I can dream, it’s a simple thing – I’m building a time machine…

Okay so not really, I couldn’t build my way out of a paper bag. I don’t enjoy it, and  I don’t feel inspired nor motivated to try beyond a box to take pics in. Even then, my box doesn’t look like a box. It’s quite sad really.

Most people are quite familiar with the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.” This statement suggests that people who have failed or would be failures in the world outside of academia end up as teachers. Well I’m not sure about all that either, sooooo I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m semi-materialistic superficial-esque and I’m pretty much okay with that! I’d also like to suggest a new saying, “Those who can’t do, SHOP.”

Now with that being said… An old SL friend of mine, Adec Alexandria told me of OpenLife. He loves OL and passed his enthusiasm on to me enough that I decided to download it & log in.  Talk about going back in time. I felt like I was back in SecondLife circa 2004. Awww the days of my SL youth. The main selling point is the land aspect.


Private Region

-256×256 (65,536m2)

– Up to 45,000prims

Setup Per Region: $75 Monthly Renewel: $75 /(35,000 credits)

Versus SecondLife:

-65,536 square meters

-Island Set Up Fee Price: $1,000.00 Island Maintenance Fees – Six Month Billing Price: $1,770.00

(A monthly charge of US$295 per month in land fees)

-The prim allowance for a Private Region is the same as any other Region: 15,000

Can that possibly be right? How on earth can LL charge that freaking much? (Please correct me if I have the wrong LL info here) I couldn’t do it but I know a lot of people do. I could go on & on about why I could never justify that sorta cost on virtual reality for myself but that’s not what this post is about…

I’d like to sell you on OL Opportunity instead. I’m not asking you to leave your safe haven of SL, but if you are a content creator (specifically hair (w/pink textures), shoes, clothes, stuffs I needs, etc) please consider sharing your art & creation with the refugees of OL. It’s a tough start for us shoppers with very very very few stores & huge open spaces.

I hope to see a new world bloom within OL… but without creators, I cannot shop & create that world for myself. And ummm hello? Colleen can I get some Loft furniture please? So here is my shopping list…

  • SKIN! OL comes with your basic Eloh skin base options, but I need a better tan.
  • SHOES! I have no freaking shoes and I *need* them!
  • A prim skirt or 30… flexi please and in earthy tones.
  • Moar prim hair! This (pictured above) is all I freaking have! I need OPTIONS!
  • Nice quality sculpted pre-fab furniture & poses! Poses that work!!! (O Hai Luth)
  • Speaking of poses… I need an AO up in this joint!
  • Zyngo would be nice too but I don’t wanna push it.

If your computer is fairly decent you could be logged into both worlds at once! Amazing! Just imagine the multitasking you could accomplish. Think of the poorly fashioned and needy residents of OL that need your support. For only a creation a day you could reach out to such residents & teach them to shop, buy your things & put smiles on faces across the grid. Please come visit OL and make your mark on a world that is starving for mateiral things. We need you & I know deep down, you know you need us too!

Oh and I’m JellyBean Gunawan there so call me heyyyyyy!

OpenLife site


14 Responses to “I can dream, it’s a simple thing – I’m building a time machine…”

  1. Britnee Says:

    I’m so Excited !!!

  2. Yay! Nice post… can we add some dance anims to the shopping list.. bits’n’bobs, animazoo, either will do.. getting tired of all the freebie full perm dances from the land with the hand..

    (oh and I need my so:real trainers from SL please too if the creator is reading this.. or my fnky trainers, eiher or..)

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Haha Yes! I totally forgot about dances! Let’s include Sine Wave’s Dance Pole too! Wooooo! Gotta keep Hawks entertained & interested there somehow. LOL

  4. But many people dont really “play” SL, they’re here to make $. No people no content = no shoppers = no income. The cheaper tier in OL would cost me more than in SL right now, at least I can cover all my tier costs here.

    • ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

      Good point Gogo… however I’m not requesting everyone buy a sim, but rather open a store in OL. You don’t even have to “play” OL. I believe you could pull your creations over (in your case… shapes for example, I feel would be fairly easy to pull over), find other creators & open a mall possibly. Point is you could be making money (mayhaps not tons but some) and rarely have to log in there and in turn you’d be offering those of us that do “play” there more options as consumers than we have now.

  5. Is there an economy there yet? I had a look around a while back and would be happy to move some stuff across, but at that time the perms system wasn’t fully functional and there was no economy, so it didn’t feel “safe”. When it is, I’m there, with bells on (so to speak).

  6. I went to their forums because if memory serves me correctly (and we all know it doesn’t most of the time), OL is still very beta with all sorts of issues that make building hard at times. I had to resign up because I lost my Misty Harley password (but now I’m a Misty Dix there!) and it appears it hasn’t changed all too much. I commend those who ARE there, pioneering away even if sometimes they feel like throwing in the towel out of annoyances due to Beta part. I don’t think I would have the patience to bring anything other then tat/skin/remake shapes or (landscaping) textures there for others to build with. I get annoyed to quickly. If you think that is something others would want, even though I’m certaintly not the best texturorororor landscaper in SL…I would be happy to pull them in.

  7. skinkie, the economy has existed for a few months, with people able to purchase Credits (as oppose Lindens) through paypal. The function is automatic upto the final stage at the moment where 3DX monitor and add the credits to the Avatars account. They have been monitoring a while to ensure all works ok, and then will make it fully automatic.

