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We’re All Stars in the Freakshow

Posted in Review, SL® Fashion with tags , , , on June 27, 2009 by Rosie Shark

So there I was… getting ready for the Hair Fair.

ARC… whut? Nah, haha, Kidding!

Courtesy of Nitestar Albion, Jell and I got outfitted up in !Freakshow gear. The latest in post-apocalyptic couture, Freakshow offers a pretty decent-sized initial collection.


Though she plans to do more clothing designs, Nitestar’s real passion is prims… mega boots, bracers, belts, backpacks. I’ve known Nitestar since my very first days in SL and it was so exciting to see what she’d created.

You will find that the offerings are made up of the grimy, the almost indecent, and the prepared for battle. And look! OMG the Mean Girl Back Pack!! Isn’t it to die for?!


I’m truly thrilled with the level of detail and quality that Nitestar has put into her items. Tattered, nippled, weathered, and worn… Freakshow lends a bit of authenticity to your rough second life 😀

What Jell is Wearing:

HAIR: :: Refuge ::  Harriet – FROM HF 2009
SKIN: <TheAbyss> Jadzia_Sol [2]C (Jadzia Skins can now be purchased at Body Doubles) SLURL
NECKLACE: FREAKSHOW DoubleWrapped Greystone Arrowhead Necklace F
TOP: FREAKSHOW Tank Numbered
BELT: FREAKSHOW Voodoo Belt <womens> <BLACK>
ARM BANDS: FREAKSHOW Voodoo <Female Arm Bands> <BLACK>

What Rosie’s Wearing:

Hair: ETD Nadia Strawberry Blackened

Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: Star Cream Special

Eyes: La Sylphide Bright Blue

FREAKSHOW Aviator Goggles *worn in hair*

FREAKSHOW The Hunter’s Female Black Leg Band

FREAKSHOW Urban Girl Combat Boots Female

FREAKSHOW Wanderer’s Belt Black Female

FREAKSHOW Tank Killer Bunneh

FREAKSHOW CaptainSpaulding Jeans Unisex

FREAKSHOW Ripped Black (on jacket layer)

FREAKSHOW Collar Lil Beast


If I Were a Lin-den [na na nana na…]

Posted in lip-sync with tags , on June 5, 2009 by Rosie Shark

*sung to the tune of Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl*

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

If I was a Lin-den (na, na….)
See, I’d have special powers on the grid, if I was a Lin-den girl
No one could log my failed request, my powers would never end
Cause I’d have special powers, if I was a Lin-den girrrrrrrrrrl

Think what that power could bring
I’d run everything
Clean out Nyte’N’Day
In my LeeZu Baxter gown
No, wouldn’t just have one hood
A Barnesworth mansion if I could
Please hook me up with VIP status at your fancy club

All the L$ baby, won’t mean anything
All the L$ baby, won’t bring what this high can bring
All the L$ baby, won’t mean anything
Don’t need no other baby
Lin-den is better than gold, and I know

If I was Lin-den (na, na…)
See, I’d have all the power on the grid, if I was a Linden girl
No mysti-tool could see me, save you from griefers baby
Cause I’d have all the power on the grid, if I was a Linden girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl

I’d get me four fashion bloggers to (uh huh)
Inspire me and they’d come to my rescue
they’d dress me up wicked, I’d give them names (yeah)
Fetted Inner Core of wub
Save me from the linden library

All the riches baby, won’t mean anything
All the riches baby, won’t bring what status can bring
All the riches baby, won’t mean anything
Don’t need no other baby
Philip is hotter than M, and I know

Come together all over the grid
From the hoods of the SL, Harajukubox girls
What, it’s all love
What, give it up
What (shouldn’t matter 4x), what
Come together all over the grid
From the hoods of SL, Harajukubox girls
What, it’s all love
What, give it up
What (shouldn’t matter 4x)
What happened to my slife
Turned upside down
Blogs that blew ya mind, ding, it’s the second round
(Original track and ting, mmm)
You know you can’t buy these things (no)
See Rosie and her BAN, I rock the Fetish
People, you know who I am

Yes ma’am, we got the style that’s wicked
I hope you can all keep up
We climbed all the way from a n00b to the top
Now we ain’t gettin’ nothin’ but love

If I was Lin-denl (na, na…)
See, I’d have all the power on the grid, if I was a Lin-den girl
No one could test me, n00bs would impress me, style would be part of the TOS
Cause I’d have all the power on the grid, if I was a Linden girl

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Tell Me Baby…

Posted in Op/Ed, Satire, SecondLife® with tags , , on April 22, 2009 by Rosie Shark

Once upon a time, the adoption agencies that populated the grid were the answer to the prayers of some of the barren residents of SL. SL child welfare authorities were busy and happy… matching loving avatar couples with the creepy-grown-adult-playing-a-child spawn they so craved. The sounds of “Sissssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and the lilting “I love you buh bye” were music to the ears of parents to be everywhere.

