Thank You Ever So Much For Letting Me Know. Again.

[10.30] Random Avatar: THIS IS NOT A HOAX! An avatar called Ivor Biggun is distributing a prim/HUD/freenis to random avatars which when you wear it will STEAL ALL YOUR LINDENS!!!!!!11111ELEVEN. It will also STEAL YOUR INVENTORY!!!!!!1 And it’ll copy your avatar!!!!! And it’ll spread itself through your ENTIRE FRIENDLIST!!! And then it’ll download itself onto computer and STEAL UR CREDIT CARD!!!!! And then it’ll control ur computer and make it do all evil stuffs, and hack teh PENTAGON!!!!! And then the FEDS WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE and lock you away FOREVER!!!!! Pass this on to ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND GROUPS NAO!!!!!!1111ONE.

This should have died back in 2007.


6 Responses to “Thank You Ever So Much For Letting Me Know. Again.”

  1. Whispers Magic Says:

    Try 2004. geesh!

  2. lebellefacon Says:

    Just did a search in SL there is not a listing for Ivor Biggun. So either LL’s deleted it, or it was a hoax

  3. May I draw your attention to a blogpost by Gwyn ? And that is not a parody but I think that some people will think it is. 😦

  4. Shockwave Says:

    Ivor Biggun is the well known alt of Biggus Dickus

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