The Death of Debate


The number of SL blogs which will take a debate and blow it out into a dramafest is exponentially growing. The number of retarded people who have access to Plurk, Flickr, Twitter and Heaven knows what else is growing too, and as a result, the chance for a reasoned discussion is dead.

There used to be a time when somebody would make a point, and others would come along and agree/disagree without having to deal with personal attacks and vendettas, but again, the vocal minority of the Second Life community is showing itself to be against progress.

In recent months, we’ve seen several people singled out for abuse and attacks, and quite frankly, it is sickening. All it does is breed an atmosphere whereby people will simply not say anything at all. We’ll be left with an SL blogging community of hardliners who won’t dare to stray from the “norm”. We’ll have designers who won’t try to push new frontiers in case they become ridiculed for doing so. We’ll have people who simply won’t want to stand out from the crowd and say “This is me and this is what I do” because some batshit crazy will hit ‘New Entry’ on their blog, and suddenly the flock move in for the kill.

How about this, for a change – before you hit the ‘New Entry’ button, or before you type in that Plurk/Twitter, or before you click “Publish”, how about you think.

It’s not hard – just think.

Am I contributing to a discussion? By submitting this to the public domain, will I be benefiting a promotion for thought? By letting the world see what I have to say, will they take something of value from it?

Or will the primary objective of it be to deface someone? Will it simply serve to stir up a drama which there was never any need for? Have I even read the original post, or did I just read what I wanted to read? Do I have the mental capacity to be worthy of sharing my opinion, or am I just that stupid that I have no clue how to make an intelligent point, so I’ll just spit on somebody else to make myself popular?

Here’s another simple idea:

Learn to fucking blog.


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  1. Alexandra Daikon Says:

    Agree with you whole heartedly! I’ve stopped reading blogs or even going in SL for the most part because of the constant bickering, finger-pointing, etc etc. Thanks for putting it on the table Prad! Fantastic blog as always!

  2. viviannedraper Says:

    What a fucking hypocrite you are Prad.

    Out of all the ways you could have chosen to respond to me in that thread, what you chose was the most hate-filled vitriol you could come up with. I made a mistake in not reading the byline — nothing more. I’m not the only person, by the way, who thought you authored that given that Metaphysically was yours and yours alone until a short time before you decided you didn’t want to blog anymore (and yet, here you are).

    We know each other somewhat. You could have looked me up in world and said “hay Vivi what the fuck?” You could have pointed out that you didn’t appreciate the whining comment and you didn’t write that article anyway. In both instances I would have apologized, my bad, didn’t read the byline and that would have been the end of it. But instead you chose to take the most possible offense to a rather mild comment and lash out with both barrels blazzing.

    Not that I care. Its nice to see the real Prad behind the mask and it absolutely can be said now that you not only don’t mind stirring up drama — you revel in it.

    You might want to take your own advice up above.

  3. I see where you are coming from for sure.. but I don’t think reason is dead, nor the chance to have discussion. I stay hopeful.

    I think that most of the negative bullshit commenters to blogs have personal issues that manifest in allowing themselves to spew the smallest mean part of their minds in an anonymous way, -in a way that they never would in a rl face-to-face encounter.

    Thinking before you speak is fast becoming a lost habit, I fear. You don’t always have to be nice or overly politically correct, but there are better ways to have a say constructively that are purposely not chosen.

    Another good point is the ‘not reading the blog or the previous comments’ thing. I don’t think it is too much to ask, if one wants to have a say, to actually read and digest the information and feedback presented before replying.

    Infortunately I don’t think there is much that can be done about either of these points, given the mentality and learned habits of many who have grown up with an entitled ‘Internet lack of restraint’ attitude. I just try and remain rational, and lead by example. I admit at times to venting my spleen as well, but I guess we all have our limits.

    I do stay hopeful.

  4. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    Sorry, I stopped reading after you used the term “retarded”.

  5. viviannedraper Says:

    Oh Prad, you forgot to name my name and tell everyone that this was just another continuation of our comment war in this thread:

  6. Out of all the ways you choose to respond to Viv, this is the way you go about it?

    “The Death of Debate” indeed.

  7. “You’re so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you dont youuuuuuuuu…”

    Check your timestamps.. this entry went up before I even noticed your comment, Viv. And, no offence, but I don’t actually know who you are.. that’s probably my fault though. I suck with names.. I forget who my bar staff are half the time.

    Additionally, you’ll note that I was invited to defend myself as my name was used, unprovoked. If you didn’t want a reaction, then a blog comment which was vague and aimed at a larger group, as opposed to a single person would be less likely to get you into hot water. Which, you’ll note, is the point of my blog post here.

    But in the interest of drama free spirits, I’m happy to drop this nugget. All I’m seeing is a misread post followed by an over reaction upon over reaction, and this is where the cycle always starts.

