Hawks gets his FASH-ON with new hair from Bryce Designs

Trivia question… so when has Hawks ever done a fashion review of clothing or hair??

Answer… Never, unless you count the machinima I did to show off an umbrella for the Style Throwdown Challenge against Express Zenovka.

So I was a little bit surprised when I found out that I had received hair samples from one of my plurk friends, Bryce Tully of the bald is beautiful line of hair designers. A little more digging, and I found out that I had been volunteered by none other than Miss Madison who thought I should give it a go. Well I am always willing to try new things, and I thought why not throw some pics have Jell help throw some pics together and see if I can pull off the fashion diva lifestyle for a day.

My approach was the following: throw on the hair and then dress up based on what inspiration I felt when seeing the hair.

Overall I was given 5 styles to review, 3 of the styles will fit immediately into the Hawks collection of styles that I cycle through, one style I can use for machinima projects, and the other style I probably will not wear. Obviously tastes vary by person, different strokes for different folks, but hey I am the one writing this review at the moment.

Let’s start with the ones I would actually wear:

This first style Holmes is something very Hawklike. I didn’t even have to change clothes, and it fit right in.

The second style I really enjoyed (once I got past seeing myself looking like Chestnut Rau – who I believe rocks this style of hairdo very well on her female avatar.) To me it is something I would throw on if I was wanting something a little cleaner and more dressed up.

The third style that goes into my wearable folder is one that immediately made me think of windswept beaches and surfing the big waves.

This next style is one that I had a little trouble finding something in my inventory to wear that fit the image in my head. I actually like the style, I just do not normally wear something warm weather like this because it makes the RL Hawks feel hot – psychosomatic I know, but still a factor for me. One cool thing is that the hat has a scripted feature that lets you cycle through various color and textured patterns.

The last style is one that immediately made me think 70’s porn star.   Yeah, I’m a porn star baby!

All of these styles can be found from Bryce Designs at his tent at the Hair Fair Expo, or you can visit his mainstore here for demos.


3 Responses to “Hawks gets his FASH-ON with new hair from Bryce Designs”

  1. hahahhaha…..yeah. Bryce makes cool hair and you rocked it Hawks.

  2. Of course now you have me thinking I need to take a new profile pic with long flowy Trrruuuff hair or some such crazy thing

  3. hawksrock Says:

    Oh hell no Chestnut!! You look remarkable in short hair… and I didn’t mean it as a slight at all, but a compliment. I just identify you with that type of hair style, so it was the first thing I thought of when I put it on… If EVERYBODY took a pic in Truth hair, just think what a boring SL that would be… not to mention he would get an even bigger ego. 😉

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