Don’t drink the kool-aid!!

I love caLLie cLine.   She is sort of like my personal idol at the moment.   Who else could take a group that has been leading public opinion against freebies, offer them freebies, lure them all to an isolated location, dress them up like clones, get them to dance around like ducks on acid, and then get a years worth of free publicity from it with everybody singing her praises.   I think this represents the best in megalomaniacal (I might have made that word up) marketing genius I have seen in a while.

I have no doubt that caLLie is a super nice sweet individual who wanted to do something for the blogging community.   I am proud to have her on my friends list, and am always curious when I get an IM rapidly followed by hahahahaha or “you know I was kidding right?”   I also am pretty sure that she knew that giving the people out there who talk directly to the consumers free stuff was going to score her some great coverage.   I do not think she expected there to be a caLLie cLine is the awesomest person in the universe day, but I do think she expected this gesture to gain some positive feedback, because I am of the opinion that whatever faults you wanna throw at caLLie she has proven time and again that she is a marketing genius.

I am however just a little bit shocked and dismayed at how quickly our band of fashion bloggers out there are ready to line up like ducks at the shooting gallery.   They realized that if they tried to express a little individuality and let’s say wore a red tank top (HEAVEN FORBID) that they would quickly be ejected from the sim, and miss out on the free loot.    CaLLie says dance, they dance like mofo’s.   The same can be said of the quick rapid rise of the blogging world to take up caLLie cLine is the supreme goddess of the fashion philanthropic association day, all because she took time to give em free stuff?   To my knowledge caLLie was pretty cool before this whole venture, but now that they scored loot she is EVERYWHERE!   Lord knows we wanna make sure this becomes an annual event, and maybe even other people will take up the cause of appreciating our band of hard working slap an outfit on, take some pics, and hopefully remmy the slurls masses out there.  Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?


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  1. I think you must have become aware of this event toward the end and not as it began as a very small response to lift the spirits of a disappointed and discouraged blogger that mushroomed because of the enthusiasm of many people. What makes people appreciate Callie’s efforts is that rather than trying to contain the tide of enthusiasm, she buckled down and adapted and rolled with it even though it took a lot of work and effort on her part.

    This was a very ad hoc event which can take much more work than a preplanned governed by a checklist event…so a little appreciation for her flexibility seems quite appropriate.

  2. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    It’s a bit unfair to suggest that this was in any way an intentional marketing strategy by Callie. You know Callie, so would be aware that she is generous to a fault and highly enthusiastic about the SL community. This infectious enthusiasm is a personality trait, part of who she is, and not an act she puts on for self promotion. Talk to her about anything, business or not, and that same level of enthusiasm is there. These are traits not too many of us share (at least not at that level), and I think this contributes to a suspicious attitude from some people, as in “This can’t be for real”.

    I heard that the blue jeans / white tank thing was for the event photos as well as to reduce lag. Sounds fair to me. As for the Callie appreciation thing, one blogger suggests it, others think it’s a great idea and follow suit, well that’s no different than any of the other collaborative blogging events or memes we see so often on the fashion feeds. People like to feel that they are part of a community; you might call this drinking the kool-aid, others would see it as a basic human need.

    I really think it’s a shame that someone who has invested so much time and energy into running an event for the blogging community is subjected to these kind of accusations as a result. Especially from someone who claims to be her friend.

  3. For some reason I think hes being sarcastic.

  4. Phemie Alcott Says:

    Can we just get to appreciating the fine designs of SL Please???? Yes your blogs are great bloggers. I read them everyday. I realize you are all a community of friends, enemies, artists, designers etc. What I care about is learning about fashion and design in SL not really what you all think about freebies, and who did what and how you all are in love with each other.

    Just show me the goods, let me admire your photoshop skills, make me want to run home to sign on so I can go shopping with my girlfriends and pick up something you were blogging about today. Let’s please make this about the clothes, furniture, skins, builds, etc and not about you. Step back people and get to what you do well and leave the rest out. It’s totally annoying. peace out.

  5. Charlotte Bartlett Says:

    awww I agree with Cajsa. I know it wasn’t a planned marketing strategy for Callie, I helped with the build and we literally put it together two days flat.

    So I appreciate her loads 😀 x

  6. Forget the article, I’m in lurrrrve with the video! lol

  7. Wait, you were there? Sounds like you weren’t having fun at all, or maybe you were just miffed because there weren’t a lot of male things given out?

