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Don’t drink the kool-aid!!

Posted in Op/Ed with tags , , , on May 21, 2009 by hawksrock

I love caLLie cLine.   She is sort of like my personal idol at the moment.   Who else could take a group that has been leading public opinion against freebies, offer them freebies, lure them all to an isolated location, dress them up like clones, get them to dance around like ducks on acid, and then get a years worth of free publicity from it with everybody singing her praises.   I think this represents the best in megalomaniacal (I might have made that word up) marketing genius I have seen in a while.

I have no doubt that caLLie is a super nice sweet individual who wanted to do something for the blogging community.   I am proud to have her on my friends list, and am always curious when I get an IM rapidly followed by hahahahaha or “you know I was kidding right?”   I also am pretty sure that she knew that giving the people out there who talk directly to the consumers free stuff was going to score her some great coverage.   I do not think she expected there to be a caLLie cLine is the awesomest person in the universe day, but I do think she expected this gesture to gain some positive feedback, because I am of the opinion that whatever faults you wanna throw at caLLie she has proven time and again that she is a marketing genius.

I am however just a little bit shocked and dismayed at how quickly our band of fashion bloggers out there are ready to line up like ducks at the shooting gallery.   They realized that if they tried to express a little individuality and let’s say wore a red tank top (HEAVEN FORBID) that they would quickly be ejected from the sim, and miss out on the free loot.    CaLLie says dance, they dance like mofo’s.   The same can be said of the quick rapid rise of the blogging world to take up caLLie cLine is the supreme goddess of the fashion philanthropic association day, all because she took time to give em free stuff?   To my knowledge caLLie was pretty cool before this whole venture, but now that they scored loot she is EVERYWHERE!   Lord knows we wanna make sure this becomes an annual event, and maybe even other people will take up the cause of appreciating our band of hard working slap an outfit on, take some pics, and hopefully remmy the slurls masses out there.  Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?