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Hey dere!

Posted in Op/Ed, SecondLife® with tags , , on October 31, 2008 by Iris Seale

As the newest writer on The Rev, I wanted my first post to be an introductory one. I don’t know if you know me. I write Shopping Cart Disco, along with a team, and I’m a designer. I love reading SL Revolution and I’m amazed the gang wanted to take a chance on me as a writer. I’m excited about it because I think I can be more free and blunt here than at SCD. I’m not sure that was the desired effect.

So enough about me, I want to tell you what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to write what I want; I won’t lie about that. If you don’t like it, please feel free to tell me. I’m going to tell you things to make you laugh. I’m going to tell you things that make you uncomfortable. Also, I’m probably going to tell you things that make you very, very angry. It’ll be fun.

What I won’t ever do is bullshit you. I’m here for the same reason you are. Let’s stick it out together, eh?


Can we haz Open Space?

Posted in Op/Ed with tags , , , , on October 29, 2008 by Autumn

OSS ’08! So did you guys hear the news? The Lindens, in their infinite wisdom, are going to increase prices on open space sims (formerly known as void sims) beginning in January. With no grandfather clause for early adopters. Now, before we get into the whole ‘These sims are over-used and abused’ debate, consider this, why would Linden Labs have increased the prim limits back in March, couldn’t they have predicted that people would be using them to their maximum capacity?

Opening my shop on my own sim has always been my dream, and having an Open Space Sim made that possible. OSS’s made a sort of middle class in SL, a place for medium-sized shops to have their own place, private and not lagged like the mainland, but a lot more affordable than a regular sim. I was so excited to have my own place, I could control the terrain, the decor, I got to make my own decisions about what I wanted to do and where everything could go. I didn’t have to worry about crappy neighbours building giant malls beside me or strangers having slexx on my front lawn. Almost everyone I know wants privacy and the power to control the sim, restarting it if it’s laggy, changing terrain, controlling the time of day. It’s going to be hard to go back to the mainland for a lot of people I’m sure.

I am on an open space sim, I am current using around 1300 prims, with a very few scripts, I checked my top scripts, all from Botanical, so that puts rest to the idea that OSS’s were made to be garden sims. I have box vendors, with no scripts in them. A box puts less strain on the server than a sculpted prim. I would consider my sim to be a very ‘light use’ sim. I don’t often have more than 3 people at one time on my sim, and usually it’s just me, hanging out on my platform in the sky.
I know that there are quite a few people ‘abusing’ the intended usage of these sims, but the Lindens were overly vague in their intended usage definition. To me, my sim is light use, but I don’t know if LL would consider it light or heavy usage. I also really wonder what suddenly motivates a pricing change, and exactly how that’s going to make people limit their use of OSS. Other than the obvious choice of giving them up entirely.

There is already a huge uproar about this issue, and several people have summed up their feelings quite eloquently. There is a flickr group and even a jira (a quite popular one I might add) about this issue. I worry though, that it’s all for nothing as Linden Labs is not exactly well known for catering to even it’s highest paying customers. There was a big backlash against voice too, and look where we are now.

Annyka Bekkers has a theory that Linden Labs is trying to get rid of the OSS’s all together, since nobody will want to buy a new one. Even if the majority of people keep the sim they’re on (which is unlikely with a 66% price increase with 0 added benefits), there will be tons of them abandoned and very very very few new ones purchased, if any from the Lindens. Is this the way of the future? Mainland or Full Sims for shop owners? Was this the plan all along from the Lindens? What happens to places like Appearance Mode or Club Seven, or Filos (the poser’s sim) all on Open Space Sims.

As for me, I’m sad that I probably won’t be able to keep my island for myself, I don’t want to give up my first real (to me anyway) home for my shop. But I don’t want to abuse the system either. I have plans in place to keep the shop going on a full private sim with another shop, and while I think that will work well for both of us, not everyone can afford that option. And after having a taste of privacy, how many people are going to be willing to share?