    Did you know that this gathering was meant to meet eachother, and see we’re all just silly people in jammies at the computer? To not take it all so seriously? That we all benefit and can respect eachother? That it wasn’t ALL Callie’s idea? That more people came with suggestions and ideas for this? And that they were carried out? If that makes me a mofo duck on acid to people like you, so be it, it’s better than being a jealous, bitter, drama seeking, attention craving backstabber.

    Some people actually do this genuinely out of fun, spontaneity and a good heart, and Callie happens to be one of them. It’s the ones that have ulterior motives that ruin it for the genuine ones.
    Wow I can’t believe Callie still calls you friend. Talk about stabbing in the back.

  8. hawksrock Says:

    Let me summarize my three points of the article:

    1) caLLie did get 99% of the credit for this event which resulted in a flood of the fashion feed with positive feedback, regardless of whoever else was involved in it. People normally pay for a fraction of this type of publicity. Therefore, from a marketing perspective this was a real coups. I congratulate her on this accomplishment. I have a background in corporate retail, and our cause marketing department would have went ape shit over that kind of coverage.

    2) I said that I have no doubt she wanted to do something positive for the blogging community. I realize that her intention was not to gain publicity, and that she pulled off a hell of an event in a short amount of time. My point is that if you know caLLie she has been doing stuff for people and charities for a long time. Why did everybody get so excited about this one? It was because they were getting free swag. So in other words, it was the self interest factor that vaulted her to the top of everybody’s praise list – and NOT the noble cause factor.

    3) The target of this article wasn’t caLLie so much as the way the bloggers all line up like sheep and will literally do anything to get on the receiving end of free shit. The dance is the perfect metaphor for the entire event in total. It is a visual representation of the way they will line up and do whatever is asked if it means they get freebies even though they are the first to rag about freebie culture.

    Obviously this isn’t CNN we are writing for here, and if I report on things blandly then even *I* won’t want to read it. As for me jilting caLLie or backstabbing her or whatever, I will tell you that it is between myself and caLLie. I spent quite a bit of time going over the post with her, and she at least knows where I am coming from with it. I stand behind it.

  9. viviannedraper Says:

    It was Prad, an author of on this very website, who whined about the freebies. If you have a problem with that I suggest you go tell him what a sell out he is. Oh wait.. he wasn’t there. Guess you loose.

  10. i would take the time to respond to this but it’s so full of wrong info, and statements and insults to my friends and me that it’s not worth it.

    i would not know even where to start.

    i’m happy it touched some ppl and i won’t let stuff like this stop me from doing things i feel inspired to do. i admire the blogging community as a whole as well as the design community and the fashion community.

    they’ve shown thru relay for life, the maseno events, autism events, and a TON OF OTHER GREAT CHARITABLE EVENTS that they have strength, power, heart AND are way more than about freebies. i won’t even go there.

    and ALL freebie bloggers were invited as well.

    keep on every one, and remember more of us are stronger than one of us.

    much love,


  11. Lilly Lalonde Says:

    I Agree with Phemie it was nice that Callie did this for all the fashion bloggers but what good were those blogs about the freebies they got that were not available to the general public? It wasn’t like we could all run out to get these items. Sure a nice heart felt statement of thanks to all the designers that participated wouth be nice but article upon article about the freebies recieved was just useless info to me.

  12. Wow. FOAD, dude. FOAD.

  13. Callie sounds like a nice person but she does know her marketing. What she managed to achieve in publicity terms was astonishing, she really hasn’t lost her touch since the Maxim days. She created a lot of positive vibes for herself and her brand, for no capital outlay. I am sure there is jealousy over her achievements with this coup and people wishing they had thought of it first. She is genorous but she is also very smart and understood what she would gain from this. This is why she is a top creator and you are not.

  14. @viviannedraper

    If you’re going to make stupid dumbass comments which have to include my name in them, can you make them somewhere where I don’t have to read your tripe? For God’s sake, I can’t even see why your comment has even the remotest bit of relevance, other than to try.. no. I really don’t have a clue what the heck you’re on about.

    Maybe just keep your mouth shut unless you have something worth saying, eh?

    Oh, and learn the difference between “lose” and “loose” ffs.. it’s not *that* difficult.

  15. viviannedraper Says:

    @Prad. You ARE listed on the masthead as an author are you not? And you ARE the author of this post ( are you not?

    So that’s two for two.

    It is relevant because the author of this blog called us all out for being against freebies — which many, maybe even most of us, were not. But you certainly were! I can understand you having no backbone. You proved that to the entire blogging community as you up and quit when the fire from the shitstorm that you created got a little too hot for you. But at least have the courage to stand up for what you authored.

