Art of Leaving SL

So in my attempt to continue to cover every single aspect of Second Life from every single angle of every single position of every single ball… errrr wait, I think I lost my train of thought there.  Well anyways, ahem, the one aspect of Second Life that I have never written about is the art of living life after it.  So here you go…

I left Second Life immediately following my public declaration of my intention to leave it on this very blog which happened on October 18, 2009.  I know that you all suck at math, with the exception of those few builders out there who actually know what X, Y, and Z coordinates hafta do with why your picture won’t line up with the wall on your house.  I mean hey, I lived with Jell long enough, I got kinda use to having a lot of angles to work around.  So anyways, I can relate to the odd time flux continuum stuff that happens within Second Life which distorts such rational concepts as math.

So let me explain to you how long ago that was in terms that you can actually understand:  it was right about the time Jiggly boobs came out.  Okay, well at least the guys have some perspective now.

For the rest of you, let me try to find a few more ways to explain just how long ago that was:

  • It was prior to SL gaining a number… we were still back in version 1.18something or other.  You know… back before you could check out your shadow as you lag through walls.
  • For the average SL’er it was about 6.7 relationships ago.  And only 4 of those were with the same people… just not in the same order.
  • It was back when copybotting was bad, before people’s ideas about fighting copybotting were worse, and way before people were like wtf is copybotting?
  • It was way before plurk developed trending topics which showed that 14% of the discussion was about fashion designers, 25% of the discussion was about fashion bloggers, and 61% of the discussion was around bloggers who criticize fashion designers.
  • It was back when Prad only had like 12 blogs he was writing on, instead of 145.  My personal favorite of which is the daily crackberry photo of his bellybutton lint in 365 day time lapse format.
  • Truth, Troof, or Troofa deleted his plurk account only to add it back because he missed it only to delete it again because he can’t stand it to miss it and add it back again to delete it again to add it back again.
  • SCD hired 37 writers for their outstanding propensity to generate a veritable shitstorm to then end up firing 36.5 writers for their outstanding propensity to generate a veritable shitstorm.
  • It was back when new viewers were the cool rage, and not some sort of identity theft hijacking personal information destroyers of the universe.
  • It was a little over 100,000 views on the Rev, which just goes to show that you don’t need me (or anybody for that matter) writing on the Rev to keep that traffic coming.

In other words it was back in the salad days of SL.  Well honestly, I said that just so I can now check “salad days” off the list of my “top 1,589 cool words that I have no idea what they mean, but I gotta work em into a blog post” list.  But anyways… I seem to be in a digressing kinda mood atm.  If only I had a site with a cool little emoticon I could flag this entire post with as “in a digressing mood” then I would make millions I am sure.  But seriously back to the story…

I don’t think it is possible for anybody who has made SL such a huge part of their lives as Jellybean and I had, to quit SL cold turkey on your own, unless you just went through some sort of major SL or RL drama which is at the root of your departure.  So my personal first step to leaving SL was to turn my entire friends list off so they couldn’t see if I was online.  Because, by god if I said I was leaving… the last thing I need is people catching me when I am sneaking back in!!  But surprisingly to myself, I really didn’t find that I was sneaking back in all that often.  Literally I was in maybe once or twice that first week, and then maybe once a month if that since then.

I even went so far as to cut my bloglines down to only 3 SL blogs… one of which was this one.  Next up, I went and cut down my plurk list from right around 400 friends to only 24, so I could focus on just the ones I felt like I had a connection beyond SL.  I didn’t mean it as an affront to anyone else on my list, I just needed to get back in charge of my time.  Then all of a sudden I had all kinds of time, and I found that I was still needing something in my life to keep me busy.  I think that certain people in our generation are just wired to hafta be in some sort of online community or activity.  For me, I started playing WoW again.  In fact, I started putting a lot of time into WoW, and made a switch over to the Horde that I was really enjoying for a while.  But then I found that I was putting too much time into it, so again I pulled the plug (well at least until Cataclysm comes out.)  So now, here I sit pretty much gameless, although I will admit I am messing around with Dragon Age Origins a bit – although I don’t see it holding my interest for long.

I actually found myself logging into SL a few times over the last couple of weeks.  Partly because Jell was feeling the itch to do some machinima, and partly to try to figure out how to turn off those last few subscribomatics that keep hitting my email.  In the end though, I ask myself if I miss it.  The answer is that yes, I do miss certain parts of it.  I specifically miss the high times of Tringo back when it was booming, I miss hanging out/DJ’ing at Clockworks with Alex/Myg/Wrath and the gang, I miss writing on the Rev and still hate that there isn’t really a decent replacement out there for our niche for our readers, I miss the dramz…because sometimes it is just fun to get in the middle of the craziness if you are opinionated like myself.  But unfortunately, most of those don’t exist anymore.  At least not for me when I am logging in.

So at least for now, I am still going to be staying away.  I don’t have any big pull drawing me back in.  In fact, I even have an entire machinima scripted out, but for now it is shelved on my bookcase until the urge builds up a little more.

I really miss every one of you Rev readers, and I wish you all the best.



15 Responses to “Art of Leaving SL”

  1. COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say about that.

  2. And oh it’s Hair Boy now WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  3. I am just glad I made the 24! I miss the hell out of Clockwork. Nothing in SL now even comes close. I would seriously cry if there was a back to back Esteban, Hawks/Jells. Alex evening of music. Since that is not happening any time soon, I wish you the best and look forward to seeing the wedding pictures!