One is a genius, the other’s insane…

Posted in SecondLife® with tags , , , , on October 28, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

This has been a long time coming. I would just like to say thank goodness for Kaedy. She finally spoke out about the closing of Mean Girls in her post “Three Sides to Every Story” on her personal blog. Go ahead and click the link, this is a must read. At first it was hard to take anyone who can’t spell bitch right serious, but this is a very serious matter, and just ignore the “bish” thing, I think she was trying to be cute.

I would also like to say Jeepers! Ya know, I was fired, errr I mean quit too Kaedy! I cannot begin to thank you enough for calling this out. You were absolutely right about unprovoked public attacks, in fact I love the way you did it much better by blogging it on your private blog.

The one and final note card you didn’t share however shows what a tyrant and complete dictating catty bitch Rosie really is. So let me share that here:

I Can Has a Mad

Yup, bein a total bish for the next week and a half. The notices bothering you? You don’t want to partake? kkthxbai! No really, feel free to leave the group/blog. This is an enormous amount of work, would like to see it go off well but I’ve yet to hear from a few of you… Plz contact me with an offline, IM, email with your thoughts and/or feelings… let me know where we stand with this. Warning: all communication is subject to use for blog fodder. Thanks!

Wow! Re-reading that caused me to shudder. At first I thought she was just organizing and getting prepared for the closing of MGG2SL, but after reading your post and reading this last note card over and over again, I cannot believe how naive I was. For the longest time I was under the impression that she was *my* sidekick and I was the bitchy one. I feel so completely stupid, used & tote victimized.

Not to mention I’m feeling so out of the loop. Why was I not allowed into your clique friendship of three? We could have formed some sort of alliance to take her down. I would have gladly joined your idea of taking a stand by not saying a damn thing. That woulda showed her! Was it because I’m not as smart as you guys? I mean I did feel completely intimidated by the wit, intelligence and eloquent writing all of you brought to Mean Girls but I could have tried harder to meet your standards. I honestly didn’t know that you could blog 564654545478 times about club life and etiquette. I mean I thought once I got my “Hoooo!” gesture, what else is left? Kudos to you!

I suppose that now instead of being able to go off and find Snarky glory I am trapped behind the shadow of Rosie Shark for at least a little while longer. Someday I will have my own world domination but never worry, I will never forget the little people. Again, thank you Kaedy for helping this victim speak out.


Curbside Confessions

Posted in SecondLife® with tags , , on October 25, 2008 by hawksrock

So it appears that secrets have become a hot topic in Second Life these days.   I have to say that I was as surprised as anyone else when I received the vast influx of personal confessions sent to me over the last several weeks.   I spent many hours culling through the hundreds if not thousands of notecards, faxes, emails, and even a few etch-a-sketch submissions to provide you with the following:












+1,265 after the cut

Do you remember…

Posted in SL® Fashion with tags , , , on October 24, 2008 by Kitty Lalonde

Life was so much easier in 2004 fashion wise, there was only 7 different outfits which we all wore in rotation, you could wear a system skirt without looking like a tit, everything was slutty and you could wear a blank texture as a skin and people thought you looked ‘cool’.

One of the most coveted items in SL at the time, was the near legendary ‘Cum Fuck Me’ boots made by Asri Falcone, these were precious indeed. The name alone enough to ensnare even the most prudish of shoppers. Standing at 750$L they were bloody expensive at the time, purchasing even 1000 lindens in those days required the ability to fiddle with various websites, input your particulars 20 gazillion times and wait for several weeks. Or you could take out a second mortgage and buy them off eBay.

But they were worth it just to totter your leather clad thighs around on the teetering prim heels looking superior to everyone else in their textured shoes.

But sadly all this changed and Second Life is all new and and exciting with more clothing shops than there are tins of beans at Tesco’s. But occasionally one longs for the comforting taste of nostalgia and takes a little trip through the murk of the mainland to find all the places where they used to splash their cash. I was on one such trip the other day, remembering the days of gothic brilliance of Nomine, going to Lost and Amby’s store where they keep all those old clothes (and purchasing many things I dribbled over in my SL youth) and trying to remember the name of the bloke who owned a big pyramid club and left SL in a fury with the Lindens. It was then I remembered my precious CFM boots and hot footed it to Asri’s store to regard. I was delighted to find they still existed with the sexy walk replacer (which is still in my AO to this day) and provocative adverts. “Huzzah!” I thought, but then I noticed the price. The previously mentioned stores had dropped all their prices to a few paltry lindens but not Asri, no. You can still purchase the CFM’s for their original price.