Sadly this is no longer the case. As adoption agencies now turn away the rising number of unwanted and orphaned child AV’s due to overcrowding, one must wonder what the reason is.

Meet Baby Chris 1.0. Previously known only for peddling pets, Zooby’s has launched onto the child-for-sale scene with their introduction of      Baby Chris.

“Things used to be so complicated,” explains Baby Chris in a rather gravely and raspy voice. He throws back a shot of whiskey as he ponders his next words. “With kid aveez, parents were always havin to deal with personality and crap….,”

BC erupts into a coughing fit and stares at the lit end of his cigar accusingly. “Me? Well, I’m the new generation. HA HA HA. There’s no ‘person’ behind this baby,” he continues, punctuating the air around him with his finger quotes. “Log out for a few hours a day so I can get some damn peace and quiet and I’m good to go.”

Touted as SL’s best babies, Zoobys are quickly taking the grid by storm. One look at their angelic faces and guaranteed cooing and awwing will follow. Plus, there are so many options, your SL will be fun-filled with an adorable accessory you can show all your friends!

Amazingly life-like, they can sleep, crawl, talk, sit, and even breastfeed! “Except that Morgan one!” BC sputters. “Poor sap all handicapped with those fangs… good thing he doesn’t care he’s missin all that melon action. Know what I’m sayin’? HA HA HA.” Once again, Chris is interupted by coughing fit as I subtly roll my eyes.

Seems like these itty bitty, cooing, sweet-smelling angels are a dream come true, right? We were not convinced. We decided to get another perspective from one orphaned child avatar, named Star (real name changed to protect the wanna-be minor).

Star explains her need to explore her inner child through the use of a creepy child av,”I didn’t feew wike I had the reaw wife chiwdhood I detherved. Sure, my parenth were rich, and I wath thpoiled but I need to feew dithipwine, and I kinda wike getting thpanked.”

What did the unanticipated arrival of Baby Chris 1.0 mean for Star?

“My parenth were no wonger interethed in me,” Star says and the corners of her pouty mouth turn down. The details of the ordeal that followed are horrifying.

“I wath wocked in a cewl while they pwayed wif their new toy,” she says. I can see the big puppy dog tears welling in her eyes at the memory. “My SL parenth woved me I thought.” One fat tear rolls down her face.

It was the natural progression of your slife. Be a noob, find a poseball partner, make it official by adding that person to your lil box, then the palatial estate and marriage. The next step will always be to start your new family. Perhaps with a repressed guy from South Dakota who would like to rp as your new bouncing baby boy.

For one child who had enjoyed such a charmed existence – safe in the loving picks of her ‘parents’ – thoughts of driving cross country in her own diaper to gain closure over the failed parent/child relationship began to seem reasonable.

“Messy!” declares Baby Chris. “Folks are so needy. You won’t get any of those nagging emotional needs to fill with a Zooby Baby.” He winks as he looks at me, “what you will get is a guaranteed bundle of motha effing joy, pink cheeks and the silencing of your biological whosit.”

“Thure, theth babieth are great if you’re a thocially awkward, materiawistic fathionithta who needth a lil thomething new on their arm,” adds Star bitterly.

This has  been a collaboration of JellyBean Madison and Rosie Shark. We’ve all seen the craze. What are your thoughts on Child AV’s and prim babies?

Free-dom: You’ve Got To Give For What You Take

Posted in Op/Ed, SL® Fashion with tags , on November 9, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Nothing fills me with as much contentment as a round of searching for the devastatingly necessary freebies that are shaping my SL experience. Like a gray-haired granny, wondering when her next retirement check is coming or if I might win at bingo that night, I eagerly log into SL, motivated by the most recent rambling rainbow poop on the Fashion Feed. Some things die hard. Gone, really are the days when I’d look over the Fashion Feed of SL with ever increasing excitement about the new releases. In their place now are more vanity blogs than you can throw a stick at and crammed in between those are freebie post after freebie post. I scan them all. You never know what you might find, and need dammit!