    Hey nice catch on the typo! Are you going to proofread this post too?

  16. Again, with the retarded statements.

    Yes, I am listed as an author here.. have a cookie. As are several other authors, but alas, it doesn’t mean that we all suddenly have the same collective mind/opinion. Amazingly, I’m not Hawk’s alter ego and don’t necessarily agree with everything he says.

    Secondly, no. I’m not the author of that article, so you don’t get a second cookie until you learn how to read. It clearly states who the author of that article is, ffs.

    You also don’t get a bonus cookie as you obviously have no idea why I left, so again you didn’t read that properly either. It’s idiots like you who are going about reading whatever you want to read, and stirring up pointless dramas and trying to drag in as many people as you can just to try and make a name for yourself.

    Just stop it. All it’s doing it making everyone see what a pathetic little person you are. Do us all a favour and crawl back under your rock so the rest of us can get on with it, without having to make do with your pointless drama queen stances.

  17. Oh Finally Says:

    Oh, bloggers now… What about some charity event later? Btw the video is soooo FUNNY, lmao, gratz

  18. Careful there, Prad. You’re quickly losing your good-guy image.

  19. viviannedraper Says:

    lol yeah ok so Moo was the author. I missed that. I read why you left and I still thnk you are spineless twit. But hey you keep on going off the deep end ok? This is amusing and the drama is all you bud. You kind of remind me of Tenshi befoer we found out how cool Ten is. But you are like.. going backwards from cool to drama queen without a reason. You DO realize I didn’t write this article right? But I don’t see you flaming the guy who wrote it — I mean since you are all against drama and the like.

    I left a typo in this post so you could feel all superior when you catch and flame me for it. Have a great day! Ta!

  20. Oh man.. I’ve never claimed to be a good guy. Heaven help me if I ever had *that* image, lol!

  21. […] a side note, I found a great blog to add to my blog roll thanks to this article. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Join the Designer Showcase Network […]

  22. You DO realise you bought my name into this entry, right Ms. D Queen? That’s how it works – you start pointing at particular people and you stir. And stir. And stir some more.

    I “flame” because you came at me directly. I don’t see anyone else trying that one, hence why you got the brunt of it. But you just stick to making unsubstantiated claims and trying to ride off other people’s backs. And then you go be “amused” when it backfires on you because you’re without a clue. I’ll go back to actually doing positive things in world.

    I despair.. honestly. Jeeez.

  23. viviannedraper Says:

    Yeah you went off the deep end a little too much. I didn’t exactly flame you there… just pointed out, mistakenly, that you whined about freebies. Ok so it was Moo who whined about them, still not the blogger community, it was a mistake, let me know when you turn into the font of perfection ok? Or maybe you think you are already there and thats why you were so mean in your post. Whatever.

    It does amuse me. It always amuses me when someone who pretends to be oh so above the drama is an author at a website that seems like its using Callie’s good works to creaete drama and stir up a reader or two.

    In any case I didn’t “come at you” until you came at me with buttloads of vitriol. I have left yet another typo on this post so that you can feel superior when you find it. Have fun with that despair ok?

  24. Mean? Awww.. diddums. My heart bleeds for you.

    I almost feel bad. Next time, maybe you’ll even think before you hit “Submit Comment”.

    I won’t hold my breath, though.

  25. viviannedraper Says:

    Contineue to be an asshole where everyone can see you Prad.

    Left a typo for ya!

  26. 1. @ hawksrock, Love the Benny Hill Theme Music. I really needed the laugh.
    2. @Prad, I’m fascinated to see this side of you. What I have read of your writing has been balanced so to see a more assertive Prad intrigues the heck outta me.
    3. @Everyone else, *waves and runs off to YouTube to watch random videos set to the Benny Hill Theme*

  27. I just don’t get one thing… the event was about bloggers, right? Not caLLie…? (Just setting the record straight)
    The gesture of creating a bloggers appreciation day that turned into a week was really nice and thoughtful but creating a group was weird and sending stuff over in the group felt weird too. It’s like International Women’s Day when I always wondered if women in the world are only appreciated one day every year.

  28. I didn’t whine about them. I wrote out a thoughtful post on why I think designers should stop giving away their stock so much instead of rewarding their loyal shoppers. I didn’t ask for the freebies to stop. I asked for them to lessen their freebies individually. It’s not my fault you’re too busy commenting on drama to read thoroughly, Viv.