    Perm work, and there are already malls (OLX, Kings Island, Candy) where people are selling items. Various other shops around too, and DCNY have a sim/shop open as well.

    Misty, it is beta, but I’m having no problems building (45k prims, 0.001m to 128m in size, hollow upto 99%, transparency upto 100%) at the moment. I think I have just adapted. No shift dragging around prims and taking to inv as a ‘cluster’ – needs to be linked first, otherwise your inv will be full of prims.. people mention issues when deleting a prim in a linkset, but i always unlink, delete, shift drag around and relink… oh and prims still link if they are 128m apart, which kinda helps..

    Script engine is improving, but its still really a NO NO to just copy paste scripts from SL. You’ll probably crash the engine on the sim. Most of the best scriptors in OL have rewritten / created the code in OL to be script engine friendly..

    ..but OL is improving all the time, theres a big server update going on at the moment, normality should resume on Wednesday.. although 50% of the sims are now up.. Gravitys Rainbow is…

  8. I applaud you Adec. I was reading forums and although it appears there are still some issues, possibly even invidualized…it’s just not my cup of tea yet. I’m by no means a frontier woman 😦 Sure wish I was, but just not my style. Eventually all of you great frontier people who have the patience to re-do it all will get it to the point where us patience-less people can come in and help boost the economy. Until then, if anyone sees my plants in L-land and wants to the textures to go to OL, just give me a shout. I’ll make it work somehow.

  9. Chez Nabob Says:

    Just my opinion as a long-time content creator and as someone who also has lots of content creator friends, but many of these non-LL worlds are viewed as a real wild west kind of atmosphere when it comes to creators moving content to them and setting up shop.

    The feeling for many of us is that if LL, can’t (or won’t) help us better protect and defend our IP rights with improved permissions systems and policy changes that allow for a smoother, more effective DMCA process, what will a non-LL environment be like when it has even less resources to devote to this effort?

    I’m sure some of this blog’s readers are familiar with this story from last year… http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2008/12/sl-legend-simone-locked-out-of-legend-city-online.html … in which Simone Stern was locked out of Legend City after having set up her stores on two sims.

    Those kinds of things scare the hell out of creators. It’s hard enough defending ourselves in SL, much less a fledgling environment like OpenLife.

    If one of these open systems wants to attract creators by the boatload, they should come out with a strong IP rights policy that allows creators to better defend their IP rights against copybotters and scammers who poach content. Then back up that policy by actually following through on enforcing it. Creators would beat a path to their door.

    Please understand this is not an indictment of OpenLife. I’m just saying there is very much a “wait and see” attitude among a lot of creators before they jump in with both feet.

  10. […] Continued here:  I can dream, it’s a simple thing – I’m building a time machine… […]

  11. Completely agree with you their Chez, and whilst 3DX set out a strong position at the beginning against content theft, theres nothing on the website as such to instill confidence for creators to come..

    One of the reasons Second Inventory is locked out of OL atm is because it changed the creaters name to the uploaders name on umm upload.. So this has been blocked until SI is upgraded. I guess if you copybot something in SL though, the creaters name becomes yours anyway ? So people would still get around it.

    Locking down the world to the Official 3DX Viewer (Kirsten Lee viewer, who now works for 3DX) is hopefully a way forward to prevent inworld content theft.

    Interestingly at the moment, a lot of people reported one person who was selling two items of clothing that could be matched to SL. 3DX seem to be investigating, I’ll let you know the outcome after the grid update when they have had time to do something about the person..

    • http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/trust-revisited-content-creation-theft-and-open-source-grids/
      This is a quote from the above link.
      “Gos contacted the owner of the OpenLife grid, Sakai OpenLife. He has yet to receive any response.

      I was able to speak to Sakai, and express my concerns. He was a little unhappy to be contacted directly, and very clear in seeing it as a private dispute between a content creator and a client which he, Sakai,and OpenLife had no role in. When I pointed out that Gos was prepared to file a DMCA for a clear violation of intellectual property rights, he suggested that this would reflect badly on the content creator – an attitude which, I am afraid, I found quite breathtakingly naive.” by Primperfect

      To me that is not a strong position on content theft.

      They can’t even get verification codes to some new members,(me being one of them) and its a bit of a hit and miss if your email goes through or even gets a reply. So what hope is there of them protecting IP rights of content creators. What I have seen of their mod and customer care is poor at best.

      As for the comment

      ” find other creators & open a mall possibly. Point is you could be making money (mayhaps not tons but some) and rarely have to log in there and in turn you’d be offering those of us that do “play” there more options as consumers than we have now.”

      As yet there is no cash out. So if you do ever make enough credits to cash out you can’t, even though it has been talked about since March 2009 when credits first came . Another thing to think about if you are planning on trying to earn a little money, is Sakai has made it clear that you will have to be a sim owner to be allowed to cash out.

      For me there is far to much bad press around this grid (no smoke without fire kind of thing) to trust it with my creations.

      Good luck Jellybean in OL, if your still there 🙂

  12. Wild West gear would be fine!! 😀 I refuse to spend more time in OL until I can be outfitted in the type of couture I’ve become accustomed to *crosses arms and snubs nose*

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