It’s a sickness, I tell ya! This need to have what’s offered freely… just in case! In case what? In case I really need to enter that World’s Worst Halloween Glamour Gown contest? Well then, I’ll have just the thing(s).

Really what it comes down to is that the freebie culture in SL is like the Fashion Feed. Always looking for the rare gems out there among the dirt and the shiny stuff that turns out to actually be only used hypodermic needles glinting in the sun.

When freebie mania started to really get mainstream, those were very exciting times in the fashion community of SL. There were some fabulous freebies by all kinds of talented and creative designers. Chai, MMS, Tuli, Dutch Touch… however as the popularity of these gifts grew, it seems as though many jumped on the bandwagon offering all kinds of their variety of shit. Let me clue you all in. Crap has always been readily available as freebies in SL… it’s only within the last year that, as a community, we’ve made crap newsworthy.

Call me easy, call me trendy, I don’t know… but I was sucked in. I’d staved off all the paraphernalia that goes with the whole freebie-whore lifestyle until recently. I’ve already worn out the hunt idea with my friends, who apparently have better things to do than go to a new sim and wait around in 100 degree lag for limited freebies to appear magically, while they don a bald head and grasp at the fleeting temp rezz prizes frantically. But I persevere! Oh, and it’s totally not beneath me to cheat at these hunts btw. Though how I rationalize cheating to end up with 465789132794333897 ghosts that I have to then go through, I don’t know.

I will say that I’ve met a few wonderful people and bonded with some fabulous shopping friends along the way, but I’m not proud to admit that I’ve added lucky chair fanatic to my list of accomplishments in SL. There have been some fun times while waiting at a lucky chair or participating in hunts, so I must say there is value in that.

Based on some of the flack and feedback I’ve seen regarding the ‘down with the freebie culture’ movement, I’m afraid that there are some freebie bloggers who might be taking things a bit too seriously. No one is slamming your right to blog or blog what you want… but if you’d like continued credibility, please spare us the tiresome pictures of things that belong in a newbie box at YadNi’s Junkyard. At least with a newbie box, you know there are good and bad and you know what you’re getting into when you buy that oddly textured “Clothes for women” box for L$1.You also know that you’re in for a fun night ahead searching through it for something decent! And for the love of all that’s holy, stop calling people ungrateful for not sharing your high opinion of the quality of some freebies. Free or not, we all have standards and expectations. We all know muism can make some wonderful, sometimes way over priced stuff, however their choice to generously give out a pumpkin… does not get folks into their store. Nor would it inspire the masses to oodle happy thoughts and warm fuzzies were they to offer some cutting room floor ensemble they thought was worthy because, after all, it’s free.

Hunting in SL… one of my great time wasters. What percentage of my treasure from the next big hunt will actually be tossed as soon as I open and look at it? Jumping through hoops, learning about draw distance and the dreaded ARC, using your phone-a-friend option to find these sacred goodie boxes… cleverly disguised as a cute ghost or pumpkin or whatever. And don’t even get me started on the sneaky hiders. The ones who apparently have such faith in the intelligence of the general population that they hide stuff in places you’d never dream of. Seriously! Hey you, designer/creator… clearly you are smart… you’ve mastered PS or Maya or Poser or what have you, but me? I’m just a simple shopper not to be confused with someone of mass intellect.

My plea: Bloggers: write up the must-have freebies, please, because I do want to know. Designers: wow us with your generosity and talent… watch how quality freebies can attract new customers to your brand and give more people the opportunity to try your wares. Nay-Sayers: Keep up the quality patrol, we need people to challenge the status quo.

Me? I’ll keep at it. It’s been worthwhile for me to keep sorting through the rubbish to find the treasures. Some are very creative with their freebies and exclusives… and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. Plus, I’m totally afraid I might just miss something awesome that I have to have!

Dear Rosie: Naked Girl Baring it All for Love?

