The Lighter Side of SL: The Key Note

People have some serious anger issues this week, so here I am to bring you some freaking sunshine with a new segment here at the Rev – The Lighter Side of SL! *sports her sparkly smile*

Last week I was privileged to be invited to Karaoke night at the Key Note. This intimate little club (owned & operated by Cori Offcourse)  is home to karaoke, open mic, comedy, poetry, spoken word, book club and more. Since July of 2008, TKN has been doing what we all knew & hoped would happen since the introduction of voice. Cori started her baby, TKN hoping to help beginning acts in SL get their foot in the door. Cori says, “I know its nerve racking to get on stage, and I’ve tried a few other karaoke places that were big and kind of intimidating. I wanted something cozy and small where people would be comfortable.” She has definitely set out & accomplished that goal. The cozy atmosphere is exactly why I love TKN and even felt comfy enough to belt out a song or 3 of my own. I will admit Vodka was involved but hey we all get our courage somewhere.

If you’re wondering how it works, it’s simple. You just need to have voice enabled in SL. This isn’t just for those who want to sing their little hearts out but also if you plan on listening in. The whole event is handled through voice and text for those that are just spectating. Don’t have Karaoke tracks on your computer? No worries! Just play any song you have on your computer that you’d like to sing & viola you’re good to go!

Miike Mikoyan, a regular at TKN adds, “It’s totally laid back and just about fun.  If I can go from Ludacris to John Meyer to Zac Brown Band to WHAM, obviously entertainment is what we’re looking for. It’s totally just about fun.” Right now TKN only has the karaoke on schedule. Cori is working on getting a few book clubs started, and TKN always welcomes open mic acts, they just have to IM her and she’ll set it up.

The Key Note group is open enrollment… So look em up,  just click join and never miss out on the fun! Discover something new or get discovered!

Fridays & Sundays 7 – 9 PM SLT

But the door is always open! C’mon in, tp some friends and throw yourself an impromptu karaoke party!

Small, intimate atmosphere
150 listener stream available
Tip jar for performers
Fun games, cuddles and dance balls in the loft!
Win lindens at Trivia and Scramble!

You can also Follow Cori on plurk: here

Hope to see ya at the Key Note!

– JellyBean –


8 Responses to “The Lighter Side of SL: The Key Note”

  1. hawksrock Says:

    My advice to the peeps out there is that you come soon, because if it stays as much fun as it was this week, then the little intimate club is going to become a huge standing room only type event in the near future. We already packed the place this past Sunday with all our plurk friends. I don’t see it becoming less popular next week. 😉

    To all the sexy ladies out there with a man muffin though, just beware that Miike guy cuz he seems to have a penchant for landing the dudes. I mean he did have the Rev’s very own sexiest male avatar of the universe sitting on his lap for a special soulful treat. Karma… he HAZ it!

  2. yacinda001 Says:

    Sorry I missed it. I was one pissed MoFo but after reading this I’m back to my normal crazy self. Thanks Pewpie.

    PS Open Wide!!!

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    *I* know you were… It was definitely something in the water this week. I’m glad I was able to give you the sunshiney goodness that is a smile with this post. :p

  4. I went there a few times when there were supposed to have events, but the place was completely a ghost town so I left. There’s other place to go to for singing that have more people around and much more friendly.

  5. I love karaoke, and I’ve caught myself singing along in voice at couple of events. Dont’ worry I don’t do that anymore. I’d love to do karaoke in SL but I hate my voice.

  6. YAY! This is a great piece JB. I love the keynote. I dont do the whole “get up and sing thing” because… well… I dont want people to go deaf. I do love going and listening to the talents there! The people are super nice and it’s always a great time 🙂

  7. Hey this could be just the thing to get me back online…don’t say you weren’t warned!

  8. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Chestnut & I were tote discussing getting you there a few days ago. Haha! Hawks & I have decided to make it our regular Sunday night thing. So we won’t be there tonight cause we don’t wanna kill it 🙂

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