Now like I said, these boots were the bollocks, in 2004. But things have moved on, and I have to admit I was cringing in my seat at wearing these clompy buggers for the pictures you see above. I can’t understand why they still have the same price tag on them, the only people who are going to buy these are nostalgia driven harpies (me) and people who haven’t a clue about SL and have never heard of Abyss.

So Cum Fuck Me has become Fuck No and an era as ended. Now lets all bugger off back to Maitreya.

Dear Rosie: Naked Girl Baring it All for Love?

Posted in Dear Rosie with tags , on October 22, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Dear Rosie.
I live next to this really hawt guy and I strut around in the tightest outfits or nothing at all and he never even talks to me. Why?
signed naked and frustrated.

Dear Naked and frustrated,

Perhaps he’s gay? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him straight! Maybe you could send me the slurl to your house. I could surely find an asshole or 5 who would love to meet you just because you walk around in the tightest outfits or nothing. Tip: clackity hooker boots are a plus! Remember there are plenty of horses in the sea 🙂 Hope this helps.

Dear Rosie,
My gf has been talking a lot about this guy at work, she affectionately named Goatee guy. She is now starting to plurk conversations she has with him, and said that she made sure she sat by him on the same bench at work. She is wanting me to grow a goatee. Should I be worried?

signed Got your Goatee?

Dear Got your Goatee,
Yes, worry. Facial hair is like the badge the bad boy wears to signal his prey he’s on the move. Without it you’re just a pasty guy who lacks dangerous appeal. If you know women, then you know we like the mystery and darkness that is hinted at by that smattering of chin pubes. The fact that she calls him only by a pet name, objectifying him, also hints at a deeper underlying sexual twang that might be of some concern. But, hey, I’m sure she likes the cuddling and sweaty hand holding too! You just need to understand that one person can’t be everything to another 🙂 Good Luck!


Dear Rosie,
I am feeling guilt and remorse at my really bad habit of making up SL Secret posts which make me sound cool and mysterious, even though I don’t actually do any of these things. I feel like I get more attention as my anonymous self than my real self. Help me take back my life.
Signed, Contributer #1, 3, 7, 11, 15

Dear Contributer,
LOL… Hold on… lol… So let me get this straight. You so fail at trying to acheive being e-famous that now you’ve resorted to faking being e-famous??? You. Have. Too. Much. Time. On. Your. Hands. My advice? Turn off the computer. Now. Don’t log off, don’t log out. Hard Boot. Quick before I hard boot your ass! Now, go, go enjoy the sunshine… the real kind that provides heat and vitamin D. Outta the house! Don’t come back until you grow a pair and can pursue a real Second Life!

Dear Rosie,
I hate my life right now. Everybody thinks I am totally famous, and grab me every single day to stop me to say how great and witty and nice and the best DJ they ever heard, when all I wanna do is just be my little meek quiet self.
signed, I just wanna be a nobody again

Dear Nobody,
I’ve never even heard of you. Does that help? POOF, you’re a nobody again! *me backs away with her magic wand*

note: No actual magic was used/harmed in the making of this response

Dear Rosie,
I can’t seem to recover from the fact that I was the bestest MeanGirl there ever was, but yet I still got the boot without any warning. After laying awake for nights on end and crying streams of tears, I have now vowed my revenge. I will take them down like the bitches they are! Do you think I have a chance, and everybody will still like me?
signed, Snarkoleptic

Dear Snarkoleptic,
Wow… just wow. I want to apologize for the fact that when it comes to being snarky, you are *apparently* not alone. Mean Girls? What’s that? Geriatic rag mag like Reader’s Digest? And for the record, everyone loves snark, so you’re good! Keep it up!

