pictured above) is all I freaking have! I need OPTIONS!
  • Nice quality sculpted pre-fab furniture & poses! Poses that work!!! (O Hai Luth)
  • Speaking of poses… I need an AO up in this joint!
  • Zyngo would be nice too but I don’t wanna push it.

If your computer is fairly decent you could be logged into both worlds at once! Amazing! Just imagine the multitasking you could accomplish. Think of the poorly fashioned and needy residents of OL that need your support. For only a creation a day you could reach out to such residents & teach them to shop, buy your things & put smiles on faces across the grid. Please come visit OL and make your mark on a world that is starving for mateiral things. We need you & I know deep down, you know you need us too!

Oh and I’m JellyBean Gunawan there so call me heyyyyyy!

OpenLife site


Blog This

Posted in Op/Ed on June 29, 2009 by Daila Holder

I usually refrain from screening myself. Most of the time, I blurt out what I’m thinking whether verbally or through blog posts. This practice has gotten me into sticky situations, but overall, I consider that I’m being true to myself. At least that’s what I tell myself in a half-hearted attempt to justify my actions. Though, while I may be quick to share my opinion and personal thoughts, I do have a line that I usually will not cross. I try to keep my thoughts and blog posts personally focused. I want everyone to know that my posts reflect my opinion and only my opinion. I also try not to personally attack anyone. I usually don’t discuss Second Life gossip in my blog posts. Instead, I try to aim at talking about my personal feelings regarding my online interactions. Lately, I have almost felt inclined to get involved in petty disagreements and mindless attempts to stir up controversy. Luckily, even though it went against my basic nature, I decided restraint was necessary. I knew that I had nothing to gain from throwing in my opinion. When you comment on a blog post full of mistruths and speculation, what do you hope to gain? 99% of the time you will only further engage the blogger and their “cronies” into a personal attack. The situation will then balloon out of control, and you would wish you had never posted that comment in the first place.

I think on a whole, that SL Bloggers need to step back and read through their blog posts. Try to read your posts with a fresh perspective and with the eye of a first time reader. If you can’t accomplish this, then ask people outside of your normal peer group to read them. Is the tone of most of your posts positive or negative? Are your posts supportive or critical? Do you use language that is inflammatory and accusing?

What was your attempt when you started your blog? Did you want your blog to be an accurate reflection of who you are or to highlight amazing ideas and people in the Second Life community? How far have you crept away from that goal? Have you unnecessarily hurt people just to get your blog readership numbers up?

Blog readers, here is a question for you: Do bloggers have a moral obligation to try to ensure that their blog posts regarding other residents and businesses in Second Life are truthful? Should they be required to at least attempt to talk to the parties involved before they post? As a member of the Second Life community and a blog reader, are you obligated to call bloggers out when they attempt to be negative, critical or overly mean in their reviews or posts?

Believe me; I want to encourage everyone to be true to themselves. As I stated before blogging can be very therapeutic, so feel free to pour your thoughts out on the screen. Though if your true self just happens to be a petty hateful bitch that likes to dwell on other’s flaws and point out half truths and sometimes outright lies, then do you have the right to complain and cry, when people dislike you? Well, one thing I’ve picked up here is that everyone always has the right to complain, and lucky for all of us, they usually have 3 or 4 blogs, Plurk and Twitter to ensure everyone gets to see it.

Free Australia!?

Posted in Op/Ed, Real Life, RL, SecondLife®, Virtual Worlds with tags , , , on June 28, 2009 by Valiant Westland
Australia Censored

Australia Censored

Australia’s proposed ban of Second Life and other similar sites sets a dangerous precedent that should strike fear into the hearts of free people everywhere.  A “free” country that has a “Minister for Censorship!?”  This is something we might expect from China, North Korea or Iran, but Australia!?  The Nazis would be so proud!

Those who call themselves “Christians” or “Moral,” might see this as a “victory” over “evil.”  But for them, as well as all who applaud this travesty of freedom I will quote Benjamin Franklin, who said:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

It appears the people of Australia are still prisoners, exiled as were their forefathers and permitted only the

1984 or 2009?

1984 or 2009?

“freedoms” their masters deem fit.  It will be interesting to see if they accept this Orwellian destiny or rise up and demand the freedoms so many of them have given their blood to defend around the world.