Posted in Dear Rosie with tags , on October 22, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Dear Rosie.
I live next to this really hawt guy and I strut around in the tightest outfits or nothing at all and he never even talks to me. Why?
signed naked and frustrated.

Dear Naked and frustrated,

Perhaps he’s gay? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him straight! Maybe you could send me the slurl to your house. I could surely find an asshole or 5 who would love to meet you just because you walk around in the tightest outfits or nothing. Tip: clackity hooker boots are a plus! Remember there are plenty of horses in the sea 🙂 Hope this helps.

Dear Rosie,
My gf has been talking a lot about this guy at work, she affectionately named Goatee guy. She is now starting to plurk conversations she has with him, and said that she made sure she sat by him on the same bench at work. She is wanting me to grow a goatee. Should I be worried?

signed Got your Goatee?

Dear Got your Goatee,
Yes, worry. Facial hair is like the badge the bad boy wears to signal his prey he’s on the move. Without it you’re just a pasty guy who lacks dangerous appeal. If you know women, then you know we like the mystery and darkness that is hinted at by that smattering of chin pubes. The fact that she calls him only by a pet name, objectifying him, also hints at a deeper underlying sexual twang that might be of some concern. But, hey, I’m sure she likes the cuddling and sweaty hand holding too! You just need to understand that one person can’t be everything to another 🙂 Good Luck!


Dear Rosie,
I am feeling guilt and remorse at my really bad habit of making up SL Secret posts which make me sound cool and mysterious, even though I don’t actually do any of these things. I feel like I get more attention as my anonymous self than my real self. Help me take back my life.
Signed, Contributer #1, 3, 7, 11, 15

Dear Contributer,
LOL… Hold on… lol… So let me get this straight. You so fail at trying to acheive being e-famous that now you’ve resorted to faking being e-famous??? You. Have. Too. Much. Time. On. Your. Hands. My advice? Turn off the computer. Now. Don’t log off, don’t log out. Hard Boot. Quick before I hard boot your ass! Now, go, go enjoy the sunshine… the real kind that provides heat and vitamin D. Outta the house! Don’t come back until you grow a pair and can pursue a real Second Life!

Dear Rosie,
I hate my life right now. Everybody thinks I am totally famous, and grab me every single day to stop me to say how great and witty and nice and the best DJ they ever heard, when all I wanna do is just be my little meek quiet self.
signed, I just wanna be a nobody again

Dear Nobody,
I’ve never even heard of you. Does that help? POOF, you’re a nobody again! *me backs away with her magic wand*

note: No actual magic was used/harmed in the making of this response

Dear Rosie,
I can’t seem to recover from the fact that I was the bestest MeanGirl there ever was, but yet I still got the boot without any warning. After laying awake for nights on end and crying streams of tears, I have now vowed my revenge. I will take them down like the bitches they are! Do you think I have a chance, and everybody will still like me?
signed, Snarkoleptic

Dear Snarkoleptic,
Wow… just wow. I want to apologize for the fact that when it comes to being snarky, you are *apparently* not alone. Mean Girls? What’s that? Geriatic rag mag like Reader’s Digest? And for the record, everyone loves snark, so you’re good! Keep it up!

dear rosie,
i am getting more and more interested in this lady with a great personality and who makes me smile so much…the only problem is this other guy situation, that seems a little rocky to me, but im not sure. i dont want to ask to many questions about her and him, but i am just going to continue to enjoy our conversations. should i just continue to be patient? thanks for listening

– flipping the bird

Dear Flipping,
First off, you use Caps when saying my name, got it? Now for your response: Yea. Patience alllllllllways works. Pffft! I say Declare your love! Let the world know! For sure she’ll go gaga over the PDA and will dump Mr. Rocky to be with you! I know it! Oh, wait… I just got caught up in your delusions. All I can say is there are plenty of hot cyber sisters out there waiting for a guy with your… patience. Find another. This one’s taken.


**To submit your burning questions, please see info below. Also, you can now submit your questions via private Plurk!

How Much is Too Much?

Posted in SecondLife®, SL® Fashion with tags , , , , on October 10, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Autumn Says: The other day I was innocently scrolling through Plurk when I saw one from Willow, saying how she was lusting after an outfit. I looked at the photo and ohhh yes, it was lovely. I fell in slove immediately. Until Willis pointed out the price. $3999L for that? Really…? Surely there must be a mistake. Newp!

