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Introducing ANiMO!!!

Posted in Op/Ed, SecondLife® with tags , , , , on August 17, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

So in the old style of MGG2SL I bring you newness. Anyone can blog Maitreya, Truth, etc. It’s a given that you see the same people with different shit day after day on the feeds. It gets sorta monotonous and very unvarying. So as I said, I bring you… *drum roll* NEWNESS worthy of a spot on the feeds. ANiMO!

ANiMO is a collaboration between Morrigan Polanski and her RL/SL boyfriend, Ando Karu. ANiMO is fresh, only about two months old but age is nothing, they also have fresh ideas. Don’t let the name ANiMO fool you into thinking it’s just a pose shop. (ANiMO = it’s called AN i (which is “and” in polish) MO) ANiMO is fun, they are trying a different approach on poses – trying to create something different than what you bump into in every other shop.

Both Morri & Ando are kinda eclectic, so don’t ask what to expect of ANiMO, because like she told me, “we have no idea ourselves.” You might see anything from early medieval to Star Wars – anything is possible. Right now the assortment of items they offer isn’t huge, but they’re working on it. Morri shared that they are also thinking of a collection of scripted gizmos that make no sense but are so cool that you can’t resist them. Everyone loves gizmos, right!?

Morri told me last night that she is working on Bollywood poses, which completely made me *squeee*. I love Bollywood & have yet to see poses in SecondLife. This will be the second set for girls, and should be complete in a day or two. Don’t fret guys, you aren’t left out – Ando has made some cool male poses like football, basketball and that kind of guys’ stuff. ANiMO also has the cutest off-beat couple poses like eva’R. (below is one of my favorites)

The great thing about Morri & Ando is that they are constantly improving on their skills. Morri is starting animation course in computer arts school this month. She says learning is like a drug & she can’t seem to get enough. Also keep your eye out for a brand called “stitched” that they’ve also started which is for sculpted items.

About Animo

GENESIS: Animo = Take 2 letters from Ando and 2 from Morri. I = And in Polish.

VISION: Create more and more and more and more… Just for fun!

PURPOSE: 314159 Poses and Animations (312126 left)


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