JellyBean vs. SL Hunts

This is an Op/Ed which means that this is my opinion, and yes, it’s open for debatical.


Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who gets annoyed, frustrated, angered, bothered, disturbed, irked, provoked, and troubled by certain SL crap. The latest? SL Hunts!

I am not a huge fan of hunts. I do remember I participated in my first one a few years back & I thought it was fun. However lately it seems there’s 10 hunts going at any given time now in SL. At what point do we say “Enough is enough!” either as designers or hunters?

Hunters will bitch about the hunts stating that the freebie items they receive are craptastic, and/or that they only kept 5 out of 100 items out of the last hunt that they felt were worthy of remaining in their already bloated inventory. They bitch about it being a waste of time comparative to what they actually “got” out of the hunt.

Designers will also bitch that they have spent x amount of time on this hunt, are getting ready for the next hunt, people not appreciating the time put in, or the items.

With both sides bitching, why are there still hunts popping up on a daily basis? Is it because there are more people not bitching that make hunts still worthwhile?

Growing up I was taught, as many others have been, that the less you have the more you are able to appreciate. I feel this may be the same type of deal with hunts. There are just so many now that any sense of appreciation has flown out the window.

One can argue that these hunts give exposure to new upcoming designers, and I’m all for supporting new designers. I think a lot of newer content creators get discouraged & give up before tapping into their full potential… but I’m not sure hunts are the best way for such exposure. Especially when the hunts get “cherry picked.” Every hunt I’ve participated in lately has in one form or another had a “cheat” list attached to it letting you know exactly where to find each item via a notecard or a blog post complete with SLURLs. Cheat lists & word of mouth are perfect for anyone willing to cherry pick a hunt to acquire those worthy items without sifting thru tons of crap. So just as hunts have become as common as lag, so have the cherry pickers. This seems counter productive to the New Designer Exposure argument unless the “new” designer is busting out some kick ass stuff.

Also, what happened to the “exclusive” hunt items? That was one of my motivators, and probably remains one of the biggest motivators out there for reasons to participate as hunters. If I’m not able to just stroll into the store & buy this “must have” item and it is only offered up in a hunt – I will cherry pick that like nobody’s business. I guess this question is for the designers. I wonder if there are just so many hunts now that it’s just become too hard to keep up with an exclusive item for each hunt, keeping up with regular store releases & still finding time to not go crazy from it all?

I have no solution to all this madness but I do think that too much is really too much. You can’t honestly think that anyone will appreciate cotton candy if they’re on a cotton candy diet and you can’t honestly expect the cotton candy makers to step it up if they’re not appreciated. From where I stand I don’t see much of a win-win sitch here. I do feel it’s a great topic to debate though.

What do you think? Hunter perspective vs. Designer perspective.

Have you had enough of the SL Hunts?

-JellyBean Madison-


9 Responses to “JellyBean vs. SL Hunts”

  1. I don’t do hunts anymore. I don’t have the time to shoot and blog about everything that I want to blog about so find that spending a lot of time on hunts that will be heavily featured on freebie blogs is sort of redundant. I probably won’t blog the items because there are so many freebie bloggers and they all blog so many items that freebies get blogged a lot. So, I try not to blog many freebies and hunt items. Since I wear what I blog, hunt items just tend to sit in the inventory collecting e-dust.

  2. Being the impatient, hard headed person I am I don’t do hunts. The idea of participating in an event with a million locations makes my head hurt. I would just rather buy the damn thing and be over with it. Or I just look at Dings blog and go seek out what I like haha.

  3. Misty Harley Says:

    I entered my first designer hunt this year, Twisted….because it was a blast last year when I hunted and I really did love all the stuff with few exceptions (and those exceptions just weren’t my style but were well made). I’ve only done a few hunts myself though.

    I do think (and hope!) that it gives designers a bit of new people, the Twisted did that for me last year where I found stores I never knew existed. I think if designers are getting tired of hunts then maybe they should not participate in them for a bit. Holding off may be their blessing then when one comes around that they *really* want to do, it would help generate interest.

    I dunno. There’s a whole niche market surrounding hunts. Many do it, even those that bitch about doing them. I’m not sure if the hunts themselves create sells or if it’s what happens after wards when that item is rezzed or worn.