Willow Says: I saw the Abyss Doll and immediately fell for it, I don’t know why… well I do, it’s gorgeous!

Rosie says: I love Abyss. I do. The skins are among my top choices and I willingly pay whatever the asking price is for them! That being said, I don’t have all that many of them.

Willow says: I don’t mind paying the earth for things in SL, anyone that knows me… knows that. But also, anyone that knows me knows that if I want something… I usually procrastinate for a while and then give in, which GAH… I did! I tell you it was peer pressure, I was just happy to visit the Doll’s and stroke my screen lovingly until *someone* went ahead and bought one and then the whole chain just collapsed, dammit!

Autumn Says: I should have known I’d have regrets when I didn’t buy it on the first trip, or the fifth. It made me think about last Halloween and another had-to-have item. Last year Starley Thereian of Celestial Studios and Ginny Talamasca of Last Call did a Halloween collaboration. Called “The Halloween Enchantress” it came with 5 skins, 3 skirt options, 4 hair colours, 2 pairs of shoes, and a bazillion accessories. For $2500L. Not to mention they sold parts separately too.

Rosie Says: I’m a sucker for mega packs and limited releases like the one Autumn mentioned, in addition to others like Sea Nymph and Lucidique (wtf, 10k?!)… I love everything about these special packs and costumes that come up for holidays or whenever!

Rosie Says: Meet Sorrow, Magic, and Mystery… three of the most beautiful and sparkling lil av-dolls you will ever want.

Autumn Says: The skin, shape, outfit, hair and some accessories… for L$3999. I kept mulling that price over in my head. Yes, I realize that $15 USD is about the going rate of one gallon of gas nowadays, but still! I caved. I am a weak person and I have no willpower.

Rosie Says: Now, before anyone cries hooey… what you need to know is that I did ask the questions. I wanted to know the thought process by which the designers behind Abyss used to determine a fair price, one that is in line with the market in SL. My curiosity is sparked. And what is it that makes us want something when we truly believe that the asking price is too much?

I did not get a response. So, there.

Willow Says: When I eventually settled on one I immediately felt that I’d bought the wrong one… but there’s no way I can justify buying two of these, not with more awesome releases just around the corner (no doubt). But nevermind, it’s done… remorse won’t help me.

I pop it on and immediately put my shape on, I can’t do other shapes for more than 5 seconds, it makes me unreasonably cranky. So that’s already one piece I won’t ever wear… remorse sets in slightly more…. Then I noticed a texture glitch which is no biggy.. right? Well it kinda IS a biggy cos the stockings are no mod, and if I want to wear my skirt without the pantaloons, I have to live with it, which yes in the grand scheme of life isn’t a huge deal, but for the price it’s a bit irritating.

Autumn Says: It’s not that I don’t like the Marionette Av. I like it a lot, I just can’t get over the fact that I don’t really feel like it was worth it. All of it is no mod – you can modify it through a menu system, but frankly it takes about 3 times as long that way and doesn’t work as well. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to adjust part of the prim pantaloons to no avail.

Willow Says: I don’t regret buying the set (much), I wish there were more options… I wish you could buy the hair colours separately, or the skins perhaps… It was such a pain in the ass deciding which colour hair, and all the sets have different bits, blah!

Rosie Says: We can’t always help ourselves. Gawking at a thing of beauty, holding ourselves back from clicking ‘buy’. The first trip, or 4, we merely observed. Dumbfounded that the actual price would set me back nearly 4 Venti Vanilla Mochas, I was paralyzed. Ok, maybe not ventis, more like grandes.

Autumn Says: Also, there are some flaws, as Willow mentioned, minor possibly, but they are there, and again, I expect perfection if I’m spending enough to buy myself a trip to the movies. I do like it, but I don’t think I’d buy it again, and I definitely won’t be buying the other marionettes (apparently there are more on the way too). That is unless Willis and Rosie talk me into it….

Willow Says: My plea to designers out there is that if you’re going to do AV’s like this, can we at least have one or two hair colours in the pack? If there is an emo skin can we please have a regular and vice versa? If you don’t want to add more to the sets, could we at least have the option to buy a few of the bits separately? I would have loved the Pearls from one of the sets with mine, but I really can’t spend $L4k just for some pearls that I might wear once in a while! Maybe a few demos of the bits that matter, hairs… skins… etc?