  29. viviannedraper Says:

    I felt it was whiny and not well-reasoned. Furthermore since Prad deleted comments of those whom he dislikes or who liken him to Tenshi before she was cool, it kind of perpetuated the whine. *shrug*

  30. I’m actually with Ana on this. It was a nice gesture, and I think it was great to make a move on appreciating the bloggers (appreciation on any level is always nice). But I have to admit, it did feel weird to join a group just to send bloggers a gift (and it was even weirder to be repeatedly solicited to join the group) when I could have just as easily sent specific bloggers one as appreciation. Out of a group of what I think was 130+ bloggers with “verified URLs”, I think I only actually knew about 10 of them.

    And Vivianne, no offense just a simple point out — I’m pretty sure Prad’s post was in no way meant to single you out. I believe he was speaking generally and to the blogging community as a whole, not to any one person. Prad’s never had a problem putting a name with an issue. If he intended to single you out, I’m sure he would’ve done so.

  31. well the great thing was bloggers were appreciated AND some ppl did sent on their own w/o the group, and in my first post that was very impulsive i said, “send a note, im, undies’ or whatever you wanna do… and i said “im me for your present cuz i’ll forget”

    the group was made cuz a LOT of bloggers felt VERY shy to ask for a gift and a LOT of designers didn’t want to leave anyone out. seemed reasonable.

    the notecard that was given out told they could participate via a group if they wanted OR do something on their own or nothing at all.

    to me the best giving comes when it’s done with joy and from the heart…

    having a group (and 12 officers) when getting tons of im’s and notecards seemed like an easy way to go to me.

    anyway thanks for your views. good to know.

  32. Well, now that that’s all explained it actually makes much more sense, and doesn’t seem nearly as weird anymore. 🙂 Good to know, really.

    Regardless, negativity aside, I personally think it was a very sweet gesture toward showing bloggers appreciation. I’m sure next year, it will be much less stressful on everyone. 😛

  33. it was really smooth considering the group is like 280 now and every blog was verified, and ppl just were so so cool and calm about the bazillion notes they got and im’s… all the officers were SO amazing and professional and but a few tiny bumps, it was sorta amazing there wasn’t so big drama fest.

    what touched me a lot were the bloggers giving to each other, (some of whom never made things) and even readers who wanted to give bloggers stuff that didn’t even have a shop.

    and a LOT of us realized, even if were “designers” were also “readers”, “customers’ and what the bloggers do from the most simple to the most complex and artsy is way cool.

    anyhoo… lol… i don’t think ppl when they make comments think of all the behind the scenes things that go into stuff. i sure didn’t or i’d not have suggested it, lol. well in hindsight i would have…

    anyway…. thanks really for your honest thoughts. (ryker and ana) im sure things could have been done better… of course… and if i had followed my NORMAL mode i woulda thought it and it would be happening in 5 years… cuz i’d wanna plan it so much. lol

  34. OMG the group made it easier to send the gifts! Lets not over analyze the point of the group.

    I love this post all the drama. It gave me an excuse to make Kettle Corn. But i still wonder if Hawks is being sarcastic and the joke is on us! LOL.

  35. I almost hate to respond here because every time I do express a differening opinion from the mainstream in any public forum I seem to get attacked personally and have my business dragged through the mud but hell, I’ve never been the stand back and watch kinda gal. I did participate in blogger appreciation week and I thought it could be a positive thing. I did NOT however feel it necessary to join a group or go to a party to do it and didnt feel like I should send my thanks or 1000’s of L worth of free clothes to people who never even stepped in my store (and more than likely never would). I packed up some of my newest stuff in bags, wrote a thank you note and sent gifts to the 20 or so bloggers that actually BLOG me regularly and without compensation. I didn’t expect anything in return. I agree with the article on several points. One being that the focus of the week shifted to lets all blog Callie for a couple days. Dozens and dozens of posts covered the feeds. Now whether Callie planned this as a marketing strategy or not, it happened and it made a lot of designers upset and yes even jealous of her over exposure just after we ALL gave a huge amount of gifts to them. Whether they want to step forward and say something about it is another story. Of course they won’t. They will automatically be slammed for voicing that hurt because Callie is so popular. The more I think about it, the less and less I think anyone can express a differing viewpoint without personal and venemous retribution…not coming from Callie at all because I think she is very sweet from what I know of her, but from her sometimes frightening following. Let me finish by saying that I loveeee getting blogged. I think its amazing that anyone would want to show off my stuff on their page and I squeal every time it happens, but while more than likely well intentioned, Blogger Appreciation Week and the following CC day left a bad taste in a lot of virtual mouths. Now you can send some hate my way. I’m expecting it, but I’m not afraid like a lot of others are. If fashion bloggers want us to be intimidated by them…if they would try to ruin people and businesses over disagreeing with “popular” or public opinion, then something is very wrong anyway.

