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oh hai.

Posted in Op/Ed, SecondLife®, SL® Fashion with tags , , , , , on December 18, 2008 by luth brodie

Luth here bringing you a bright and shiny new column. I am your resident over worked, dyslexic, opinionated, snarky, cynical, bitchy, angsty, and blatantly honest animator. You may have heard of me. You may not.

Who cares about all that? What you want to know is what am I going to do for you. Fuck if I know. Weeks ago while riddled with insomnia and disgust at the current state of the fashion feed, I started a daily plurk showing what I thought were the worst pictures posted. As something that was just for humour value among friends, it snowballed into some odd form of criticism for which I just haven’t had the time for of late, especially as a daily thing. But now because the infinite wisdom of JellyBean and Rosie, you get to read me blather on.

What I can never understand is with advertisements that bad, how someone can make clothes with what seems like less Photoshop skillz than I have. Years ago, I looked at the clothing templates and stupidly went back to Poser immediately. I could have made a killing instead of living on the fringes of the sacred SL® fashion industry. ‘Eh who the fuck am I kidding…

As probably the most fashion challenged of The Rev bunch, I’m not going to be talking about the items. At least I shouldn’t. I never know what’s going to come out sometimes. It’s mostly going to be about the overall picture itself. Poses will more often than not be brought up since well…. I seem to know quite a bit about ‘em.

What I will never understand is how SLers® can be both anonymous and overly sensitive. Criticism in any form seems to translate into being personal attacks and the writer is in all forms a bitch. That anyone with enough balls to say what they think ends up with drama.* And of course should be only done with an unknown alt, behind closed doors, or anonymously through SL secrets. For some unknown reason, everyone expects to put out their work for all to see and only get positive and glowing feedback. And it’s mostly worked out that way since most are too frightened of the backlash. Is it that opinion gets lost in translation in text form then mutates into the end all of truth? Or are they for the most part overly sensitive?

Creating for SL® is the only art form I’ve ever heard of that is like this. No one ever thinks twice about bashing some RL film or song. As someone who’s spent quite a number of years in the film industry and married to a musician, I can guarantee you that every person involved in those endeavours spent more time and effort then you did making that picture. Art is subjective. I have just as much right to hate it and say it publicly as you have for actually making it. If you can’t handle the idea that someone else doesn’t love it just as much as you do, then perhaps you aren’t ready to show your work to the rest of the world. When all you get is positive feedback, how are you to better yourself artistically?

If you are looking for sugar coating, please look elsewhere. I do not poop or ejaculate rainbows. However, the chosen are not personal attacks. I rarely look at the name and even if I did, constant hiding under my primrock means I really have no idea who you are. If I don’t know you personally, how is it bloody possible that I’m attacking you personally? Thinking otherwise is illogical and borders on paranoia. Maybe you’ll actually get something out of this as long as you forget for a moment that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your brilliance.

Perhaps it hasn’t been said enough, but don’t you understand that your ad sells your clothes just as much as the actual items do? Think about it for a minute. Clothing is the largest industry in SL® (you have far more competitors) and yet you can’t easily allow us to demo it. Taking badly lit, low rez screenshots is going to hurt far more than the time wasted in doing it right. And then compositing those in garish ways isn’t going to make me run to buy whatever you worked oh so hard on. Kind of difficult to shop with bleeding eyes isn’t it?

Please take a moment to read this post by Alaska Metropolitan on bad ad design. Memorize it. Then you might not end up in my column.

Content creators look at your blog before giving you information and/or swag. At least the smart ones do. If your posted pictures look horrible to us, we won’t send you a thing. If you use poses that fuck the mesh, I’m pretty sure no one wants you to post pictures of them in public. Or I might be the only one who cares about that.

The first column will be posted eventually. The pictures are going to be a number of weeks old since I got distracted by work. Remember the over worked part? Yeah. That wasn’t a joke.

* And by “drama” I mean the spineless and rather childish way of dealing with conflict. Life is conflict and dealing with it in an immature way will just get me to tell you to piss off.


..And I Thought I Knew You!

Posted in Op/Ed, SL® Fashion with tags , , on November 18, 2008 by Orchid

I am not organized. Everything I have purchased/made in my inventory isn’t categorized. I know its strange, but I have somehow memorized what things look like based on what they’re called. I’ve learned that’s just how my memory works. I may not recognize your face, but I’ll always remember your name. I can’t really explain it other than to chalk it up to a splendor of my genius (stop laughing.)

