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Hindsight is 20/20

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So I was thinking that I’d have some witty & awesome post to put here. I mean I logged in, took a pic and everything… but honestly I just wanted to take a picture of my pixelated ass and blogging about it just seemed a little bit unnecessary because well, look at that ass. I know right!?! Stay tuned though because it looks like I’m going to be researching prim tatas or some crap as directed by plurk because as we all know I’m out of the loop. Bare (*snicker*) with me, I’m forcing my way back in.



I can dream, it’s a simple thing – I’m building a time machine…

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Okay so not really, I couldn’t build my way out of a paper bag. I don’t enjoy it, and  I don’t feel inspired nor motivated to try beyond a box to take pics in. Even then, my box doesn’t look like a box. It’s quite sad really.

Most people are quite familiar with the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.” This statement suggests that people who have failed or would be failures in the world outside of academia end up as teachers. Well I’m not sure about all that either, sooooo I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m semi-materialistic superficial-esque and I’m pretty much okay with that! I’d also like to suggest a new saying, “Those who can’t do, SHOP.”

Now with that being said… An old SL friend of mine, Adec Alexandria told me of OpenLife. He loves OL and passed his enthusiasm on to me enough that I decided to download it & log in.  Talk about going back in time. I felt like I was back in SecondLife circa 2004. Awww the days of my SL youth. The main selling point is the land aspect.


Private Region

-256×256 (65,536m2)

– Up to 45,000prims

Setup Per Region: $75 Monthly Renewel: $75 /(35,000 credits)

Versus SecondLife:

-65,536 square meters

-Island Set Up Fee Price: $1,000.00 Island Maintenance Fees – Six Month Billing Price: $1,770.00

(A monthly charge of US$295 per month in land fees)

-The prim allowance for a Private Region is the same as any other Region: 15,000

Can that possibly be right? How on earth can LL charge that freaking much? (Please correct me if I have the wrong LL info here) I couldn’t do it but I know a lot of people do. I could go on & on about why I could never justify that sorta cost on virtual reality for myself but that’s not what this post is about…

I’d like to sell you on OL Opportunity instead. I’m not asking you to leave your safe haven of SL, but if you are a content creator (specifically hair (w/pink textures), shoes, clothes, stuffs I needs, etc) please consider sharing your art & creation with the refugees of OL. It’s a tough start for us shoppers with very very very few stores & huge open spaces.

I hope to see a new world bloom within OL… but without creators, I cannot shop & create that world for myself. And ummm hello? Colleen can I get some Loft furniture please? So here is my shopping list…

  • SKIN! OL comes with your basic Eloh skin base options, but I need a better tan.
  • SHOES! I have no freaking shoes and I *need* them!
  • A prim skirt or 30… flexi please and in earthy tones.
  • Moar prim hair! This (pictured above) is all I freaking have! I need OPTIONS!
  • Nice quality sculpted pre-fab furniture & poses! Poses that work!!! (O Hai Luth)
  • Speaking of poses… I need an AO up in this joint!
  • Zyngo would be nice too but I don’t wanna push it.

If your computer is fairly decent you could be logged into both worlds at once! Amazing! Just imagine the multitasking you could accomplish. Think of the poorly fashioned and needy residents of OL that need your support. For only a creation a day you could reach out to such residents & teach them to shop, buy your things & put smiles on faces across the grid. Please come visit OL and make your mark on a world that is starving for mateiral things. We need you & I know deep down, you know you need us too!

Oh and I’m JellyBean Gunawan there so call me heyyyyyy!

OpenLife site

We’re All Stars in the Freakshow

Posted in Review, SL® Fashion with tags , , , on June 27, 2009 by Rosie Shark

So there I was… getting ready for the Hair Fair.

ARC… whut? Nah, haha, Kidding!

Courtesy of Nitestar Albion, Jell and I got outfitted up in !Freakshow gear. The latest in post-apocalyptic couture, Freakshow offers a pretty decent-sized initial collection.


Though she plans to do more clothing designs, Nitestar’s real passion is prims… mega boots, bracers, belts, backpacks. I’ve known Nitestar since my very first days in SL and it was so exciting to see what she’d created.

You will find that the offerings are made up of the grimy, the almost indecent, and the prepared for battle. And look! OMG the Mean Girl Back Pack!! Isn’t it to die for?!


I’m truly thrilled with the level of detail and quality that Nitestar has put into her items. Tattered, nippled, weathered, and worn… Freakshow lends a bit of authenticity to your rough second life 😀

What Jell is Wearing:

HAIR: :: Refuge ::  Harriet – FROM HF 2009
SKIN: <TheAbyss> Jadzia_Sol [2]C (Jadzia Skins can now be purchased at Body Doubles) SLURL
NECKLACE: FREAKSHOW DoubleWrapped Greystone Arrowhead Necklace F
TOP: FREAKSHOW Tank Numbered
BELT: FREAKSHOW Voodoo Belt <womens> <BLACK>
ARM BANDS: FREAKSHOW Voodoo <Female Arm Bands> <BLACK>

What Rosie’s Wearing:

Hair: ETD Nadia Strawberry Blackened

Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: Star Cream Special

Eyes: La Sylphide Bright Blue

FREAKSHOW Aviator Goggles *worn in hair*

FREAKSHOW The Hunter’s Female Black Leg Band

FREAKSHOW Urban Girl Combat Boots Female

FREAKSHOW Wanderer’s Belt Black Female

FREAKSHOW Tank Killer Bunneh

FREAKSHOW CaptainSpaulding Jeans Unisex

FREAKSHOW Ripped Black (on jacket layer)

FREAKSHOW Collar Lil Beast

JH Report VII

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Happy Summertime peeps! Here for your viewing pleasure is your June edition of the JH Report.