  4. Holy crap I made the 24 too! Am I some sort of elite now?

    I have to firstly say stop doing posts that sum up a lot of how I feel about SL these days it makes me feel less unique and amazing, tut at you.

    I did much the same as you, spending waaaay too much time in WoW, which while fun is getting old, to the point where I’m not even excited about cataclysm. I think my big problem with SL is not knowing what to do with myself. An attention whore drowning in a big old sea of drama whores with much better work ethics than me kind of puts me off blogging and SL has literally become the new web where every exciting and interesting idea you have has been done already.

    I like to think in a very small way we were an era, much like the FIC were an era before us, and all eras have to eventually be taken out back and kneecapped to get them to shut the fuck up.

    I completely lost the plot of this comment now so I shall just say thank god pixel humping, and those that wander the adult sims with thier freenis’ says “u lk hot bb, wanna fuk?” haven’t evolved as there is always a reason for me to log back in.

    (Ps, can we have a fuck you all we’re old skool party in SL soon plz?)

  5. Oh man.. that lint is still going, y’know.

  6. 1. Hawks, if you guys end up feeling the need to scratch that machinima itch further, let me know! I’ve been wanting to do some kind of filming lately as well, but I know I won’t be motivated enough on my own to figure out that damn new SL browser!! I need a support group to help figure out that thing. It looks pretty, though. It’s just that whenever someone IM’s me, I end up inadvertently closing the whole viewer by pushing too many of the wrong buttons trying to reply.

    2. Like Kitty says, we need to have an old skool SL reunion. Anyone have one of those new Linden home properties where we can have a bbq and drink too much and throw empty beer cans onto the neighbour’s lawn? You know, like my RL Memorial Day weekend. Which I spent picking up empty beer cans from my lawn.

    3. Turns out these days I’m much better at certain social networking farm games than I am at trying to be cool in a virtual world, anyway. But I’m not ready to let go just yet, unless I film it for a machinima called “Killing Wrath Paine Pt II”. (Part I would be the whole “Resurrecting Wrath Paine” film, I suppose.)

  7. hawksrock Says:

    1. Lizzie – I did come back and write this post!

    2. Chestnut – I kinda like Kitty/Wrath’s idea of having an old skool reunion party. Maybe I can even talk Burgess into doing it at Clockworks or something.

    3. Kitty – Yes there was a certain group of bloggers that I will always think of as my peers, back when we were pushing the envelope on things… that feel sorta overdone now. Or more like… omg wtf did we get started?? :p I am totally down for an old skool reunion party, and think that would be hella fun. Can you plan that, and then send me an invite.. kkthnx. 🙂

    4. Prad – In case you were wondering that IS one of the three blogs I kept on my bloglines… just sayin. *wink*

    5. Wrath – duuuuude! Great to hear from you… and yes we totally need to throw a party. Can you get with Kitty and work that out… kkthnx. Ironically, my idea for my SL machinima was a post apocalyptic – LL pulls the plug on SL final countdown sorta idea, loosely based on the There countdown blogs that tracked the final moments. So maybe we could wrap that up into how to kill off all our AV’s and do it all at once together sorta film.

  8. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I have to admit that I do still sneak in on occasion but it’s mostly just to perv your profiles & get a Zyngo fix (usually after a $50L stipend Tuesday). Other than that the shopping pizazz has fizzled. I’d much rather go on real-life shopping sprees to Zona Rosa or the Legends or for cripes sake someone build me a freaking mall in Kansas that isn’t a gazillion miles away.

    I’d love to come back and hang with old friends. In fact a BBQ sounds nice – good job Wrath & Kitty. But aside from that can someone tell me the point?

    I do miss drooling all over my shoes whenever in the presence of hot ass Kitty, marveling in Wrath’s just marvelousness, listening to this friend or that friend tell me of the newest SL clique dramz, poking Rosie until she responded after the 10th afk or just hanging out listening to music. To be totally honest I miss you all, I miss machinima and I really miss the dramz. Twitter dramz just isn’t the same – those people are more like grow ups & suck. To hell with logical dramz.

    Who knows, I may be back before Hawks if I can just motivate myself. lol

  9. No one actually leaves SL. Especially when they announce they are leaving. Even the drama rage quitters come back eventually or hide out on an alt.

    Personally, I find taking breaks from it all it far better solution.

  10. Agreed with Luth 🙂 Breaks are your oasis. Refreshing your views in RL and then coming back to SL to push your own boundaries. It may take years, months, or even just a few days. Goodluck on your RL travels. I was there too then I came back.

  11. Adrian / Adec Says:

    nice post hawks.. I’m so in and out of SL atm I didn’t know whether to comment with my RL or SL name!

    the only thing keeping me in SL is the fact I share a homestead with someone, and I’d feel guilty dropping the financial bomb on her if I left..

    am still popping in every once and a while, but RL work took over, and can’t commit to SL art projects anymore.. shame they were fun… but toooo time consuming on RL!

    so I guess I’ve left and just an occasional traveller these days..

  12. i want to say something cool and pithy here…but i’m not cool or pithy so i’ll just say…

    you both suck for leaving! and for giving me hope that this blog was active again. gaaah!

  13. Daila Holder Says:

    Did I miss the BBQ? I want some goddamn ribs!

  14. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Haha Daila – no you didn’t miss it. Kitty is arranging it, you can ask her for sure but I think it’s *this* Saturday (tomorrow) though I don’t know the time.

  15. Daila Holder Says:

    Well now I did officially miss it. I demand another! 🙂

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