You Aren’t Nearly As Amazing As I am, or Look I Blogged and It’s Super Special!

I spend a lot of time walking through life feeling slightly superior to you, and you, and that guy in the corner and the girl reading the paper. I think I’m pretty special, and I realized that many people in Second Life think they are too.

We all seem to have an inflated sense of self, because everything about Second Life screams look at me! Look at what a pretty picture I made. Look at what a great blog post I wrote! Look at my pretty avatar! Look, I’m a model! Look I’m a famous clothes designer! Hey, look at the pretty pixel hair I made! Well, you all get the point. You are all quite intelligent and witty, right?

And most of you will try to deny it, but you fit in there somewhere. The entire premise of Second Life is to indulge your every idealized desire.

Honestly, it’s not just a problem in the virtual world. Like many concepts that seem to affect the Second Life population, this narcissistic attitude is a world wide phenomenon.

Our inflated sense of self is affecting our ability to form strong bonds and emotionally healthy relationships. We feel that we are too good for many people, so we don’t even try to get to know them. We also lash out quickly if we are criticized or might secretly suspect that someone could possible be slightly superior to us. Though rarely do we ever really think anyone is actually better than we are. How could they possibly be?

We can blame society and the rise of self esteem focused learning. We were praised for our individuality, and our parents were encouraged to praise mediocrity. Of course our parents were slightly narcissistic also, because they secretly thought that their little munchkin was such so amazing that his only worry in life would be choosing between being a world famous super model and a the leader of the free world.

So my question is how do we reverse the trend?

We can’t change the world, but we can possibly change our little corner of the virtual world.

We could start with not automatically just handing out over the top praise to anyone and everyone that attempts anything. It just overly inflates egos unnecessarily and cheapens the impact when we truly mean it.

As hurtful as rejection and criticism can be, I’ve found it very useful. It brings me down a notch. Reminds me that there are people out there that don’t think I’m that amazing. Sometimes we all need to hear that. As long as we are open enough to see it as an opportunity to grow and reevaluate ourselves.

Perhaps we need to step back and think in the long run what really sets me apart from anyone else?  Most of us may find we are way more flawed than we thought.

I know I have been brought back down to reality quite a few times in the last few weeks. I am feeling quite average, and oddly satisfied.


6 Responses to “You Aren’t Nearly As Amazing As I am, or Look I Blogged and It’s Super Special!”

  1. Awesome post….

    Oh wait. :runs off to think of something constructive to say:

    I’ve got nothing. Cause I agree with it as is.

  2. hawksrock Says:

    I was hanging with you for a while there, until you switched to Spanish… then I sorta lost it. :p Feel free to swap flaws anytime, although I dare you to say it 5 times super fast.

  3. Hi, my Name is Lizzie (Hi Lizzie) and yes I am an attention whore.

  4. Nieve Thor Says:

    Is having a blog but never advertise it or add in any sort of SL-realted feeds counts as “attention-seeking”? I think I my style haven’t reach fashionista or fashion-blogger level yet *blush*

  5. Jarl Soderstrom Says:

    I would reply but it would be beneath me to converse with people such as you! :op

  6. And in the end we are all ordinary people with ordinary lives.

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