I think SL has to be all about options to cater for the masses, and I love options. I just wish there were more 😦 Give us small bits and lots of them, we’d have probably spent twice that without even realising and had all the hair colours in the WORLD!

Rosie Says: No kidding! I think I’d have been in there clickity-click-clicking without realizing I was sinking into the ‘abyss’.

I Want You!

Posted in Real Life with tags , on September 29, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Others may ‘rock’ it, but I’m here to Rosie-Roll the Vote ™. The deadline for registering to vote in the November election is near approaching. You can find out the specifics here for your state. But look into it quickly because some of the deadlines are as soon as Oct. 4th (well if you really wanna show your support of Palin cuz that’s the deadline for Alaska). Some states allow you to register at the poll but you really should know for sure, shouldn’t you?

Yes I realize this post is mostly not SL related, but it does apply to all of us here and to everyone out there who might possibly glance at this blog. From any country. And no this isn’t addressed to everyone, because I know there are many out there who will be participating.

I’m not going to get into who you should be voting for or supporting… yet. All I’m talking about at this point is that if you’re in a state that is approaching the deadline to register, please do so now.

Spurred by the generic antipathy of the Americans in my generation, I thought it timely for a good old patriotic post about rights and responsibilities. Patriotism and politics are hardly the fashionable dramatic topics you all might be looking for, but I’m here to show you just how fabulous you can be when you participate in the future of the world and your country. (see picture above :P)

“Doh! I’m not smart enough to vote/ I don’t know enough about politics”

So, let’s see… George Bush is smarter than you? You think so? I’m not sure I concur. Yet he doesn’t let the fact that he’s not a braniac hold him back! Why should you?

How about finances? Can you balance your checkbook? Do you manage to survive day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck, or even better? Because if you do, you might have more going for you than the Secretary of the Treasury who is in need of some money management tips. Jus sayin’!

Now, I know we’re all super UBER busy with our interwebz and virtual lives. A lot of us may just possibly be tethered to a computer for a substantial amount of time each day or week. Perhaps you could take just a few minutes in your bizzee BUSY day helping to run the most powerful nation on the earth? Maybe? So, if what’s holding you back is that you don’t think you know enough and you’re afraid you could do more damage than good, get educated! It’s not just a right, people, it’s a responsibility! Watch the news! Read a newspaper! Surf the Web! There’s all kinds of information out there just waiting to be sponged up into your brain! You’ve learned how to navigate Second Life™, you can do this!

At any rate, I assure you that the job of President of the United States will be filled come November 4th. Think of it as a job that you’re hiring for… who’s the best candidate? Someone’s gotta do it. Someone’s gonna do it. In the meantime, register! What could it hurt? At least on Election Day, when you feel more educated, you’ll have the opportunity to vote instead of using the tired excuse of Oh No I forgot to register!

Some helpful sites:

“Why bother? My vote doesn’t count /emosad”

Pffffft. When has that stopped you before? We’re all about sharing our opinions, getting up there and saying what we think. Now’s your chance! And if there was ever a time in the history of the country… and the World… now is the time! It’s not enough to sit on the sidebar and watch your life unfold. Things are happening! No matter your opinion, it’s crucial that you weigh in! Think about how you feel about the following issues:

  • The War in Iraq
  • The Environment (global warming: myth? Discuss amongst yourselves)
  • Progress
  • How America is perceived by the rest of the world
  • The Economy of the US and how it affects the rest of the world

Do you have any feelings about any of this? How would you vote, if let’s say you did… based on your thoughts on the above topics? The time is now!

You will tell me no you didn’t vote, your vote wouldn’t matter, blah blah. But you’ll also tell me “oh, but I don’t complain about it so it’s ok.” No. It’s not! Maybe I want to complain because you didn’t vote! If nothing going on in the world today is motivation enough to get involved, ask yourself ‘what would it take?’ Another terrorist attack? Tanks in our streets? We must take action before the worst case scenario. Never underestimate the work in foresight that went into creating our government… and I urge you to do whatever it is that you can!

It’s simply not enough to weigh in later down the road and woe is me I didn’t vote for so and so and now the world’s in a pisser. Wouldn’t it be better to take an active part in deciding the fate of the world and be a part of the solution?

{please feel free to add other helpful links in comments}