What Does Your Profile Say About You?


Today I asked a question on plurk –

JellyBean™ asks

do you read profiles? do you judge people or make assumptions by what the profile says?

A lot of plurkers replied, more than I had thought would & a discussion took place. Imagine that! I wonder how often people actually think about their profiles. I know I look at profiles regularly when I’m in world and sometimes when I’m not, but I’m bored. I guess until today I haven’t thought about my profile lately. I would hope that it would say just enough about me that a person reading it would feel comfortable enough to IM me and say “hello” but not too much that the person would think they have a firm grasp of the jumbled ball of stuffs that makes me – me. Cause honestly where is the mystery in that? Right?

The profile above was one I read last night from a guy I saw standing at KMADD with no shirt, jeans, bare feet & piercings all over. Aside from the pic, that I find to be “over-share”, I honestly feel he would be an occassionally fun guy to hang with. Really. In all actuality if I had my way, I’d collect gay men like pokemon. I wanna catch them all and be best friends forever.

This isn’t a blog post as much as it is a discussion…
  • How often do you update your profile?
  • Would you consider your profile to be funny, informative, business like, friendly, blank, boring, sexy…?
  • What would you hope others get out of your profile?
  • Do you read others profiles?
  • Do you make assumptions or judgments on what you read there?
Please leave your answers in comments or do a blog post… if you post, please link back, I’d love to read what you all think.

8 Responses to “What Does Your Profile Say About You?”

  1. I update my profile rather sporadically, I’d hazard a guess of 6 times a year. I do own a business in SL but I do consider profiles to be an important part of an avatar’s identity so I try to include a bit of my personality but tone it down so I can come across as professional as possible. I’m an avid profile perver. I do tend to judge others based on their profile and 9 times out of 10, my assumptions are correct.

  2. Britnee Says:

    What was the point of censoring his penis area? Anywayssss *accent on the s* here’s my profile. Read it, Learn it, Love it!


  3. Oscar Page Says:

    You know I get a lot of people that love the quotes on my Profile and actually IM me because of them. I think they just reflect my views of SecondLife and simply overall. Occasionally I’ll judge based upon profiles if it’s way over-share, but I don’t check them as much as I used to. There are so many alts, you don’t know who’s who or who’s putting on a fantastic mask of who they really are. Maybe I just stopped caring because after 4 1/2 years in SL, you can usually sniff out the alts & liars after a short conversation.

  4. Theodore Nacht Says:

    “In all actuality if I had my way, I’d collect gay men like pokemon. I wanna catch them all and be best friends forever.”

    That made me lawl. Fruit flies are love.

    My profile is almost entirely about my husband because when people read it, I want their first impression to be of my fierce devotion to him. I don’t want anyone who checks my profile to have a question in their mind that I’m happily taken. As for other people’s profiles, I check if a person for whatever reason piques my interest. If I like their clothes or what they’re saying or whatever, I’ll check their profile for more about them. I do judge people based on their profiles… Isn’t that what they’re for? To give people something on which to base their initial opinion of you? My opinion will certainly change as I get to know the person better, but how they express themselves in their profile is going to stick with me for a long time.

  5. Zany Koenkamp Says:

    Hi ..well I update my profile quite a lot. In picks..I regularly change them..bcos i do have very many friends (as most of us do)..so periodically I rotate my picks.
    Nope I do NoT judge ppl on their profile..some of my dear friends have hmm odd (so to say) profiles.. Never would I judge them.
    We are all diverse and that’s great!

    It makes us who we are. How boring it would be to all have a mundane profile.

    ATM my profile’s totally bleak and empty..I do that as well…(have my reasons)

    Variety is spicy!

    Sure I .as we all do..get *that first opinion of *someone ..in reference to their profile..but! judge them? NOPE Never!

    Have a great 2nd. Life:)


  6. hawksrock Says:

    I rarely if ever check a profile just based on seeing someone, unless they generate a total wtf moment. But I will say that if someone seems interesting during a random conversation, then usually checking the profile is the second step in the equation. I do use that info to decide if they seem interesting enough to make an effort to get to know or not. I also can use that first look to eliminate all the complete crazies.

    Then once I know the person, I honestly never look at their profile again. I feel like I know them, so why would I need to see their latest little get a glimpse at me marketing plan? Ironically I think people will get frustrated when I miss a “significant” update, but I kinda figure if it is significant we will probably talk about it right? I suppose that my approach applies to my own profile, because I rarely if ever update it.

  7. Checking the profile is one of the first things I do when meeting a new person in SL, besides “Right click>More>Inspect” to see where they got what they’re wearing.

    I update my profile a few times a year. I need to update the profile pic since I changed my avatar a tad even if the face is mostly the same

  8. Two kinds of profiles: I look at creator profiles quite often to find their store tp.

    For creators: Yes, I look and this is what I want:
    First Tab:
    Store owner of ACME Design
    Preferred contact method.
    and then whatever you want..
    Second Tab: your store blog
    Picks Tab:
    FIRST PICK: Main Store
    Second Pick: Customer Service Info/Policies
    3-8: Now you can rave about how much you adore your partner.

    For Non store owners – generally only if someone piques my interest or makes me go who the fuck is that?
    don’t describe your character. We all think we are fun-loving, interesting and wonderful people who will bring sweetness and light to all those who meet us. Tell us what you like to do….surfing, dancing, shopping? What are your interests, that says something about you – don’t say you don’t like drama because we all know what that means.

    Please don’t go on and on and on about how much you worship and adore TheLoveofYourLife – one pick should be enough or you’re protesting too much. Make your picks actually interesting places you like as well as highlighting a couple friends/loves. No porn pics, please.

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