Oscar vs. X-Prize Why SL Resident Choice Awards Miss The Mark (X)

Just Another Popularity Contest

Are You A "Cool Kid?"

Are You A "Cool Kid?"

I think award programs are fine, as long as they are well constructed and care is taken to make them as objective as possible.  The current Resident Choice Awards FAILED in this regard.  Unless of course you truly believe that one individual out of thousands of other similar artisans truly is the “Best” in multiple categories…

These awards reminded me of the “come vote for me, I’ve just entered myself in a contest” “scams” (I mean invitations) all of us have received.  If you believe these contests are fair and impartial or don’t give an unfair advantage to those who know how to “game” the system, I have a bridge to sell you!

What About Objectivity?

Win Or Lose Do It Fairly

Win Or Lose Do It Fairly

Take Machinima as an example.  I would love to see the awards for best Machinima production / producer, based on the number of votes qualifying entries receive.  Each entry should be posted on the contest site, for viewing/voting by SL users.  All submissions should be limited to 30-60 seconds and be an original, unsponsored production.  They should also be a standard size/resolution, thereby eliminating as many variables as possible.

“Artsy” Oscar vs. Business X-Prize

Why Not Shoot For The Moon!?

Why Not Shoot For The Moon!?

In his column “Killer ap,” Crap Mariner relays the question:  “If SL is such a killer ap for work, as M Linden evangelizes, why were the Resident Choice Awards conducted using a web-based polling system and not conducted in-world?” The comment about in-world tools is dead on.  There was only one overtly business-related category in the awards and it was for “Favorite place for BUSINESS COLLEAGUES.” Where are the award categories for “Best New Business Productivity Application,” Best Data Integration Tool/API” or even “Best Data Visualization Toolset?”

There should not only be resident choice awards for best-in-class new applications & tools, there should be significant monetary rewards involved as well.  Spurring innovation should involve profit sharing!  If you are unwilling/unable to dedicate internal staff to develop next-generation business tools for SL, at least cough up some coin to make it profitable for others to do the heavy lifting for you!

It’s STILL All About The Tools!

Having accurate, clickable URLs to additional content is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Giving people the ability to find and drill down/out to more information on the web is essential. If the information about a group is restricted, don’t show a link for it and waste my time!

Figuring out how to import the tens of billions of dollars worth of RW architectural, mechanical and process CAD content is one example of a project that would likely generate a far greater ROI, than some of the other pet/trivial projects that seem to get the most attention.

Maybe Next Year…

Drama seems to be the primary beneficiary of these latest Resident Choice Awards.  Hopefully next years awards will be less like the Oscars and more like the X-prize!  There is one good thing about these awards…   A shrewd marketer will position their products/services alongside the “winners” and give prospects a chance to say: “wow, you guys really are the best!”


8 Responses to “Oscar vs. X-Prize Why SL Resident Choice Awards Miss The Mark (X)”

  1. Esme Klaar Says:

    Iam very disagree with above. And it’s disrespectfull towards voters
    What the fuck is wrong with “vote for me”. In all democratic elections people ask for votes. Btw, nobody asked for my vote. but when someone did, I am the one who decide.
    I think the writer of this article is disapointed he or she lost in her category. Show respect and congrates the winner and don’t nag about your lost

  2. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD Says:

    It is fairly obvious that Luskwood milked its popularity among furries to rig this joke of a contest. Luskwood won FIVE categories (two for it as a location, and three for Vickie Greenwood, one of the lead Luskwood builders.)

  3. Esme Klaar –

    No, he’s not. And neither am I.

    These things just lead to drama, sniping, and bs.


  4. Esme, as an event host for Dance Island and someone who proclaims in your that “Dance Island is (your) very favorite place,” allow me to congratulate you on “your” win in the “Resident Choice Awards.” That being said, I think you missed the overall point of my post.

    My problem is not with free & fair awards. I stated this clearly in the first paragraph. My criticisms are aimed at the mechanics of the process, which many, not just myself consider to be flawed.

    Let’s take the “Favorite Place to Dance” category as an example. The Second Life Traffic Report Compiled by Avarie Parker and published by SL Entrepreneur Magazine, is a report that shows which locations in Second Life are the most popular each month. ( http://tinyurl.com/SL-Traffic-Report-090421 ) Although I routinely see Element The 6th (Formally 5th Element), Franks Place and a number of others listed in the top 5/10, I don’t remember seeing Dance Island on the list. Doing a search for “dancing” in SL’s “Places” search tab also shows the traffic at many other dancing venues far exceeds that of Dance Island as well.

    It appears that you yourself have “voted” for a number of Jira issues, related to broken “mechanisms” (functionality) within SL. In this case, I believe the awards “system” is “broken” and should be fixed.

    For the record, I am disappointed both by the lack of objectivity as well as the fact that many of the SL’s most creative and positive contributors were not even represented by a submission category! Thanks again for reading and commenting on TheSLRevolution!

  5. Oops.. “Esme, as an event host for Dance Island and someone who proclaims in your (profile) that “Dance Island…”

  6. […] have suggested the Resident Choice Awards missed the mark by the exclusion of some categories; I disagree. I like the fact that Dance Island won the […]

  7. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    I am not a fan of Dance Island, LOL, but since I am a part of the electronic music community in SL I do know that many of the folks who go to Dance Island go for the music and to probably dance in their living room in RL . I cannot say that about 6th Element – it seems to be more of a pick up joint vs a venue that wants to promote music as its primary goal. I don’t go to Dance Island much because they seem to primarily promote Trance/Pop House/Bath House genres but these are very popular mainstream genres in RL.

    In regards to the resident choice awards in general – I could have cared less about them to be honest, haha but I have lurked around Luskwood. So dont be hatin’ on the furries folks :).

  8. Esme Klaar Says:

    What you try to suggest Vallant???

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