Free Australia!?

Australia Censored

Australia Censored

Australia’s proposed ban of Second Life and other similar sites sets a dangerous precedent that should strike fear into the hearts of free people everywhere.  A “free” country that has a “Minister for Censorship!?”  This is something we might expect from China, North Korea or Iran, but Australia!?  The Nazis would be so proud!

Those who call themselves “Christians” or “Moral,” might see this as a “victory” over “evil.”  But for them, as well as all who applaud this travesty of freedom I will quote Benjamin Franklin, who said:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

It appears the people of Australia are still prisoners, exiled as were their forefathers and permitted only the

1984 or 2009?

1984 or 2009?

“freedoms” their masters deem fit.  It will be interesting to see if they accept this Orwellian destiny or rise up and demand the freedoms so many of them have given their blood to defend around the world.

As for Second Life (SL) and its “danger” as a source of adult content; SL is no more or less dangerous than the rest of the Internet.  Those who wish to can find virtually anything they want on the Internet, good, bad or indifferent.

It should be up to adults and parents, not a “Nanny State,” to take the steps necessary to limit exposure to content they deem inappropriate for themselves or their children.  This can be done at the individual PC or user level.

By banning access to Second Life, the Australian government will not only be cutting off access to “adult” content, but also art, music, education and collaboration opportunities that have the potential to enlighten, inspire and improve the lives of its citizens, young and old alike.  If the government of Australia succeeds in censoring SL from their citizens, those of us who work, learn and yes “play” in Second Life will miss the tremendous spirit and contributions our Australian brothers and sisters make to SL everyday.

May Liberty Prevail!

May Liberty Prevail!

I close with a quote from another of our (American) Founding Fathers, that I hope will be taken to heart by all those who love freedom in Australia and around the world:

“”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson


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  1. This actually is done? They’ve kicked out our Australians?

  2. No, it’s still just a proposal. A more dangerous proposal than it first appears, however:

  3. What will happen to Paisley Beebe and her show and gigs inworld?!?! Those legislators are clueless as to what REALLY goes on in SL…it’s a shame they even made a proposal over it. I hope that doesn’t pass.

  4. I doubt this will pass and it if is decided it will take time to be implemented and again if it is implemented people can oppose it.
    This is not like tobacco tax or drugs it is about personal freedom I do not think it will pass – the guy is an idiot that cooked up this. I think he lives in a jar.

  5. I truly hope this proposal doesn’t pass…

  6. The problem with this kind of “idiot” is that they rise to power… and they don’t do it alone.

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  8. Gooden Uggla Says:

    Suddenly the rush to implement Zindra makes sense…. Instead of allowing internal Aussie politics to mobilize voters to stop this insane censorship from happening, M has decided to inconvienence a large portion of residents to placate the larger Aus clients in SL. To helol with everyone, as long as Big Pond stays on the grid, right?

    Austrailians who allow this to happen just plain make me sick. If they allow this to happen, they’ll deserve the eventual dictatorship that they acquire.

    As for M, who continues to prove how he helped pilot AOL out of business, he’s following the fallacy of “appealing to future customers” by ignoring his present customers’ wishes. And driviing our beloved SL into the ground.

  9. ummm Gooden, its all a beat up, and really there are only about 15 thousand Aussies in SL one of the smallest populations from any wealthy country in SL, I hardly think M gives us any consideration at all, he would be better to placate the Americans or Germans or Brazillions who have huge populations here. We are “small fry” by comparison, and despite being a pretty friendly and visible population hardly worth the bother to have created Zindra.
    Just read the original article, its only a supposition based on some pretty flimsy legislation that hasn’t been really thought out…won’t happen, and if it did it would last about a few days before the people in charge get a severe kick up the bum for their idiocy! and would have to reverse the decision. They might as well try banning Face book or Twitter or My space.

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  11. All Aussies should take the opportunity to say no, even if you think it’ll never happen, best to be sure. Our Internet access to a whole number of sites is at risk and we don’t even get to know what they are. It’s unlikely that SL and WOW will be blocked… for now as they are only targetting websites – but it does mean you may not get to the SL website to administer your account.


    “EFA has repeatedly warned that, regardless of its intial scope and intentions, any government-controlled blacklisting scheme will expand in time. It’s simply impossible to imagine this and future governments resisting the temptation to add content to the list when politically expedient or in response to powerful lobbies. Even if the blacklist was just targeted at child abuse material, it would soon expand to include hate speech, violent games, copyright violation, incitements to crime, adult pornography, and any other political panic of the day.

    So far, however, the blacklisting scheme only applies to web sites. This means that online games such as World of Warcraft or Second Life would continue to work – only web sites making them available would be banned. Due to the limitations of filtering technology, you will be able to circumvent the filters and get to those, too. EFA will show you how – as long as the Government does not criminalize such circumvention.”

    EFA is Electronic Frontier Australia and most countries have an equivalent to the EFA or EFF (Electronic Frontiers Foundation).

    You can protest the censorship of the Internet and of online games at: (EFA campaign website) (Get UP Australia campaigns) (EFA campaign website)

    The best source for reliable information is the EFA

  12. PS: I am against the censoring of our Internet full stop. Censorship doesn’t sole problems. I am not FOR the introduction of adult regions in SL. I am against that as it forces people to have their actual identity stored in a database with full details and thus is an infrigement on their right to privacy (just because you are not doing anything wrong doesn’t mean that you AREN’T entitled to privacy). I don’t think the Average Australian Second Lifer is pushing for Zindra, I think that you are confusing issues Gooden.

  13. You made some good parts here. I searched for the theme and found many persons who agree with you.

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