dear rosie,
i am getting more and more interested in this lady with a great personality and who makes me smile so much…the only problem is this other guy situation, that seems a little rocky to me, but im not sure. i dont want to ask to many questions about her and him, but i am just going to continue to enjoy our conversations. should i just continue to be patient? thanks for listening

– flipping the bird

Dear Flipping,
First off, you use Caps when saying my name, got it? Now for your response: Yea. Patience alllllllllways works. Pffft! I say Declare your love! Let the world know! For sure she’ll go gaga over the PDA and will dump Mr. Rocky to be with you! I know it! Oh, wait… I just got caught up in your delusions. All I can say is there are plenty of hot cyber sisters out there waiting for a guy with your… patience. Find another. This one’s taken.


**To submit your burning questions, please see info below. Also, you can now submit your questions via private Plurk!

Holidays and Observances are for Skanks?

Posted in Op/Ed, SecondLife®, SL® Fashion with tags , , , on October 16, 2008 by Catero

It never fails.

Leading up to a holiday or observance many retailers will invariably release items that appeal to the spirit of the occasion.

Second Life™ mirrors real live, of course. For North Americans in both worlds Valentines Day, Easter, independence days, Thanksgiving and Christmas will always result in a spike in retail activity to reflect the respective themes.

Would it really be Valentine’s day without the cliché red lingerie and lipstick-print boxers? How could we survive Easter without fuzzy bunny slippers? Where would Christmas be without a tacky knit sweater littered with yuletide imagery of snowmen and wrapped gifts? 

It’s not always easy to tastefully accomplish this, but some designers throw caution to the wind and full-on embrace creating vendibles that are lacking in refined aesthetics.

Each time a public holiday rolls around I can guarantee that, in particular, I’m going to see several ads and promotions in the feeds for some skanked out celebratory outfit that I can roll my eyes at. Freebie blogs are famous for featuring these. In SL I seem to notice this more than in real life – even though I work down the street from two lingerie stores with window merchandising that I pass every day to and from work. I’m going to pass one on the way to lunch today.

Why do anniversary observances signal the onslaught of slutwear? I just laugh and keep scrolling. Stores “exploit” such occasions for fun or profit. It’s a universal regardless of which world you’re observing.

This year was a little different.

On September 11, one of the most tragic events in recent world history, I glimpsed a memorial release that was … bordering on (if not completely absorbed in) the offensive.

Mascha Boa of Mascha Boa Fashion came out with some freebies that were not in the spirit of solemnity in remembrance of lives lost and forever changed – a “God Bless America – USA Outfit” for females. The outfit was a star-spangled thong bikini paired with a prim mini-mini-mini skirt that left ass and lower breast cleavage exposed.

The blog post explained that the store owners wished “to express our regret and show us that the fate of Americans fault. We know no one you can take the suffering and it will not be forgotten and yet we would like to express our compassion so that we can with our free products somewhat happy.”

My first response was an incredulous, ‘Get the fuck out’. I was hard-pressed to come up with any rationalization for why one would want to commemorate the murder of thousands with a g-string. I really wanted to rant on it, but suppressed the urge. I’m trying not to be vocal in the heat of the moment these days.

When reading the September 21 installment of the controversial SLsecret on Shopping Cart Disco, postcard #8 (pictured right) really spoke to me, reminding me of how I initially felt when viewing the images and how inappropriate I still feel it was.

Halloween is the only festival for which this can be excused. As dressing up and dressing down in extreme ways in encouraged.

I’m sure Miss Boa is a very lovely person who simply did not exercise good judgment on the day she set out to create her 9/11 bikini release. Had she set out this freebie in her store for July 4 no one would have batted a lid. The context was completely off.

Frankly, it’s put me a little on edge as to what to expect from our retailers in the future.

Holocaust hair-clips? Martin Luther King, jr. assassination day pyjamas? Hurricane Katrina nipple tape? Hiroshima neon-glow jelly bracelets?

– – –

Photo Credits: (1) Mascha Boa blog; (2) Shopping Cart Disco blog. Images are the property of the blog author(s) and/or owner(s).