Blame it on the zyngo!

I think that at some point in every writers’s life (well with the exception of these guys and gals) there comes a time when you need to take a break: provide a chance to recharge the batteries, save your soul, or even just keep things fun and interesting.   I know that bloggers rank pretty far down the writing hierarchy but when you reach a point in time where you feel like you have already written on most topics, and things are just repeating themselves over and over, then you start to lose interest in writing.   I seem to have reached that point in my life at the moment with Second Life blogging, and to some extent with Second Life in total.   Whether I am writing about relationships, drama, plurk, cool sims to explore, or whatever topic I bring to mind I think I have already touched on it at some point in the past on one of the old blogs.

Two Fruit, One cucumber

Combine that feeling, with an increasingly active RL social life and things have gotten a little bit hectic for me.   I think I can probably multi-task with the best of them, but frankly I always prefer to find something and go in deep and strong rather than just lick along the surface of a lot of different things.   Recently Jell has brought me over to Twitter.   Twitter in and of itself is yet another form of social media junkyism, but the benefit it has brought into our lives is an incredibly active group of local tweeters who merge their online and RL identities into one.   It has had a profound impact on both of us, since in the past I am used to hanging out with a group of interesting personalities that look nothing like what they portray, and that I would never recognize on the street or ever meet in person.  Now all of a sudden, I am running into people at every event and all over town that are extremely wired into both lives that they lead, and it is fun to literally have an option for a social function any night of the week.   The only downside is that all of a sudden I hafta shower and stuff before I can go hangout with friends.

I am not saying good bye, because I do expect to still be around in some capacity.   I can see myself logging in to make machinima or to just see what has changed.   I am however going to excuse myself from blogging on the Rev and participating in plurk for a while.   I am hoping that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I will be back after a while.   In the meantime I have high hopes that the Rev will keep plugging along.   Right now we are at 102,000 in traffic which is pretty damn good for the very first year, and only posting every 4 days or so.  I hope it continues to grow by leaps and bounds, due to the quality of the people we have writing on here.   I want to thank everybody who has read and/or commented on my posts in the past, and I wish you all continued success in your own ventures in whatever life you lead.


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  1. I totally get what you mean but I do have to say your absence will definitely be felt. Hugs to you!

  2. Excellent post (I’m a closet reader of yours) – and best wishes while you take a break. I would be very interested to read a blog that goes more in depth about the merging of online and real lives, and even second and first lives… maybe that can be your “comeback” post eventually. 🙂

  3. rofl at the pic…. I mean… I do not have a dirty mind… *takes a bite outta the fruit* see..!! ^.^ Gunna have to actually read the post tomorrow though Hawks… Its 4:30am and my eyes are yellin at me ;p

  4. […] was not kidding when he wrote his Revolution post yesterday where he said… “Now all of a sudden, I am running into people at every event and all over town that […]

  5. You do realize you can use or and syndicate your posts to all your social media networks at once, right!?

  6. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I won’t do that. I feel it takes the “social” out of social media to syndicate yourself all over. I get it if you are advertising, sharing info/knowledge… but for me, mine is more personal.

    IMHO social media isn’t fun if it’s automated, you have to have some interaction. I think that’s why so many are drawn to Plurk rather than actually digging into Twitter. If you’re only looking at your contributions on one social media outlet connected to all of them and not checking the others, then you’re missing out on the more personal aspect of what social media is.

    But I miss you too Mr. Westland. 😀

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