Bitch Bitch Moan Moan Whine Whine! or… Thank a Linden!

Heya folks! I originally had this posted over on my more personal blog but thought it just as relevant to be posted here (with minor revisions). So if you are one of the 5 people that already read it, my apologies. There is never a bad time to re-evaluate your reality or virtuality. (Like that word? I just made that shit up, off the top of my head & everything).

Look I get it – SL is not the most stable virtual world on the world wide web. In all honesty there’s not many that I have played that are (Ultima Online, The Sims Online, Rose, Laguna Beach, THERE, World of Warcraft, Auto Assault, Free Realms, Open Life, etc). The point is that these worlds, IMHO were created for entertainment purposes only. They weren’t created to take place of real life jobs, real life interactions or real life *gasp* lives. They were created to give you enjoyment & a nice little reality break.

However people have found ways to turn what they love to do into a way to make money within the virtual worlds that they play. Well hell – that’s awesome. If I had talent other than spewing my thoughts onto a page for my few readers and *I* could make money at it, you better bet I’d be boarding that gravy train in a heartbeat. So I’d like to say Kudos to those that manage to do that on a daily basis. I’m sure it beats my 45 min commute each way & being forced to listen to Kegan sing his little diddys Mon-Fri.

What I have noticed though is a rash of bitchy, moany, whiney comments regarding SecondLife across the blogosphere lately. This is broken, that is broken, I crashed again, LL should get their shit together, yada yada yada blah blah. I know that most people pay for their accounts and you have every right as a paying customer to complain about the service you recieve, but do you ever thank Linden Labs when the service is good? Do you ever say “hey thanks for allowing me to log in to the world you created?” Do you ever think about the life you had before SL? SL has not been around *that* long that you knew nothing before it.

I guess my honest opinion comes from the opposite end of this bitch-fest spectrum. I’m no longer a paid account in SL (I use to be up til 2 years ago) and I feel as a non-membership fee paying resident that I have no right to bitch. The rest of you that are on free accounts should also think about that – LL owes you nothing.

All I’m saying is look, if you don’t like it… leave. No one is holding a gun to your head making you stay and bitch daily about everything that you feel is wrong with SecondLife and/or LL. Here’s a positive spin on things… remember why you’re there in the first place and the things you do actually enjoy there. If you can’t think of anything then mayhaps it’s time to move on.

If by any chance a Linden reads this (which is super slim)… THANK YOU!


5 Responses to “Bitch Bitch Moan Moan Whine Whine! or… Thank a Linden!”

  1. Sometimes the crashes are solely related to the person’s computer and not LL’s fault at all and yet people bitch about the crashes. That’s like a snowball: the more you complaint, the more problems you will find. Ultimately, we are responsible for most of the problems we have.

    (Hope I made some sense.)

  2. I’m intensely greatful to the Lindens. Sure, there are sometimes issues, but look what we have!!

    Nice post JB.

  3. With the amount of money I’ve paid over the past 5 years and the lack of service I actually get, I reserve the right to punch each and every one of them in the face. And then have a laugh about it over a beer.

  4. Almost forgot: Hey Jells!


  5. I like Luth’s comment. I always say thank you if I get help but to be honest most of the help I get is from Residents – not from Linden whom get my membership fees and land tiers. I recognise that SL is unstable partially to the things we love – user created content and having everyone on one server so try to minimise my whining due to that… but I must admit during 2009/2010 I have become more and more jaded and see Lindens as always having their hand out for money but not doing a lot in turn to make the user experience for [paying] customers any better.

    The reason I stay also has nothing to do with the Lindens – it’s all about the people I’ve met in this environment. I’m not going but I also don’t feel compelled to send them a random thank you…

    To the residents who have been amazingly helpful, fun and to the friends I’ve made – thank you, you make the virtual and real world a better place to be 🙂

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