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How Much is Too Much?

Posted in SecondLife®, SL® Fashion with tags , , , , on October 10, 2008 by Rosie Shark

Autumn Says: The other day I was innocently scrolling through Plurk when I saw one from Willow, saying how she was lusting after an outfit. I looked at the photo and ohhh yes, it was lovely. I fell in slove immediately. Until Willis pointed out the price. $3999L for that? Really…? Surely there must be a mistake. Newp!

Willow Says: I saw the Abyss Doll and immediately fell for it, I don’t know why… well I do, it’s gorgeous!

Rosie says: I love Abyss. I do. The skins are among my top choices and I willingly pay whatever the asking price is for them! That being said, I don’t have all that many of them.

Willow says: I don’t mind paying the earth for things in SL, anyone that knows me… knows that. But also, anyone that knows me knows that if I want something… I usually procrastinate for a while and then give in, which GAH… I did! I tell you it was peer pressure, I was just happy to visit the Doll’s and stroke my screen lovingly until *someone* went ahead and bought one and then the whole chain just collapsed, dammit!

Autumn Says: I should have known I’d have regrets when I didn’t buy it on the first trip, or the fifth. It made me think about last Halloween and another had-to-have item. Last year Starley Thereian of Celestial Studios and Ginny Talamasca of Last Call did a Halloween collaboration. Called “The Halloween Enchantress” it came with 5 skins, 3 skirt options, 4 hair colours, 2 pairs of shoes, and a bazillion accessories. For $2500L. Not to mention they sold parts separately too.

Rosie Says: I’m a sucker for mega packs and limited releases like the one Autumn mentioned, in addition to others like Sea Nymph and Lucidique (wtf, 10k?!)… I love everything about these special packs and costumes that come up for holidays or whenever!

Rosie Says: Meet Sorrow, Magic, and Mystery… three of the most beautiful and sparkling lil av-dolls you will ever want.

Autumn Says: The skin, shape, outfit, hair and some accessories… for L$3999. I kept mulling that price over in my head. Yes, I realize that $15 USD is about the going rate of one gallon of gas nowadays, but still! I caved. I am a weak person and I have no willpower.

Rosie Says: Now, before anyone cries hooey… what you need to know is that I did ask the questions. I wanted to know the thought process by which the designers behind Abyss used to determine a fair price, one that is in line with the market in SL. My curiosity is sparked. And what is it that makes us want something when we truly believe that the asking price is too much?

I did not get a response. So, there.

Willow Says: When I eventually settled on one I immediately felt that I’d bought the wrong one… but there’s no way I can justify buying two of these, not with more awesome releases just around the corner (no doubt). But nevermind, it’s done… remorse won’t help me.

I pop it on and immediately put my shape on, I can’t do other shapes for more than 5 seconds, it makes me unreasonably cranky. So that’s already one piece I won’t ever wear… remorse sets in slightly more…. Then I noticed a texture glitch which is no biggy.. right? Well it kinda IS a biggy cos the stockings are no mod, and if I want to wear my skirt without the pantaloons, I have to live with it, which yes in the grand scheme of life isn’t a huge deal, but for the price it’s a bit irritating.

Autumn Says: It’s not that I don’t like the Marionette Av. I like it a lot, I just can’t get over the fact that I don’t really feel like it was worth it. All of it is no mod – you can modify it through a menu system, but frankly it takes about 3 times as long that way and doesn’t work as well. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to adjust part of the prim pantaloons to no avail.

Willow Says: I don’t regret buying the set (much), I wish there were more options… I wish you could buy the hair colours separately, or the skins perhaps… It was such a pain in the ass deciding which colour hair, and all the sets have different bits, blah!

Rosie Says: We can’t always help ourselves. Gawking at a thing of beauty, holding ourselves back from clicking ‘buy’. The first trip, or 4, we merely observed. Dumbfounded that the actual price would set me back nearly 4 Venti Vanilla Mochas, I was paralyzed. Ok, maybe not ventis, more like grandes.

Autumn Says: Also, there are some flaws, as Willow mentioned, minor possibly, but they are there, and again, I expect perfection if I’m spending enough to buy myself a trip to the movies. I do like it, but I don’t think I’d buy it again, and I definitely won’t be buying the other marionettes (apparently there are more on the way too). That is unless Willis and Rosie talk me into it….

Willow Says: My plea to designers out there is that if you’re going to do AV’s like this, can we at least have one or two hair colours in the pack? If there is an emo skin can we please have a regular and vice versa? If you don’t want to add more to the sets, could we at least have the option to buy a few of the bits separately? I would have loved the Pearls from one of the sets with mine, but I really can’t spend $L4k just for some pearls that I might wear once in a while! Maybe a few demos of the bits that matter, hairs… skins… etc?

I think SL has to be all about options to cater for the masses, and I love options. I just wish there were more 😦 Give us small bits and lots of them, we’d have probably spent twice that without even realising and had all the hair colours in the WORLD!

Rosie Says: No kidding! I think I’d have been in there clickity-click-clicking without realizing I was sinking into the ‘abyss’.