    • @Ana – I dont really get why you thought the group was weird – it made sense actually and was much more organized. That way designers didnt forget someone or hear that so and so felt left out. It just made it simple. I also enjoyed getting to know some people as well because of the group. I saw it as a social outlet – people with common interests coming together.

      @Ivey – i dont care what a designer says I will buy their stuff if its good and i like it – business is separate from personal. Now if they said, I “love” children and animals than thats a whole other story LOL!

  36. Ivey makes good points. The more I think on it the more I am uncertain regarding this. Bloggers already get free clothes from desighners and they choose to put those blogs out and many become famous from it. I am not sure how much extra appreciation they need. Desighners were encoraged to send out free clothing to as she says people who never blogged them or bought their items, and then CaLLie is blogged in gratitude for other peoples gifts, often by people who doesn’t agree with freebies for everyone else. In effect people were paying these bloggers for being bloggers and not for anything they had actually done for their stores and their items.

    Callie is very smart, she was aware that she would bring goodwill from the bloggers and probably blogging about her and her store. I understand why others became jealous of what she recieved in return. Obviously bloggers would be grateful and happy that they were getting attention and free gifts for their efforts beyond what they already recieve. It is naive to think otherwise.

    Don’t you wish you had thought of it first?

  37. So many sitting ducks here to shoot.

    Yah. Bloggers need to be appreciated for receiving free things from designers, wearing them, taking pictures, writing a couple lines of text and hopefully acquiring enough of a following to be relevant. Let’s not forgot to remember the most important point: No one asks them to do this.

    People blog to either promote their own designs, get free shit or in an attempt to be SLfamous.

    Tenshi, no one cares what you have to say. You are publicly cruel every time you smell blood and you are befriended by those who fear becoming your next meal. God knows you and your cronies cropdust enough petulance on SCD. I bet you are just pissed off you didn’t think to express this opinion first.

  38. Noor Loam Says:

    Hahaaaaaaaaa that video freakin hillarious muahahaah! Brilliant dude, brilliaaan!

  39. @ ivey, i’m really glad you participated how you did. that was the original intent of the idea about the day. the only reason we made a group was because it snowballed and we got TONS of im’s from designers asking HOW they could get stuff to the bloggers, was there a group, etc, etc, etc.

    we had 14 or so officers handling blogger and designer requests because honestly, i had NO idea it would snowball. i personally thought ppl would just do it on there own and i had NO idea there were 250 bloggers or more out there. i thought (cuz i read the feed mostly) like maybe 30 really active people?

    when this started to snowball, my first thought was “oh wow” and when i saw the CC appreciation day i honestly cringed. yes, i am smart, i knew this would NOT be taken well by a LOT of people.

    most of the things i do, i do privately. do you honestly think i would want to upset bloggers, other designers and stuff by flooding the feeds? i barely blog when i put new stuff out anymore.

    i know the bitching and moaning that happens when (insert your own name here) has new stuff that MANY ppl blog. (no not everyone) blog it and it fills the feed or other things that do that. so yes, when i saw what some bloggers did my initial reaction was “oh no, no, no, no, no” as i know there is a lot of jealousy in general and i don’t like to be the target of stuff like that.

    it was hard at first to know how to respond, and after getting nice notes and stuff from bloggers who appreciated the week, i just said “thank you”. i was going to write a post saying “this is not what it was intended for”… but i think everyone knew that.

    anyway, you can believe me or not. but those whom i worked with knew that i had NO idea this would snowball.

    it cost me a weeks work, and other things as well as the officers who gave tons of their time as well.

    would i do it again? in a heartbeat. because there was a CC day??? hell no, but because the majority of ppl, met, connected and many said they had not had so much fun and felt so happy in the fashion scene for a LONG time. little bloggers were treated as well as the big ones, and some of the bigger ones were VERY gracious and welcoming which touched the newer people so much.

    people like sasy scarboruogh and harper beresford were giving them tips and some of these newer ppl were just in awe…

    also ivey, if designers were hurt, why cant they just im me directly? why does it have to be posted on a blog?

    i’ve never once done that, and i welcome anyone who wants to write me to do so. i don’t bite and the designers who did participate were thanked a lot, (when i was on) and everyone knows this was NOT all about me.

    i simply had an idea… and what happened was NOT even the orignial idea. the original idea was exactly what YOU did… i even know myself so well i put “im me for your free gift as i might forget” (so it would be open to all bloggers)

    ok well i hope that makes sense.

    thanks for all your comments, i am reading them as i do learn from what people think. and thank you ivey for being honest.

    and yeah, i know the one about “doing of saying things” and ppl ripping you apart of your business. i’m just thankful i have a few close friends i do trust and who know me. and it’s human nature to assume the worst about other people.

    have a great day.