As for Second Life (SL) and its “danger” as a source of adult content; SL is no more or less dangerous than the rest of the Internet.  Those who wish to can find virtually anything they want on the Internet, good, bad or indifferent.

It should be up to adults and parents, not a “Nanny State,” to take the steps necessary to limit exposure to content they deem inappropriate for themselves or their children.  This can be done at the individual PC or user level.

By banning access to Second Life, the Australian government will not only be cutting off access to “adult” content, but also art, music, education and collaboration opportunities that have the potential to enlighten, inspire and improve the lives of its citizens, young and old alike.  If the government of Australia succeeds in censoring SL from their citizens, those of us who work, learn and yes “play” in Second Life will miss the tremendous spirit and contributions our Australian brothers and sisters make to SL everyday.

May Liberty Prevail!

May Liberty Prevail!

I close with a quote from another of our (American) Founding Fathers, that I hope will be taken to heart by all those who love freedom in Australia and around the world:

“”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson

We’re All Stars in the Freakshow

Posted in Review, SL® Fashion with tags , , , on June 27, 2009 by Rosie Shark

So there I was… getting ready for the Hair Fair.

ARC… whut? Nah, haha, Kidding!

Courtesy of Nitestar Albion, Jell and I got outfitted up in !Freakshow gear. The latest in post-apocalyptic couture, Freakshow offers a pretty decent-sized initial collection.


Though she plans to do more clothing designs, Nitestar’s real passion is prims… mega boots, bracers, belts, backpacks. I’ve known Nitestar since my very first days in SL and it was so exciting to see what she’d created.

You will find that the offerings are made up of the grimy, the almost indecent, and the prepared for battle. And look! OMG the Mean Girl Back Pack!! Isn’t it to die for?!


I’m truly thrilled with the level of detail and quality that Nitestar has put into her items. Tattered, nippled, weathered, and worn… Freakshow lends a bit of authenticity to your rough second life 😀

What Jell is Wearing:

HAIR: :: Refuge ::  Harriet – FROM HF 2009
SKIN: <TheAbyss> Jadzia_Sol [2]C (Jadzia Skins can now be purchased at Body Doubles) SLURL
NECKLACE: FREAKSHOW DoubleWrapped Greystone Arrowhead Necklace F
TOP: FREAKSHOW Tank Numbered
BELT: FREAKSHOW Voodoo Belt <womens> <BLACK>
ARM BANDS: FREAKSHOW Voodoo <Female Arm Bands> <BLACK>

What Rosie’s Wearing:

Hair: ETD Nadia Strawberry Blackened

Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: Star Cream Special

Eyes: La Sylphide Bright Blue

FREAKSHOW Aviator Goggles *worn in hair*

FREAKSHOW The Hunter’s Female Black Leg Band

FREAKSHOW Urban Girl Combat Boots Female

FREAKSHOW Wanderer’s Belt Black Female

FREAKSHOW Tank Killer Bunneh

FREAKSHOW CaptainSpaulding Jeans Unisex

FREAKSHOW Ripped Black (on jacket layer)

FREAKSHOW Collar Lil Beast

An Open Letter to Senator Stephen Conroy

Posted in Real Life, RL, Satire, SecondLife®, Virtual Worlds with tags , on June 26, 2009 by Prad

Dear Senator Conroy,

We have a lot in common you and I, Sir. We’re both filthy Poms (Don’t try to deny or denounce it – we can live and work through this) and we both love the internet and the potential it can offer us.

As the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy in the land down under, I imagine you spend a fair amount of time just surfing the web and looking at random stuff. Again, this sums up my job pretty well too.

So I totally understand when you introduced the internet censorship scheme to deny the access to child pornography to the Australian people. It certainly won’t make the problem go away, but why not make life that little bit harder for paedophiles, right?

Then you extended the things you wanted to censor.. drug usage, criminal activies, cruelty, extreme violence or “revolting and abhorrent phenomena that offend against the standards of morality”. I can live without seeing those things on the internet.. especially that last one. Domino’s Pizza really is something wicked.

But then you turned your attention to online games. Now I remember when you had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas taken off from sale because of that Hot Coffee scandal. This was the first time I became aware that Australia had no rating for adult-only content.

And I guess I can understand that. Us Brits, Senator, do have a reputation for being prudish. But even then, a pot-smoking, homosexual, chainsaw weilding one-eyed pizza delivery boy can still start up his own blog in the UK, and not get blocked.

