We Need *You*!


Have something to say but no soapbox to stand on? Then we need you!

Understand the different parts of a sentence and how they go together? Then we need you!

Want to write with a group of people who want to write as well?? We need you!

Do you like to challenge the status quo and make people think? We need you!

Like to make people laugh and enjoy linking words together in an html environment? We need you!

Know how to add a photo to a post and spell ‘the’? We need you!

Like to engage people in a dialogue about issues that affect SL and RL? Then we definitely need you!

We are looking for contributors to the Rev. If interested please contact Rosie Shark, JellyBean Madison, or Hawksrock Gunawan for info. In most cases a writing sample will be required unless we’re already familiar with your style/abilities.


One Response to “We Need *You*!”

  1. I am teh awesome fashion blogger, with mah own blawg. I can write gooder. I have no pron experience but I could always learn to get mah groove on. I own neko ears. What more do you need?

    Mwah ha ha ha

    Just kidding, really. If anything I should be thinking of stuff for second chick or beg to work for Second Style, or even post more on my own blog.

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