  40. Ehh.. so in retrospect, I was very harsh on Viv and I apologise for that. I still fail to see the relevance of my name having to be bought up in this issue, but for it’s worth, I apologise to Viv for unleashing a full fury at her, which was totally uncalled for, and I suck for letting rip over it.

    As for the issue itself, I completely missed the Blogger’s Appreiciation Week thing and still have little idea what it was about. But I think it’s great to see the community supporting each other, and we need more of that sort of thing.

    • That was very big of you to apologize.

    • viviannedraper Says:

      Bringing up your name was an honest mistake (as opposed to a malicious one). I didn’t know that Moo wrote it, didn’t look at the byline as you had been the sole poster at Metaversally for ages and did not know you had ‘hired’ Moo when that was written. Thank you for the apology.

      I brought up the post in the first place as I thought that was the start of the ‘freebies bad’ debate. I meant it to counter Hawk’s argument that it was the fashion bloggers who thought freebies were bad and wrong. As far as I know, neither you nor Moo are fashion bloggers.

      Thank you for the apology.

      • prad i just want to say in this post that i admire you for your apology to viv and the way you
        did it owning up to your reaction/actions.

        it takes a lot to do that.

        i hope you and viv work stuff out.

        it’s also good to see someone who admonished others to “think before they hit submit” make
        mistakes. i hope we can all be a bit nicer and gracious to each other, none of us is perfect.

  41. Razzi Rockett Says:

    lolol omg, just had to laugh. How long do you bloggers go on and on about something that truly is so insignificant as an outfit at an SL soiree or the motives for holding an event? For the record, Callie is a very close friend of mine so naturally, I have nothing rude or ugly to post about her. I’m not going to add the usual, “Oh, Callie’s a wonderful person, great philanthropist, etc. because you folks are going to think what you are going to think anyway. Secondly, if I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t be here posting. I like to know a person before I put words to a public blog about them. I don’t know any of you but methinks there are some unhappy miscreants who seek little more than to make someone else’s day a little worse than their own via posting scathing remarks about someone they don’t know. Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps someone shit in your post toasties before you added your comment, I dunno. At least I’ve added a disclaimer and not tried to make it seem like a fact that some of you are just bitches.

  42. Shelly Toonie Says:

    Ok so basically the chain of events was this:

    There was a designer who was upset about being continually hammered for free things and a lot of people that were coming across ungrateful to her.
    Because of that, because of the excessive amounts of hunts, because of many things, some freebie posts were written.
    Because of that a bigger bruhaha ensued.
    Before you knew it there was chaos and mayhem and all around bad feelings.
    Anyone who knows Callie at all knows she likes to tell people how much they are appreciated. She wants people to feel good about themselves. She likes the whole positive affirmation thing.
    I was there from the beginning. It did snowball. Every day it was more and more IM’s and joining and she rolled with it. It seemed like everyone was enjoying it.
    How could she have planned the publicity when she didn’t know it would snowball?

    Ivey, I applaud the way you handled your contribution. The point is you did what *you* were comfortable with. If others don’t like the attention Callie got for the things “we” gave well, perhaps they didn’t see the feeds that I saw? I saw many of the group gifts being blogged during the week. I saw them on plurk.
    What Callie got attention for was the goodwill she was trying to create between people. You know..the whole lets all have a happeh..we’ve had way too much negativity lately.
    Is that really so hard to just see for what it is?
    By the way, I was/am an officer and was thanked on many occasions for my contribution.


  43. Harper Beresford Says:

    I was one of the first Callie approached to help be an officer of the fashion bloggers group when she opened it. She had a simple idea–she would have a Bloggers Appreciation Week. She would hold a party for the bloggers at the end of the week on one of her sims (not the one with her store, thanks). She would send out some nice little things she made and ask others to do so as well. She really only had half an idea of the mechanisms going into it. However, her mandate was pretty simple–she just wanted to show the bloggers appreciation.

