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BigPond LogoI was sitting in my home office this evening, enjoying the luxury of listening to my favorite Pandora streaming radio station and chatting with friends in SL and on Plurk when the news alert popped up;  “Big Pond pulls plug on Second Life.”  I believe Telstra‘s decision to pull the plug on BigPond has everything to do with bandwidth costs and little or nothing to do with the success of Second Life as a business platform.  This, despite the implication of a PhD student at the Queensland University named Ms. MacKenzie, who despite her prior defense of Second Life stated  “…companies such as BigPond were deserting the platform…”.

Telco MafiaThe “Bandwidth Wars” are definitely starting to heat up.  I’ve predicted access to bandwidth and fresh water will be the next decade’s most important determiners of individual, community and national prosperity.  In the case of bandwidth, tech writer Dana Blankenhorn said:

“Like freeway lanes, like sea and airports, the quality and price of your Internet bandwidth determines how much it costs to do intellectual business with you.”
Dana Blankenhorn – ZDNet

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has done a good job Explaining International Broadband Leadership.  Countries that help make ubiquitous, cost-effective,  high-speed broadband available to the greatest number of their citizens, will enjoy significant competitive economic advantages.  Those that favor the selfish interests of Telecom giants and allow them to throttle Internet access to services they don’t control, like Second Life, are doomed to fall further behind in an increasingly wired and “always-on” world economy.

Cracked Desert PondSo, the “Pond” is being drained for about 2,000 regular Australian users of Second Life.  My guess is that as many of these users as can find an alternative unlimited bandwidth option, will dump Telstra in return.  For those who are disabled, running home-based businesses or pursing educational endeavors in SL and don’t have other ISP options, it’s a black day indeed.

I encourage those interested in “Saving The Internet” and “Net Neutrality” to check out the following links for more information:

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  1. Couldn’t it just be that Telstra, like other companies have decided that other virtual environments make better sense. If as you say, there are 2,000 Australian customers using SL regularly, the bandwidth used would be an infinitesimal in relation to the total used on an annual basis. Not sure of the figures here. Perhaps you could supply some 😛

  2. Lindara Magic Says:

    For those that have access to adsl and cable they probably have a number of choices all of which are probably a far better deal than BP offers with its unmetered SL. Many have been duped into taking on 2 and 3 year contracts thinking that they would be better off with unmetered SL only to find that it has been pulled from under them. Further those on wireless will find it much harder to gain access to better deals. My hubby and I both work and play in SL and without unmetered it may be the end for us due to our locale but we are not giving up without a fight, anyone that wants to join the cause and not take this laying down can join a facebook group formed for this express purpose

  3. re=posting this from the Metaverse journal…
    A RANT!

    Not surprised! As one of those Bigpond users, I pulled out of Bigpond for my ADSL about 6 weeks ago, I knew it couldn’t last, and….I got a better deal from iinet anyway. I pay less for the same usage. shruggs. I feel sorry for the people in contract cause they are really going to be royally screwed now. Bigpond island, was so tied up with all sorts of silly rules and regs that they couldn’t promote Australia as well as they could.

    When I visited Bigpond a few years ago, to do a story on it, Peta was not allowed to be on my show as CM wouldn’t allow her to speak for Bigpond, even though she was the person “on the ground” A suit was offered to me instead and I refused. The only music they had on the sim at the time was Whispering Jack…..over and over and over…When they did have events they didn’t even ask Australian Artists in SL to participate! Im here…Jaggpro is here…Oh My Kidd is here and many others…why not? hey we pull a good crowd! the first Artist to play there was Max Kleen god love him, but he ain’t Aussie….

    Telstra are not a global company they serve (and I use that word loosely) only Australia, the population of Aussie residents is very very small, surprisingly small. But with the state of misinformation that most Australians read in their press about SL being a Sex Den, Dying, or Failing and a place for lonely losers is it any wonder! Its like we are on this isolated island with no communication from the Mainland! there is almost a Sadistic Glee in Australia to put down SL and the people who want to use it, a sort of nasty derision about it. That is a very ignorant and short sighted attitude. And like a lot of things.. by the time Australia catches up with the rest of the world, We Aussies will have missed the boat….

    Telstra staying in SL. Is really just not viable until more Aussies use SL. I do think if they are going to support online gaming thru unmetered downloads they could have kept it up for SL, where they know that SL is NOT a game but a community. Full of creativity and enterprise and spirit. The cost to them is a tiny drop in the ocean…Sol took a lot when he left but believe me they have a lot in the coffers! giving (as they said) 2000 users a break on SL with unmetered is really a pathetic amount to withdraw…Come on…Big pond know what SL is! they know its not just about slimy Sex and online Junkies. Bad Bad PR guys…

    As to the SMH story and the comments….people always ridicule that which they are afraid of or don’t understand, its a way to cope. Just like the flat earth Society sniggered and derided the round earth society :), and wow its just like whizzing right back to the 80’s when I worked for IBM as a casual, and we were sitting around this huge box talking to some IT guys in Abu Dabi via the first Text internet, just text to text…about the cricket it was incredible! and no one thought it would last….um the internet is for Geeks…It will never work. You can’t use it….Can’t find anything…I don’t have time for the internet…when do you ever have time for that?…wow I’m so busy and you obviously are not…heard all that? yep thats what Im hearing now. People say to me, how do you have time for SL???? wellll its my job….jaw drop…and I ask many hours do you watch Telly? ummmm weel…yep I don’t watch more than 4 hours telly a week…soooo I create things in SL,,yep I’m not sitting on my bum for 4 hours a night passively sucking in crap! (says she in the TV business 🙂 now who has a Real Life and who does not. Read the comments and that article on SMH what a lot of uninformed tripe! from the journalist and the comments. Gawd. What I do know is one day those people will be like oh yeh SL and virtual worlds, I knew it was always going to be big!
    yeh right. Sorry that sort of journalism on SMH is just lazy and bad. Regurgitating old news from last year.

    And BTW the Bigpond unmetered? I watched my Telstra usage all the time I never went to Big Pond sims, only once every 6 months, and yet I had about half my usage free…..on SL. Get the facts SMH. sorry for the rant. But it makes my blood boil. We need more competition in ISP’s My friends and colleagues in the States are paying 49 bucks a month! with no caps…we in Aust cannot even download a TV show or a movie without going over…talk about sooooo behind. Slow speeds and capped we are shafted at every turn.
    Over and OUT.
    The ranter…

  4. Crystalize Sands Says:

    Well said Paisley enjoyable read. Bigpond internet has always been expensive in my opinion. As an aussie our metered downloads is so frustrating it takes away from enjoying SL to the fullest when for instance if you stream U-tube music into SL it chews up your downloads. I have 40gig peak and 40gig offpeak I am 1/2 way through my month and have used 22gig already – lucky I have a day job:)

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