Quick view into Lunch with Jell and Hawks

Posted in plurk, Real Life with tags , , , , on May 13, 2009 by hawksrock

In this edition the part of JellyBean Madison will be played by Kimberlee and the part of HawksRock Gunawan will be played by Dave.

Kimberlee says:

ok wait
how did you know what “dantoine” was?
to know it was spelled wrong?

Dave says:
ummm, errrr, wellllll
/me pushes his paraphernalia way back deep into the closet and shuts the door

Kimberlee says:

Lisa says:
Jeff just came home
i asked him
it’s princess leia’s home planet
what a GEEK
Lisa says:
it’s misspelled (I am sure, intentionally)

wheres my star wars kink
Dave says:
you think you could ummm wear your hair in buns?
Kimberlee says:
Dave says:
what is really sad though is that I know that Princess Leia’s home planet is Alderaan not Dantooine. lol
Dantooine was the fake location of the rebel base she offered up to the Empire, telling em it was there, when it wasn’t.
Kimberlee says:
then what is tattooie?
Dave says:
Tattooine was Luke’s home planet
Kimberlee says:
Dave says:
I think *adjusting his bowtie*
Kimberlee says:
where the hell has my star wars kink been?
Dave says:
well i do have this lil thing with Yoda we might wanna work on

Kimberlee says:

why are there not more Grease fanatics?
Dave says:
Kimberlee says:
I can rock a poodle skirt and saddle shoes
Dave says:
why not green ears and a wooden staff? hmmmm
Kimberlee says:
thats gross
can you work my clit with the force
Dave says:
you have no idea
Kimberlee says:

JH Report VI

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Back by popular demand…  we took an extended break all the way back to October of 2007, but we have returned!   Enjoy our take on grid happenings going on in and around SL today.

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Tell Me Baby…

Posted in Op/Ed, Satire, SecondLife® with tags , , on April 22, 2009 by Rosie Shark

Once upon a time, the adoption agencies that populated the grid were the answer to the prayers of some of the barren residents of SL. SL child welfare authorities were busy and happy… matching loving avatar couples with the creepy-grown-adult-playing-a-child spawn they so craved. The sounds of “Sissssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and the lilting “I love you buh bye” were music to the ears of parents to be everywhere.

Sadly this is no longer the case. As adoption agencies now turn away the rising number of unwanted and orphaned child AV’s due to overcrowding, one must wonder what the reason is.

Meet Baby Chris 1.0. Previously known only for peddling pets, Zooby’s has launched onto the child-for-sale scene with their introduction of      Baby Chris.

“Things used to be so complicated,” explains Baby Chris in a rather gravely and raspy voice. He throws back a shot of whiskey as he ponders his next words. “With kid aveez, parents were always havin to deal with personality and crap….,”

BC erupts into a coughing fit and stares at the lit end of his cigar accusingly. “Me? Well, I’m the new generation. HA HA HA. There’s no ‘person’ behind this baby,” he continues, punctuating the air around him with his finger quotes. “Log out for a few hours a day so I can get some damn peace and quiet and I’m good to go.”

Touted as SL’s best babies, Zoobys are quickly taking the grid by storm. One look at their angelic faces and guaranteed cooing and awwing will follow. Plus, there are so many options, your SL will be fun-filled with an adorable accessory you can show all your friends!

Amazingly life-like, they can sleep, crawl, talk, sit, and even breastfeed! “Except that Morgan one!” BC sputters. “Poor sap all handicapped with those fangs… good thing he doesn’t care he’s missin all that melon action. Know what I’m sayin’? HA HA HA.” Once again, Chris is interupted by coughing fit as I subtly roll my eyes.

Seems like these itty bitty, cooing, sweet-smelling angels are a dream come true, right? We were not convinced. We decided to get another perspective from one orphaned child avatar, named Star (real name changed to protect the wanna-be minor).

Star explains her need to explore her inner child through the use of a creepy child av,”I didn’t feew wike I had the reaw wife chiwdhood I detherved. Sure, my parenth were rich, and I wath thpoiled but I need to feew dithipwine, and I kinda wike getting thpanked.”

What did the unanticipated arrival of Baby Chris 1.0 mean for Star?

“My parenth were no wonger interethed in me,” Star says and the corners of her pouty mouth turn down. The details of the ordeal that followed are horrifying.

“I wath wocked in a cewl while they pwayed wif their new toy,” she says. I can see the big puppy dog tears welling in her eyes at the memory. “My SL parenth woved me I thought.” One fat tear rolls down her face.

It was the natural progression of your slife. Be a noob, find a poseball partner, make it official by adding that person to your lil box, then the palatial estate and marriage. The next step will always be to start your new family. Perhaps with a repressed guy from South Dakota who would like to rp as your new bouncing baby boy.

For one child who had enjoyed such a charmed existence – safe in the loving picks of her ‘parents’ – thoughts of driving cross country in her own diaper to gain closure over the failed parent/child relationship began to seem reasonable.

“Messy!” declares Baby Chris. “Folks are so needy. You won’t get any of those nagging emotional needs to fill with a Zooby Baby.” He winks as he looks at me, “what you will get is a guaranteed bundle of motha effing joy, pink cheeks and the silencing of your biological whosit.”

“Thure, theth babieth are great if you’re a thocially awkward, materiawistic fathionithta who needth a lil thomething new on their arm,” adds Star bitterly.

This has  been a collaboration of JellyBean Madison and Rosie Shark. We’ve all seen the craze. What are your thoughts on Child AV’s and prim babies?