Verification My Ass

In another time and space when I joined SL – you had to have a credit card.  You were charged a one time fee of $9.99(USD) to kick start your account.  If you wanted land then you paid monthly.  All in all, though – 10 bucks would get you a SL account.

Those days are gone.  Many of ‘those days’ are gone – but the days of knowing that everyone that joined SL wasn’t simply anonymous are gone.  Now LL wants you to fax them a copy of your passport to prove who you are.  Now LL wants you to ring them up (no matter where in the world you are or how many hours behind you in time they are) and then post them a copy of your driver’s license/photo id.  All this just to get on some exclusive rinky dink chunk of land that is no holds barred adult.

Once again LL has found a way to alienate its very own clientele.  I always find it funny how this company can shit on you every which way from Tuesday yet everyone always keeps coming back for more.  People kick and screamed when they opened the grid to everyone.  Well I could understand that because it only gave LL more opportunity to make more money.  That’s understandable.  But – then they started saying that rated PG is more towards the G side than the P side. 

Then of course there was the price hike on land.  Long story short – LL said “Oh okay we realize we gave this really cheap stuff to people who are already sinking hundreds of dollars into our business – but we aren’t going to let them use this ‘thing’ they purchased however they want.  No.  We’re going to restrict it to make it convenient for us because hey – whateva whateva we do what we want.”  And now there’s an exclusive ADULT area that’s only for adults or blah blah I don’t even understand it.

I started my SL account in 2005.  I don’t remember where I lived then (I’m a military spouse) and I don’t even remember what credit card I used (we change banks every time we change bases!)  … and for all I know I could’ve used my aunt’s credit card or some whacky shit.  But for the low low price of sending LL a photocopy of my passport or some other incredibly intrusive thing – they’ll let me on their new exclusive sexy times place. 

Verify my ass.

I won’t verify.  And if that means that I get to hang out with the furries making emote faces then rock on =^.^=

LL has enough of my RL money.  They have enough of my RL information when not only I started up the account – but when they charged me for making the account.  I feel they have more than enough ‘verification’ from me when I rang their San Francisco office about 2 years ago and had to answer weird questions about my account because they had reset EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT IN SL‘s password and I had too many people on my friends list to be able to put a first name to a last name. 

Anyway – I think this is all bullshit and I just feel that over the course of almost 5 years that LL has enough RL information about me to verify my age, sex, location and position preference.  I can verify that LL pisses me off and I don’t understand why nothing is ever done about anything and they just do whatever they want and everyone eventually just forgives them.


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  1. Are we going to have to age verify now? I guess I didn’t see that. I thought payment info on file was enough. I’m probably one of the biggest procrastinators on record. Damn my family was on my ass to fax in paperwork for a land sale so we could get some hard cold cash. If I am too lazy to do that, imagine how long it will take me to fax in a copy of my photo ID to LL. Well guess my days of trolling Bukkake Bliss are soon to be over or put on hold for a long time. LOL.

  2. I think I age verified the day it became available to do so, but I am in the US so it was easy. If memory serves me correctly I gave them some (but not all) of the digits on either my Social Security number or Drivers license and it was enough. Didn’t need to fax or mail anything.

  3. Observer Says:

    age verification was easy, i just entered my drivers license numbers and done.
    my friend who’s european, he used his passport number. didn’t have to fax anything to linden lab.

  4. Oh we don’t have to send in a fax. Okay cool. My SL will be so lacking if I cant get banned from various sex sims and strip clubs throughout the grid. LOL

  5. Well You dont see the point in this.
    I AM verified ,my god ,in RL I am certainly , since birth.Enough is enough
    I live in Europe.Cant you all se the danger in this.IAM NOT getting verified again by the Linden Labs.I am also not accepting to live in a undemocratic 1984 totalistic SL.You just gave them your numbers ? passport numbers?? ??well that happend before in history ..

    Not in a million years txs

  6. “undemocratic”

    Sorry but I find that really funny. What on earth makes you think that a virtual world owned by a private company should be democratic? You want the right to vote on who runs the company? You’re what – 13?

    If people don’t want to get verified – well then don’t get verified. It takes a couple of seconds, but if you don’t want to do it – don’t do it.

    It’s that simple.

  7. I age verified the other day and what an interesting exercise. I chucked in my SL name (out of habit) and then noticed I had to put in a form of ID. I put in my rl drivers licence (reluctantly) and it was accepted.

    There is no way they can check the database to validate the info I entered. I work at the Transport Registry in my country, that owns the database and there is no way in hell that my country would let a third party access it… especially from another country, and especially the US.

    And given that, I used my SL name, so prolly in breach of TOS.

    Go figure.

  8. I am age verified.
    However, it would be all that bad if they charge those 10USD again

  9. Noor Loam Says:

    @ Ana
    To be honest, I think a $10 charge would be a great idea. That will get rid of those idiotic bots, campers, content theft and more non necessary traffic who have zero value to the community. Meaning this may could give the SL economy a boost again.
    I mean what is $10… this is nothing, however to much for people who leech of others and a good deal for people who are serious about content creation, in world economy and knowing your next door neighbor wont be some potential pedo, since his info is all in file.
    Just my 2 cents 😉

  10. Interesting note – according to the the FAQ on the Adult changes – if you have a payment method on file you will not need to get age verified as well. 🙂

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