Life by Xcite!

Do you ever wake up and feel like your life is totally scripted, and you are just the actor hired to play the role? I do on occasion. I have decided that rather than try to fight it, I am going to hire better writers. Who more fitting than the wonderful Xcite! staff to script my life?

Today’s installment: Hawk’s vacuums the rug

Hawksrock looks down his looooong hose focusing on the business at hand.

Hawksrock slides his fingers down the shaft trying to find the magic button to bring it to life.

Hawksrock tenses slightly as his hose roars to life in his hand.

Hawksrock plunges his hose deep into the rug feeling the suction as the tip of his hose goes deep into the fibers of the rug.

Dirrty rug whispers:  I am shocked by the size of your hose, although I shiver with the anticipation of it.

Hawksrock works his hose back and forth covering every inch of the rug leaving no corner untouched.

Dirrty rug whispers:  I love the way you tease me, sucking every piece of lint from my fiber.

Hawksrock pulls back hard on his hose as it appears to be stuck to the rug.

Dirrty rug whispers:  I am beginning to be clean, ohhh so very clean.  Don’t stop!!

Hawksrock places his foot firmly against the rug trying to hold it down and pin it in place as the rug latches onto his hose.

Dirrty rug whispers:  I am feeling clean again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.  Don’t let me go you dirrty hose.

Hawksrock pulls back harder, catching his breath as his hose releases the rug.

Hawksrock smooths out the rug running his hands lightly over the creases.

Hawksrock puts the hose and vacuum up for another day.

In case you missed the first installment of Life by Xcite!  You can find where Hawks does the dirrty dishes here.


6 Responses to “Life by Xcite!”

  1. adricantfarm Says:

    Hawk is a dirty dirty boy.

  2. I want one of those vacuum cleaners! 🙂

  3. Mistletoe Says:

    I’m with Honour on this one! LMAO

  4. skinkie Says:

    Hmmm, is this some evil plan to get us off the computer and doing housework? If so… gawd… mmm….. a bit higher…. yes, there…yes, yes…. oh sorry guys, was just vacuuming up the cobwebs 😉

    *lights a cigarette*

  5. o m g! died laughing at this one! keep it up 😉

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