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JellyBean vs. SL Hunts

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This is an Op/Ed which means that this is my opinion, and yes, it’s open for debatical.


Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who gets annoyed, frustrated, angered, bothered, disturbed, irked, provoked, and troubled by certain SL crap. The latest? SL Hunts!

I am not a huge fan of hunts. I do remember I participated in my first one a few years back & I thought it was fun. However lately it seems there’s 10 hunts going at any given time now in SL. At what point do we say “Enough is enough!” either as designers or hunters?

Hunters will bitch about the hunts stating that the freebie items they receive are craptastic, and/or that they only kept 5 out of 100 items out of the last hunt that they felt were worthy of remaining in their already bloated inventory. They bitch about it being a waste of time comparative to what they actually “got” out of the hunt.

Designers will also bitch that they have spent x amount of time on this hunt, are getting ready for the next hunt, people not appreciating the time put in, or the items.

With both sides bitching, why are there still hunts popping up on a daily basis? Is it because there are more people not bitching that make hunts still worthwhile?

Growing up I was taught, as many others have been, that the less you have the more you are able to appreciate. I feel this may be the same type of deal with hunts. There are just so many now that any sense of appreciation has flown out the window.

One can argue that these hunts give exposure to new upcoming designers, and I’m all for supporting new designers. I think a lot of newer content creators get discouraged & give up before tapping into their full potential… but I’m not sure hunts are the best way for such exposure. Especially when the hunts get “cherry picked.” Every hunt I’ve participated in lately has in one form or another had a “cheat” list attached to it letting you know exactly where to find each item via a notecard or a blog post complete with SLURLs. Cheat lists & word of mouth are perfect for anyone willing to cherry pick a hunt to acquire those worthy items without sifting thru tons of crap. So just as hunts have become as common as lag, so have the cherry pickers. This seems counter productive to the New Designer Exposure argument unless the “new” designer is busting out some kick ass stuff.

Also, what happened to the “exclusive” hunt items? That was one of my motivators, and probably remains one of the biggest motivators out there for reasons to participate as hunters. If I’m not able to just stroll into the store & buy this “must have” item and it is only offered up in a hunt – I will cherry pick that like nobody’s business. I guess this question is for the designers. I wonder if there are just so many hunts now that it’s just become too hard to keep up with an exclusive item for each hunt, keeping up with regular store releases & still finding time to not go crazy from it all?

I have no solution to all this madness but I do think that too much is really too much. You can’t honestly think that anyone will appreciate cotton candy if they’re on a cotton candy diet and you can’t honestly expect the cotton candy makers to step it up if they’re not appreciated. From where I stand I don’t see much of a win-win sitch here. I do feel it’s a great topic to debate though.

What do you think? Hunter perspective vs. Designer perspective.

Have you had enough of the SL Hunts?

-JellyBean Madison-


The Best & the Worst of SecondLife…

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1. Windlight

I was thinking last night before I went to bed pissy with the sound of cloppity clinkity prim boots this girl was annoying me with, that my Rez Day is coming up. Woah! The big 5 years of SLife. What better way to reflect on my SLifetime than poll plurk for the Best & Worst SL additions over the years.

We all know that even though we rarely give credit to the Lindens, that LL does improve upon itself with the help of it’s most talented residents. We’ve seen numerous improvements over the years & even if you’re still a nooblet, thank a Linden or a content creator for being born into such a wonderfully advanced world as opposed to what it was 5 years ago.

Let’s start with the Best First in no particular date order of introduction.

1. Windlight (pictured above) –  In May of 2007  LL released the Second Life WindLight First Look viewer containing brand-new atmospheric rendering with killer skies and kickass environments. The world became a prettier place for everyone with a fairly decent graphics card. No longer did we feel we lived in a flat world with flat colors, we now had personally controlled atmosphere to play with. Pictures became art & romantic dates became even more dreamy.

2. Voice

2. Voice

2. Voice – Also in March of 2007, the new voice feature inside Second Life was ready for open beta testing! It was rough in the beginning, especially for me (Anyone remmy my “No Bean Left Behind” campaign? Prob not, that’s ok). We all learned the affect voice has had on our perception of others and had our share of annoying experiences & growing pains but after 2 years, could you imagine SLife without it?

3. Flexi Prims

3. Flexi Prims

3. Flexi Prims – In May of 2006, we saw the introduction of flexi prims. Again there were some growing pains, but it wasn’t too long before SL’s top designers were manipulating them into submission & creating some of the best fashion & builds that SL had ever seen. Our skirts started to flow, as did our hair and jewelry began to really dangle.

