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I think anybody above the age of 25 has some sort of brush with cancer story they can share.   Unfortunately, although many advancements have been made in the detection and treatment of cancer, it is still an incredibly devastating disease that can strike at any of your loved ones at any point in time.  For me personally, I have now lost 3 of my 4 grandparents to lung cancer.   They all smoked, and they all died painful deaths tripped out on morphine after a long painful battle with lung cancer.   Despite whatever your personal inclinations are, I have to say that if you had lived through seeing what the three of them went through, you would not be a smoker.   I don’t wish that on anyone, and even though it is an addiction, it is still a personal choice which you have the ability to change.  *steps down off his soapbox*   My surviving Grandma, and one of the closest people in my life has survived both colon and breast cancer in her lifetime.   She is an amazing story of survival and not ever wanting to give up on living her life (even at her current age of 88.)  Without advancements in medicine, research, and treatment my Grandma would not still be with us today.

This background is what brings me to write this post today asking for your support to help make Paint SL Purple a huge event on June 1st.   Many vendors have set up items for sale with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Relay for Life.   Helping to fund research, prevention programs, and education are the most effective battle we can wage against this disease on a global scale.   One of the great designers who are supporting this cause is Gala Phoenix with a gorgeous purple skin which Jell is modeling for you today.  It is absolutely gorgeous on her, but would look a little silly on me.

This skin is available at her Curio shop for an even 1,000L’s with all the proceeds going to benefit RFL.   Quit smoking, eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, lose some weight, get some exercise, wear your sunscreen, get all your checkups each year, and by all means go out and continue to support great organizations like RFL.    Your grandkids will appreciate it.


3 Responses to “RFL Paint Yourself Purple – skin by Gala”

  1. Wilma Delgado Says:

    YAY! Thank you and give your grandma a hug from a fellow breast cancer survivor!!

  2. That is probably on of the most beautiful posts I have read re: this subject. And yes, I am a smoker. Might I add, an embarrassed one who continously fails at quiting and is even embarrassed of that. Lost two grandfathers and an aunt to it myself and it’s hard. Thank you for writing this Hawkes.

  3. babsloring Says:

    My mother lost her 3 1/2 year battle with breast cancer less than a month ago, we lost my father 3 years ago to cancer, and my sister is a breast cancer survivor. I have done as much as I can to support RFL in SL, and I continue to do so IRL too. My parents exercised, ate healthy, got check ups, and still they were both stricken. I’m not saying that clean living won’t help, I’m just saying that it can happen to anyone, no matter what. Please, get check ups, and stay healthy. Quit smoking,… it’s not easy but it could save your life. I quit over 9 years ago, and although I am not the picture of health, I do my best.

    Hawkes, thank you for your beautifully written piece 🙂 I will be looking to purchase the purple skin myself.

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