  8. viviannedraper Says:

    Prad Prathivi Says:

    May 24, 2009 at 7:38 am
    a bunch of vitriol

    This entry was posted on May 24, 2009 at 8:07 am and is filed under SecondLife® with tags grow the fuck up. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

  9. I really don’t think Prad intended for this to be a response to Viv, or to anyone on a singular level. I’m pretty sure this was meant as a general response to the blogging community as a whole … a blanket post, if you will.

  10. Well, i’m not sure if you are promoting debate with this calling people “retarded” and other “nice” words.

    Also protesting about something like this (don’t get me wrong, you have the right to protest about whatever you want) in a blog like this, where some posts are about singling out and attacking an individual may be, someway, slightly cynical.

  11. Actually Prad, I was reading.

    “Prad Prathivi Says:
    May 24, 2009 at *********7:38 am*********


    If you’re going to make stupid dumbass comments which have to include my name in them, can you make them somewhere where I don’t have to read your tripe? For God’s sake, I can’t even see why your comment has even the remotest bit of relevance, other than to try.. no. I really don’t have a clue what the heck you’re on about.

    Maybe just keep your mouth shut unless you have something worth saying, eh?

    Oh, and learn the difference between “lose” and “loose” ffs.. it’s not *that* difficult.”

    That’s from the other entry on this blog. This post was apparently created at about 8am, according to The Rev.

    So… back-track much?

  12. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Jeepers! I read this post and could think of at least 6 bloggers that it applies to most recently, including myself. Too bad it’s gotten to the point that people read into things more harshly then they are or were intended and with closed minds these days.

    Great post Prad, seriously!

  13. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    May 24, 2009 at 11:39 am
    Sorry, I stopped reading after you used the term “retarded”.

    same here

  14. Kenji Roxley Says:

    I’m amazed at how fast certain small issues escalate into such large scale blog wars. And yet it seems to happen just about every couple of weeks. Thinking things through before hitting submit or even bothering to try to see things from the perspective of the person you’re about to rip into would really help. There’s no need for so much bitterness. It’s beginning to feel like high school. Why can’t we all just get along? Yeah, it might be a little boring…

    Nice post Prad.

  15. Mistletoe Says:

    Too many people fail to realize there’s a difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable.


    I don’t know if “retarded” was the wisest choice of wording there. Myself being a New Englandah, we say “retahded” on a somewhat regular basis in conversation; however, people tend to get very sensitive about the use of the term in a more widely-read forum. Myself I may have gone with “dumbass” instead. However, this is not my blog; it’s yours and you can say what you wish to say.

    Now really, was that so god damn difficult people?!

  16. LOL Prad but let me throw this out as an idea – Isn’t a blog a weblog? I didn’t know you had to learn to blog. I always interpreted that the writer defined the rules and style of their own blog and didn’t have to take a class. Hahaha. You know me – just being difficult.

  17. Oh i cant shut up – maybe Prad is saying dont freak out! Express you opinion as an intelligent, mature adult not like some 7th grader pissed off school. But hey I’ve done it too, oh wells.

  18. not so cool when you tell ppl to think twice before posting when you are calling some of them retarded =(
    so sorry…..

  19. Personally, having been on the recieving end of various darlings who did exactly as Prad said up there – “read what they wanted to read”, I can’t agree more with this post.

    Disagreement is a GOOD thing, it stimulates the mind and allows differing viewpoints to be considered. Without debate and different ideas, we’d all grow very staid very quickly. One thing this recent freebies thing has highlighted for me is that a lot of people don’t want to take the time to disagree, they’d rather go on the personal attack and abuse path, which leads to nothing good. If you come to me and say “Ziggy, i read your thoughts, and I don’t agree and here’s why…” that’s great, I’d love you to. If you come to me and say “Ziggy, you’re a dumb fat whore and I hope you die” (direct quote from an IM I got) then frankly I’m not going to be interested in your side of the story.

  20. My mom used to give me syrup of vitriol when I had a cough…it quieted that quickly.

  21. Noor Loam Says:

    Are you all retarded?! I mean seriously! One blog after the next, different title – same bullshit. Can you guys not become like bloody SCD?!
    I don’t know you Prad, aside from reading you, but this blog of course calls the drama bitches in AGAIN and argue about, the ” he said, she said” bollocks! Your blog is provoking and you know that, even if just expressing an opinion – it calls the clowns in, perhaps the same way they duck danced at the callie party. Power Dance of the words.
    Btw, callie I don’t know you neither, never been to your shop, and never will be, but you have to be one of the most annoying content creators out there. I see your mother teresa like virtual goodwill, scout cookie hatching replies everywhere.

    Do you actually have a life aside making inworld gear and replying to every blog there is, who will mention your name in it?! Log off sometimes, it is beautiful out there in the real world and quit being so bloody annoying with those fake peace making comments. The asskissery is about as stupid as can be.
    Yea, you got your little fan girls, yea your dresses appeal perhaps to the ” southern belle’s”, but just SHUT UP sometimes, will you?!
    And REV’s, can you please not turn into just another blog out there. It is becoming like the swine flue – everyone think he/ she has it!

    The Noor has spoken~

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