Not long ago I noticed that this method of memory has spilled over to more than just name/face and item/thing recognition. Its now come to the point that I ‘predict’ blogposts from fashion bloggers the exact same way. When I see something posted by .. oh I don’t know let’s just say Iris Seale .. I’ve already formed an image in my mind of what the item(s) will look like. Perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing, but I’ve realised something in all this: sometimes I get thrown for a fucking loop.

See, its just when I think I know someone and their sense of fashion when they decide to post about something off-the-wall. They throw random folders on themselves and make it look good and I’m not expecting that. Don’t be so spontaneous, fashion bloggers! Sometimes they will even purchase/wear outfits that are so far out of their norm that I don’t even recognize then anymore. Once upon a time everyone blogged about the SOS (same old shit) so you could just check a single fashion blog and see every release that designer put out that day/week/month. Not so these days – and I have to say its a little frustrating.

Some of you will say “Why are you complaining? Don’t you want some variety from the day to day? Are you a crybaby?” and the answer is: I don’t know (and yes) I mean, do I really want to spend double the time to see half the stuff that I’d honestly buy? No. I wouldn’t even have this problem in the first place if people would just stick to one look anyway! I mean it isn’t my fault that they (fashion bloggers in general) scour the grid to find designers that I’ve never heard of only to turn them into the Next Big Thing in a matter of twenty-four hours – which then makes me turn up my nose and be all “Pft yeah but everyone’s wearing that”.

Surely I can’t be the only clothes snob in SL. I highly doubt I am the only person who rarely changes clothes, never goes to clubs, and assumes that I know every single thing about every fast-posting fashion blogger known to the internet. I also sincerely doubt that I’m not the only person who gets just a little bit offended when I see a fashion blogger dressing up in a ‘fun outfit’ only to make a tiny frowny face when I see that their idea of ‘fun’ is my idea of ‘daily wear for endless days.’

Yes, I’m a crybaby and I admitted it. I get an overwhelming urge to activate a temper tantrum animation every time I see an outfit I like being called “something totally different”. When will stuff that I like become something totally normal? At least then I wouldn’t have a problem finding it (‘it’ being stuff I like.) I’m just going to start Opposite Day(s). Any day that I see a fashion blogger/designer who posts/makes ‘something totally different’ that will be a day that I romp around the grid in a normal skin, normal colored hair, and normal clothes. Today is the first day of Opposite Day.

Opposite Day 1

Details in the desc on Flikr

Do you remember…

Posted in SL® Fashion with tags , , , on October 24, 2008 by Kitty Lalonde

Life was so much easier in 2004 fashion wise, there was only 7 different outfits which we all wore in rotation, you could wear a system skirt without looking like a tit, everything was slutty and you could wear a blank texture as a skin and people thought you looked ‘cool’.

One of the most coveted items in SL at the time, was the near legendary ‘Cum Fuck Me’ boots made by Asri Falcone, these were precious indeed. The name alone enough to ensnare even the most prudish of shoppers. Standing at 750$L they were bloody expensive at the time, purchasing even 1000 lindens in those days required the ability to fiddle with various websites, input your particulars 20 gazillion times and wait for several weeks. Or you could take out a second mortgage and buy them off eBay.

But they were worth it just to totter your leather clad thighs around on the teetering prim heels looking superior to everyone else in their textured shoes.

But sadly all this changed and Second Life is all new and and exciting with more clothing shops than there are tins of beans at Tesco’s. But occasionally one longs for the comforting taste of nostalgia and takes a little trip through the murk of the mainland to find all the places where they used to splash their cash. I was on one such trip the other day, remembering the days of gothic brilliance of Nomine, going to Lost and Amby’s store where they keep all those old clothes (and purchasing many things I dribbled over in my SL youth) and trying to remember the name of the bloke who owned a big pyramid club and left SL in a fury with the Lindens. It was then I remembered my precious CFM boots and hot footed it to Asri’s store to regard. I was delighted to find they still existed with the sexy walk replacer (which is still in my AO to this day) and provocative adverts. “Huzzah!” I thought, but then I noticed the price. The previously mentioned stores had dropped all their prices to a few paltry lindens but not Asri, no. You can still purchase the CFM’s for their original price.

Now like I said, these boots were the bollocks, in 2004. But things have moved on, and I have to admit I was cringing in my seat at wearing these clompy buggers for the pictures you see above. I can’t understand why they still have the same price tag on them, the only people who are going to buy these are nostalgia driven harpies (me) and people who haven’t a clue about SL and have never heard of Abyss.

So Cum Fuck Me has become Fuck No and an era as ended. Now lets all bugger off back to Maitreya.