Habbo’s Twilight Pale vs SL’s Rich Bloodlines

The Cast of Twilight

The Cast of Twilight

The Internet has been buzzing this past week with the announcement that the hit TV turned feature film saga Twilight is coming to the 3D world of Habbo.  Summit Entertainment is pulling out all the stops to promote their Twilight Franchise not only on Habbo, but on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and even the iTunes store.

A Burning Hunger

A Burning Hunger

Vampire stories are supposed to be textured in rich dark velvety tones and at least a minimal nod to the gothic antiquity of their “bloodlines.”   Recreating this feeling in the Lego-people environment of Habbo is a FAIL.

The Avatars of Habbo are about as visually interesting and “dark” as a Precious Moments figurine. Even young children know the difference between this “Lego-Land” and the high quality digital characters (Avatars) of their favorite video games.

Habbo Vampires

Habbo Vampires

By the time they are old enough to appreciate the Twilight story, their aesthetic tastes are 15 years beyond the primitive early 80’s video game like interface of Habbo.

If you’re over 18 and want to hang out with some “real” vampires avatars, you need to check out Second Life .   Here you will find a diverse and beautifully rendered collection of vampire communities to wet your darker appetites.

Crimson Shadow by Winter Jefferson

Crimson Shadow by Winter Jefferson

Be a vampire, vampire hunter or familiar, choose your appearance, clothing and even wings.  Entertain, dance, socialize, “hunt” and even fly with others of your bloodline. You can even make your avatar look like your favorite Twilight character or buy/build recreations of where they live!

The extremely popular Bloodlines Vampire and Lycan Role Playing System in Second Life has thousands of dedicated players and includes a full line of products, designed to help you build and Role Play in a Vampire or Lycan world of your own creation.

If you are new to the SL world of Vampires, you may want to check out some of the following links to get your started.

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** You must either have Second Life installed or install it to visit these locations.

The bottom line: www.secondlife.com is the place for “real” Vampire / Twilight fun. By comparison, Habbo “sucks!”


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  1. They are so damn cute you want to pick them up and squeeze them which I suppose is the problem.

    You can’t put the genie back in the bottle however. The only males I saw when I went to see Twilight were boyfriends dragged and parents with daughters in tow. The film is just marketed to the people who might like cute little bloodsuckers and want Sharkboy to stay.

    Robert Patterson is a very comforting vampire. I might let him bite me. If my town is headed into 30 days of darkness on the other hand, those dudes scare the hell out of me.

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