    I was cynical about the whole enterprise but tempered my cynicism because, frankly, Callie is a nice lady who always comes at things with the best intentions, and after a pretty crappy week, I needed some cheerfulness. SL was really getting to me–I was sick of freebie hunters, lag, rolling restarts, drama, and all of it. To Callie’s credit, I argued with her about some fine points but she talked me out of them in the interest of being NICE to the BLOGGERS. Her message never waivered. Her intent was pure throughout.

    After she started the ball rolling, she IM’d me the first day with reports about the participants. (Along the lines of “OMG, we have 50 in the group! Yay!” I am not kidding–she said this. Two hours later, “We have 87! OMG! I didn’t think anyone would join!” She did it in with her characteristic 20 page breaks–two to three words per line.) This thing really did snowball on her.

    And yeah, she has some secret underlying ability to turn things into a good campaign. This is not deliberate–she just has it in her! Maybe it’s karmic. Send out to the world what you want back. Send out bile, you get it back. Callie sent out positivity. She got it back.

    And yes, the officers put a LOT of time into this as did many other people, including the designers who offered items to the bloggers and Charlotte, who built the party space on Callie’s sim. Callie didn’t do this alone–she never claimed she did.

    However, Callie herself sacrificed a lot of time to this–time that would have been otherwise spent on her business. If you have ever run a business in SL, you know time spent in world suddenly has great value. Cost it out–the many hours she dedicated to this group in the many ways she did (including defending it in comments in this blog) will never be recouped financially. She ain’t ever gonna get enough sales to cover that time.

    Frankly, Hawks, if anyone should be holding Callie’s feet to the fire for claiming success “alone,” it should be people like me (or Shelly above). You don’t have to do it for me.

    The thing is, though, I got what I needed–I saw a lot of bloggers having fun, I received lots of personal thanks, I saw lots of people being excited and creative in their blogs, I met a lot of cool people and learned some new things, and I had a pretty crappy week get turned around by Callie’s enthusiasm spreading through the group.

    And Callie personally and publicly thanked me many times. Whether you or any other blogger heard it, I am not sure, but I am satisfied.

    So I drank the kool-aid. I came out better for it.

  44. Dazz Anvil Says:

    Perhaps the irony is lost on me, but this seems little more than self aggrandizement at the expense of someone who is known to her “friends” as selfless. The sad truth is, that in this case, indeed no good deed goes unpunished. Those who are close to Callie know what she does for others without fanfare. There are countless examples. Have you ever seen her attend a fashion show and cheer on an unknown? Have you seen her lend her stature to an event for which she has nothing to gain to promote a struggling competitor? I have.

    Why attack her? Why demean her efforts? What is there to be gained, and what dog do you have in the fight? Some gossip and trash perhaps? A few more blog hits, a modicum of SLelebrity for yourself maybe? A bit of made-up drama you can trumpet to the world, like a prophet shouting from the mountaintops a divine revelation while basking in the accolades and affirmation that are certain to follow?

    Surely you can see that this is the height of pettiness and those who choose to pile on are viewed by the rest of us as pathetic lemmings. Frankly it sickens me that so many are so quick to puff out their chests to opine and pontificate about those who actually bother to create, those who are the actual doers of things as opposed to those who merely bitch about them. There are people who seek to make things happen and those who wish to tear them down for trying. Callie is an unmitigated success in Second Life. She has, by her own tenacity, creativity, caring and sheer balls, achieved what many would like to emulate and what many others out of jealousy and spite would like to see destroyed.

    You don’t love Callie Cline. You don’t even know Callie Cline.

  45. Thanks for responding Callie, I’m glad you at least understand where some of us were coming from. I’m definitely all for appreciating those who deserve it. I just wasnt comfortable with giving so much stuff to so many people I’d never heard of and never seen their blogs before. The bag I did send to the bloggers I know had over 20 outfits in it and I hope they enjoy them all and dont feel the need to blog any of it. I’m really not one to go with the crowd so wearing the white tank and jeans would have kinda killed me a little inside lol I hope you understand that too.

  46. Blogger Here 😀

    I admit that I skimmed this 😀 I have commented before on other feeds about all this so I’ll be brief here. At the very beginning — before it all snowballed — I made a post about designers sending out gifts to the people that have blogged them over time (or even once if they chose). That, I think would have been the best plan and it seemed like Callie’s plan in the beginning. But then the group happened for better or worse (and there were both ups and downs of that from my perspective).