4. Sculpted Prims

4. Sculpted Prims

4. Sculpties – 2007 saw a lot of additions, as well as the Sculpted Prim… created externally using a 3D modeling tool such as Blender, Maya, or Wings 3D, and then uploaded to Second Life, where they are applied to a prim with the build tools. With the new prims, we saw awesome builds from prefabs using less primmage, art sculptures that take your breath away, and of course the all mighty sculptie shoes & hair. However did we manage to look even remotely presentable without them?

5. Havok™4

5. Havok™4

5. Havok™4 (Second Life Simulator v1.20.0.83683) – In March of 2008 the new simulator known as Havok was being dubbed as the “more Stable Second Life Simulator (Tastes Great, Less Crashing)”. The release was the result of the Havok™4 project, a project that updated the physics engine used to determine all movement of objects in Second Life. I’m not exactly sure how awesome it was/is but the more technical of people seem to like it.

As always people will find something they hate even with the many things that they love. LL will always be to blame because after all how dare they create this virtual world for you to play in & not keep complete stability and no lag while you are there gracing it with your pixels, right?

I now present you with some of the Worst of SL additions, not all completely LL’s fault:

1. Clickity Shoes

1. Clickity Shoes

1. Clickity Shoes – This has got to be the most annoying, IMHO, addition to SL ever. Sadly the clickity cloppity prim shoe was introduced around the same time as voice. Talk about being forced to let your ears bleed as well as grinding your teeth down to bits as you hear these babies walk by you in a store while voicing it up with your best friend. Like I said yesterday… Nothing in SL has ever caused me to cringe in RL like the sound of these freaking annoying ass shoes!

2. Talking Tummies

2. Talking Tummies

2. Talking Tummies – I know a lot has been said on this subject from those who have/had/ are in favor of the whole SL pregnancy gig to those like me that hate hearing them. To quote one of my posts from MGG2SL on the subject… “So like I was at Tringo yesterday & I hear a tummy talk. No problem, I muted it. Bleh, but then the “vitamin” she took spoke. So I muted that too. How much shit must I mute?! My mute list is full of talking tummies, babies, etc.” That was back in April of 2007 and the shit has just gotten more & more advanced over the last two years.

3. Bling

3. Bling

3. Bling – Bling has been around for as long as I have. You know those fashion trends that you really wish would die a quick death? This is definitely one of them on my top 3 list right above babydoll shirts. Jewelry and attachments scripted, particle based shimmering “bling” effects that are suppose to do what? Make you look rich? Give you some type of virtual status? I’m not sure but just as quickly as nooblets could snatch up the “shiny shiny”, we came up with the term “Blingtards”.

4. Free Accounts

4. Free Accounts

4. Free Accounts – In September of 2005 LL opened up a can of worms with “FREE Membership Accounts.” LL said, “because free membership will likely prompt a significant number of people to join Second Life, revenue from virtual land the new members buy will probably make up for the loss of subscription fees.” Four years later & we see more cobybots, more kids, alts and more camping bots. Good call there LL.

5. Zindra

5. Zindra

5. Adult Continent  Zindra – As it became clear that some Residents are interested in pursuing certain “Adult” activities in Second Life that others would rather not casually encounter, the brainchild of LL… Zindra came to be. The SecondLife Adult Continent. My issue with this is that at the same time rumors of  LL to keep the Teen Grid running or close it down are circling as well as complaints of Teen Grid regions showing up on the main grid sporadically reported to the Jira. There has to be a better way to police the logins for adults & those who want adult content on their land or around their common haunts shouldn’t feel herded to Zindra.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have a Top 5 Best & Worst of SL? If yours differ, how did you make up your lists?

What Does Your Profile Say About You?

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Today I asked a question on plurk –

JellyBean™ asks

do you read profiles? do you judge people or make assumptions by what the profile says?

A lot of plurkers replied, more than I had thought would & a discussion took place. Imagine that! I wonder how often people actually think about their profiles. I know I look at profiles regularly when I’m in world and sometimes when I’m not, but I’m bored. I guess until today I haven’t thought about my profile lately. I would hope that it would say just enough about me that a person reading it would feel comfortable enough to IM me and say “hello” but not too much that the person would think they have a firm grasp of the jumbled ball of stuffs that makes me – me. Cause honestly where is the mystery in that? Right?

The profile above was one I read last night from a guy I saw standing at KMADD with no shirt, jeans, bare feet & piercings all over. Aside from the pic, that I find to be “over-share”, I honestly feel he would be an occassionally fun guy to hang with. Really. In all actuality if I had my way, I’d collect gay men like pokemon. I wanna catch them all and be best friends forever.

This isn’t a blog post as much as it is a discussion…
  • How often do you update your profile?
  • Would you consider your profile to be funny, informative, business like, friendly, blank, boring, sexy…?
  • What would you hope others get out of your profile?
  • Do you read others profiles?
  • Do you make assumptions or judgments on what you read there?
Please leave your answers in comments or do a blog post… if you post, please link back, I’d love to read what you all think.