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What Does Your Profile Say About You?

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Today I asked a question on plurk –

JellyBean™ asks

do you read profiles? do you judge people or make assumptions by what the profile says?

A lot of plurkers replied, more than I had thought would & a discussion took place. Imagine that! I wonder how often people actually think about their profiles. I know I look at profiles regularly when I’m in world and sometimes when I’m not, but I’m bored. I guess until today I haven’t thought about my profile lately. I would hope that it would say just enough about me that a person reading it would feel comfortable enough to IM me and say “hello” but not too much that the person would think they have a firm grasp of the jumbled ball of stuffs that makes me – me. Cause honestly where is the mystery in that? Right?

The profile above was one I read last night from a guy I saw standing at KMADD with no shirt, jeans, bare feet & piercings all over. Aside from the pic, that I find to be “over-share”, I honestly feel he would be an occassionally fun guy to hang with. Really. In all actuality if I had my way, I’d collect gay men like pokemon. I wanna catch them all and be best friends forever.

This isn’t a blog post as much as it is a discussion…
  • How often do you update your profile?
  • Would you consider your profile to be funny, informative, business like, friendly, blank, boring, sexy…?
  • What would you hope others get out of your profile?
  • Do you read others profiles?
  • Do you make assumptions or judgments on what you read there?
Please leave your answers in comments or do a blog post… if you post, please link back, I’d love to read what you all think.

The Pradolution

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That title sounded better in my head.. now I’ve read it back, it just looks like the name of a really bad cologne. Or a cheesy summer dance.

Anyways, Hi there! Many of you probably have no idea who I am, so allow me to introduce myself. I’m the one your parents warned you about, but you may call me Prad. I have a little known blog already, and now I’m the newest addition to the SL Revolutionaries and I hope to be able to entertain, make you think and even infuriate you!

I’m a brutally honest blogger – I’ve successfully pissed off freebie hunters, magazine editors and anybody who’s ever owned a freenis. But I’ll tell you what I think, and I don’t expect you to always agree with me.  If you ever feel the need to leave a burning bag of dog faeces on my doorstep, then the link is in my profile in world.

I was stuck on one of the seats at the back of an internal flight from Glasgow to London. The flight was delayed by a couple of hours, and I would have 15 minutes to get to the gate to catch my next plane to Berlin. I couldn’t afford to miss that plane because of arrangements the following day, and I knew that the 200 other passengers in front of me would take forever and a day to disembark. Some muppet bought a crying kid on board – that’s a 20 minute job in itself!

So I alerted the air steward to my predicament and she assured me that she’d use the tannoy to make sure people would make way for me so I could get off the plane and get to my next one.

Naturally, she forgot.

So I was stuck at the back of the plane watching as everyone was reaching up to the overhead holds and getting their hand luggage as the plane taxied to the terminal.

As soon as people started to stand, I knew it was decision time.. ask yourself what you’d do?

*Loud whistle*


Yes, I got a few dirty looks.

Quite frankly, I didn’t care. Stand up, Speak up or get Shut Down.

If we all play nicey-nicey, then we live in a world where nothing gets questioned, and nothing changes. Yes, people will get pissed off that you dare to question the “norm”.. but, in all honesty, I’ve received countless messages from people saying they agree. The voice that dares to be different and stand out is the voice which people will listen to – be it to applaud or to knock it down.

Personally, I think we all need to learn to buck up a bit and say what we’re thinking more. Second Life is pretty much an anonymous platform – I’ve made no secret of my disdain for people who feel they have to be anonymous on SL blogs. What the hell is wrong with you?!

Don’t be afraid to be a voice. If you have an opinion, don’t be scared to share it. It’s the people who dare to be different who reap the rewards.