    The downside was that not everyone getting goodies had actually done much (or any) blogging. No one’s fault there — just human nature. Greed is not good in my book, but it is still the norm. That was the biggest downer for me. Ivey, I actually didn’t realize that you sent your packs out personally and I SO appreciate that. Things were coming in so fast and furious, I just thought that you sent it out to everyone. So a big THANK YOU publicly. A few other designers did that too and I appreciated the one on one aspect that was missing from the group thing.

    On the PLUS side and for me personally, Blogger Appreciation Week got me in touch with some great designers, my blog improved in both looks and style most likely due to some new enthusiasm. I understand the designer’s point of view better now. I was able to help a few new kids on the block. I am trying to remember to give credit to the other bloggers when I see something on their blogs rather than taking credit for it myself. I wasn’t that bad about it before, but I am making a big effort to be more fair and hope that others will follow. I think if we all helped each other and concentrated on STYLE rather than “I found it”, we’d be better off as a fashion community.

    Well this got long anyway so I’ll sign off now.

    • better, best, coulda, shoulda, etc… i learn each time i do things. most often i plan things so long so to get everything “right” i don’t ever do them.

      the one on one things is FAB, (all designers were invited to the meet and greet party and and some came, some didn’t, some are very busy, some are not that social, etc)

      using the group was GREAT for many designers who wanted to show appreciation but didn’t have the time to send things out personally or even know who to send to. also some designers are painfully shy and they were thankful the group was there so they could in their own way, get a gift out (some with ty notes) etc.

      the main thing is, no one was made to do anything and it’s great that people did what came from their hearts.

      about every blogger being invited…. all urls were verified by the officers and new ppl were allowed in if they had a blog BEFORE the announcement was made. why? because i did NOT want to be a judge, police and get into the “who should be allow in… and all that” some blogger who were quiet new said “may i join after i don’t feel right about joining cuz i’m brand new” and some of them had blogs 6 months old with 60 or more posts. we welcomed them with open arms.

      for the most part everyone was quite lovely, if i am honest the most greedy or entitled ones sadly, were some who had “old” blogs and seemed to think they were entitled to more, etc. some had NO desire to be part of a community and just get the “free loot”…

      of course we knew that would happen, but why let a few people who chose to act that way ruin it for a lot of ppl who were excited?

      i’m NOT into policing. (harper can tell you that) this was about a group of people, appreciating a group of ppl and visa versa. (remember readers also contributed)

      this could have been done a million or more different ways… and no matter what, there would be things that could have been done better, different, whatever. everything in like is that way…

      thankfully the officers had great suggestions and people went with the flow, and all in all it was a fun experience.

      just remember NOT all ppl wanted a ONE on ONE thing. i’m personally more like that, (when time permits) but honestly, some designers just wanted to send out something and many were going out of town, had sick kids, whatever….

      we can’t all be alike.

      OMG i went way longer than i expected… too much coffee perhaps?

      btw great post chicaeon

  47. I cannot believe that people really think bloggers blog just to get the ‘free shit’ give me a break. Most bloggers I know including myself buy many if not most of the items they blog. If we get something given to us for free then great, and we hope that our blogs will bring business to them. Also I would say almost all of us wouldn’t blog something we don’t feel is deserving free or not. We take much pride in these blogs and have our name behind them, so we have to feel good about what we post. We do this mostly for ourselves, it is our creations and also our way to show the things we think are pretty cool to the people that read our blogs. For me I love photoshop and want to learn it more and more as I think it is amazing the art that is possible, so blogging lets me share others creations and I get to work on improving my photoshop skills. I could care less about free shit, I’d be doing the same thing if I had to pay double for everything I blogged. Argh, I am sooooo disappointed that such a beautiful, happy, fun thing had to be stomped on. I know everybody isnt going to agree and I know there is always haters but OMG, can’t we just make SL a nice place instead of having to bring up negative stuff in everything, aren’t we all here to get away from that kind of stuff in RL, isn’t this supposed to be our ‘fantasy’ life away from RL. Just enjoy, and be nice already. /rant over I am soo not reading anymore today LOL

  48. hawksrock Says:

    I think that by this point in time we have had a pretty good discussion of the topic. I thank everyone for taking the time to express your position on the matter, and in particular those of you who actually took time to think, reflect, and then give your side of the issues at hand.

    It is interesting to me to see the evolution from what was written in the post to what people think was written in the post, but I digress…

    I am going to go ahead and close the comments, and hope that every one of you continue to feel free to express your opinions on issues in the future on the Rev.

    I am going to leave you with a quote though from Samuel Johnson, a british author who lived from 1709 to 1784, “The majority have no other reason for their opinions than that they are the fashion.” I challenge you to think above all else, and not just to feel and to react.

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