So really, there’s no reason to hold the moral high ground in Aus.. I mean, they’re just like you and me Senator. Only with nicer weather, better sportsmen and more shrimps to put on the barbie.

Senator – I think it’s time for you to come home and let us take good care of you. It does sound like you’re missing the green, green grass of home, and perhaps it’s time to let mommy love you again. I just don’t want to see you do anything stupid like ban those nice Aussies from online worlds like Second Life.

Because, Senator, I know many of them. And when they get deprived of their second lives, they get a little homocidal and crazy, and I can’t let a fellow Brit face that sort of danger.

I have a spare room that you can camp out in while you find your feet again, Senator. Maybe you and I can work together and take over the running of the British Government? I don’t think anyone can do a much worse job..

Just.. umm.. leave running Internet censorship type of things to me, okay? You can run the House of Commons or something.. that pitifully corrupt lot could use your iron fist.


Prad Prathivi

Hawks gets his FASH-ON with new hair from Bryce Designs

Posted in Op/Ed with tags , , , on June 20, 2009 by hawksrock

Trivia question… so when has Hawks ever done a fashion review of clothing or hair??

Answer… Never, unless you count the machinima I did to show off an umbrella for the Style Throwdown Challenge against Express Zenovka.

So I was a little bit surprised when I found out that I had received hair samples from one of my plurk friends, Bryce Tully of the bald is beautiful line of hair designers. A little more digging, and I found out that I had been volunteered by none other than Miss Madison who thought I should give it a go. Well I am always willing to try new things, and I thought why not throw some pics have Jell help throw some pics together and see if I can pull off the fashion diva lifestyle for a day.

My approach was the following: throw on the hair and then dress up based on what inspiration I felt when seeing the hair.

Overall I was given 5 styles to review, 3 of the styles will fit immediately into the Hawks collection of styles that I cycle through, one style I can use for machinima projects, and the other style I probably will not wear. Obviously tastes vary by person, different strokes for different folks, but hey I am the one writing this review at the moment.

Let’s start with the ones I would actually wear:

This first style Holmes is something very Hawklike. I didn’t even have to change clothes, and it fit right in.

The second style I really enjoyed (once I got past seeing myself looking like Chestnut Rau – who I believe rocks this style of hairdo very well on her female avatar.) To me it is something I would throw on if I was wanting something a little cleaner and more dressed up.

The third style that goes into my wearable folder is one that immediately made me think of windswept beaches and surfing the big waves.

This next style is one that I had a little trouble finding something in my inventory to wear that fit the image in my head. I actually like the style, I just do not normally wear something warm weather like this because it makes the RL Hawks feel hot – psychosomatic I know, but still a factor for me. One cool thing is that the hat has a scripted feature that lets you cycle through various color and textured patterns.

The last style is one that immediately made me think 70’s porn star.   Yeah, I’m a porn star baby!

All of these styles can be found from Bryce Designs at his tent at the Hair Fair Expo, or you can visit his mainstore here for demos.

Harassed by an Idiot Stripper

Posted in SecondLife® with tags on June 19, 2009 by Orchid

Let me just get one thing clear:  I love sex crazed noobs.  Really.  I do.

Being a 6’2 purple .. something .. means I don’t get hit on a lot.  But noobs?  They don’t care!  They’ll try to get your panties down within minutes regardless of what you look like – and I love them for it.  My favorite has to be the noobs that want to do ME for money.  If I pay them 100L they will do me with their freenis on that hideous black and blue freebie sex chair.  Money well spent, right?

That’s when I turn the tables.

Me:  I’m sorry but I’m going to have to take you in.

Noob:  Excuse me?

Me:  You just solicited me for sex – which means you’re a prostitute – and we aren’t in the Bunny Ranch Sim, buddy.

Noob:  Are you serious?

Me:  The law don’t play around my friend.  Just ask Walker, Texas Ranger.

Noob:  This has to be a joke.

Me:  I wouldn’t find this sort of joke funny.

Noob:  F U I’m out of here.

Me:  *handcuffs you to an imaginary chair and does a super rad sexy dance*  You can’t leave!  This is your “Haha you were just harassed by an idiot stripper party!”

(noob has TP’d)

The sad part is – I never get to have any fun.  Ever.