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Who is James Schwarz?

Posted in SecondLife® with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 12, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Good question. I may have an answer for you… James Schwarz is an avatar with an amazing artistic eye and bright ideas (also a blogger). I first heard of James on Plurk (I cannot remmy who plurked it first) and how he had an amazing photostream on Flickr. Instantly I went there and found this lil gem:

100 Avatars – One pic! Amazing! I am lucky to get two avatars in the same sim to rezz (one being me) let alone a bunch. Well he approached it with a photo-shopped eye and the end result is just absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to check out some of his “art”, it is just Wowness!

Obviously I was instantly drawn to his art and subscribed to his Flickr feed on my Bloglines. I was so excited to see the Headshot Series pouring in on my reader.

He described this series…

This series is all about the faces of our avatars and how they look, how we adorn them with personal touches, our eyes, noses, lips, facial structure and shit. I like doing headshots because they’re easy in a sense that there’s not much conceptualization involved, once you have your initial vision or mental prototype the rest will…actually that’s it.

Of course this was my chance to IM him inworld and ask to participate, right? Well I was nervous. Mayhaps he’s only doing shots of his friends? They all look so unique and great, how will I fit in? Yes, believe it or not, I was suffering from the color of shy. True story. I finally built up my courage and followed the instructions on his blog:

I don’t charge zilch for this (although tips are welcome & appreciated lol), anyone can IM me and we can arrange something out with regards to time of shooting ; I’m usually on from 12 PM to 4 PM SLT. I suggest keeping things it as minimal as possible, you can wear some jewelry (no bling pls or gtfo) but nothing too WTF-ish as to not distract the focus from your face. You can take them on from my flickr and upload them to yours just link it back on the description, you can also upload them in-world for whatever purposes, oh what the hell do whatever you want with them.

I was extremely “SQUEEEEE” when last Friday I was off work in RL and able to be inworld within his schedule. I love looking at all the new uploads on this series because no two avatars are the same. It’s like virtual Cabbage Patch Kids. Everyone is always bitching about SecondLife, Lindens, and virtual life… it’s refreshing to stop and admire the artistic, like smelling the pixelated flowers.

My end result:

And I didn’t even have to get naked! Hey, thanks James… Keep creating and I’ll keep watching. You are one talented guy! ❤