  4. Helyanwe Vindaloo Says:

    The last hunt i did was the bunny hop hunt and i think that was right when hunts were just starting to take off with the too many too soon… cause right after that hunt was over, i have been getting endless hunt invites… and some people are so persistant its insanity inducing… those ones who wont accept you dont want to be in a hunt. But i agree thats theres just too many going on. Hunts are getting run into the ground and i dont think alot of people even appreciate it anymore.

  5. I have participated as a hunter in two hunts and never finished them, simply because I did not have the time. I found some fantastic items and shops that I never knew existed, which I still go back to now and again. Its a great way to find out who is actually out there. There are many designers and content creators that do not appear in blogs, that have high quality creations. There are just as many that don’t have high quality creations. Personally, unless you are a professional hunter, it is way to much to keep up with all of the hunts always ongoing. I limit myself basically to one a year to participate in as a hunter. I have yet to try to participate as a designer. Maybe someday when my hands are not so full. O.o

  6. I recently finished the Demonology Hunt, which was great. I’m working on the Steam Hunt and the Twisted Hunt. I’ve done part of The Addiction Hunt…. Can you tell I love hunts?

    Caveat: I hunt for the love of discovering new shops and for the fun of the “I found it!” moment. I’m not hunting for prizes…which is good because as a guy, most prizes aren’t going to work for me anyway. (I also did the Just for the Guys hunt and the Make Him Over Hunt as well as part of the Game Day Hunt, but I didn’t actually like a lot of the prizes so it ended up the same.)

    Not a lot of people seem to be hunting for the same reasons as I am, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one. For me, it’s a great way of discovering new shops, and while I hunt, I shop. I’ve made a lot of great purchases I would never have made if it hadn’t been for hunting.

    The problem, though, is that most people I meet who are hunting are rude, in a hurry, and interested in nothing but finding their freebie and leaving as quickly as possible. They don’t care about the store, about the other hunters, or about having fun.

    Niche hunts are the best, I think, because if you’re interested in a certain subculture, you’re more interested in seeing the shops catering to that subculture which you haven’t yet discovered. With the big hunts, there’s less interest in the majority of the shops and less reason to care about the individual offerings. That’s when cherry picking comes into play and the “nobodies” get ignored, which totally defeats the purpose of their being in the hunt at all.

    To hunt organizers, I have to say, PLEASE quality check the prizes offered. PLEASE make sure the stores involved have something in common. Don’t keep doing these 500 stop behemoths… If I can’t get it all done in my spare time, it takes away the sense of accomplishment I get when finishing a hunt and I just don’t want to bother with it. Invitation only or by application only niche hunts are the best way forward, in my opinion.

  7. YES! Enough with the hunts! I definitely do the cherry picking method because there’s just so much. I won’t do them unless there’s something really unique about the hunt, I just hit the freebie blogs and pick and choose what I like, if it’s even covered. Many of the freebie blogs have also succumbed to the overwhelming crush of hunts so there’s not many where you can find item pictures anymore. Also the designers aren’t helping the situation being mean about shrinking the hunt objects and putting up decoys and hiding them in ridiculous places, all to find out it’s a badly done system T-shirt with a store logo.

  8. newlandsjournal Says:

    Late to the parade, but I’d just like to add a comment as both a hunter and a designer. I used to love hunts, and I’ve found many incredible stores that way. But I think I started to burn out last October when I realized I didn’t even have time to look at the prizes I found, let alone find them. The only one I’ve done lately is the Steam Hunt, though I picked up Twisted Hunt prizes when I happened to encounter them.

    At this point landing at a store with a wall full of hunt posters really and truly puts me off that store. It does NOT make a good impression. It’s a negative. But that’s just me.

    That said, I still love sim hunts on sims where I love to shop, especially if they have cute themes.

    As a designer, I pretty much quit applying to grid hunts after my June hunts finished. I’m in one October hunt and considering a December hunt, but I’ve become extremely picky. Yes, the exposure can be nice, but my creating time is very limited. If I spend it all making hunt prizes – and I put as much work into them as my regular products – then there will be nothing much for people to buy, should they be so inclined, when the hunts bring them to my store. It’s a matter of weighing the return on investment for my time. My role models did not build their businesses this way.

  9. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Thanks all of you for your input. It’s nice to hear other thoughts on hunts & know I’m not alone in mine either.

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