I’ll Put You In A Book and Turn The Pages

Recently, an agent with a small publishing house has been sending me emails. Our correspondence has been less than detailed, but the root of the matter is that he’d like me to write a book about Second Life, my role in it, and the blogging ‘experience’. While flattered, I’m absolutely dumbfounded. Who would care what I have to say? I’ve done nothing of consequence; I’m a pretty boring gal. When asked what exactly he was looking for, he said something along the lines of ‘humor’ ‘personal essay’ and ‘instruction manual.’ Well, that’s a pretty wide range of stuff, there.

I suppose I’ve been an passive observer of a small subset of SL events for the past 2 years. I’ve seen lots of people come and go and sent a few of them packing, myself. I was around for the tipping point when the ‘old’ fashion regime gave way to the new one (hyper-realism with sculpties replacing hand-drawn detail in the consumers’ hearts, for example.) I’ve seen SL go from being less of a virtual world to more of a social network. Hell, I’ve seen all four versions of Tableau! I’ve got my own little brand of clothes, Punch Drunk, and I love playing with it. But just standing around, watching things, doesn’t seem like it would make for a good book. I’m not a fantastic writer. I’m not especially funny or witty. I’m not even exceptional within SL as I’m kind of a hermit. I could maybe see myself writing a few pages called This Is What Happens When You Have A Best Friend Who Publicly States Her Opinion, but that’s about it.

At this point, I’m convinced that everyone’s second life is much, much more intriguing than mine.

But, it seems like it would make a fun comment diversion:

What would you write about if you were to write a book about your Second Life? What would you include (or exclude) if you were given the oppertunity to?


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  1. i wouldn’t necessarily write about myself (there’s only so many chapters in “… so I decided to redecorate my island…”), but SL and its uses for therapy and rehabbing oneself would be a really interesting study. I think there were and are a lot of people who enterd SL very broken and left a good margin more confident and secure.

    Not always, of course, but enough for a chapter between ‘drama’ and ‘our relationship with our benevolent (?) overlords, the Lindens’.

  2. Mellyn Llewellyn Says:

    There are so many things one could write about–you could be a like a reporter, what you haven’t experienced, talked to someone who has–The range of things people do is so wide–the beautiful builds, the role playing areas, love and sex (now there’s fresh fodder for humor), weddings, babies, fashion, alts, the noob experience, charity work, music, art, education, social connections, dancing…on and on and on. Think of it as describing what you observe as much as what you personally have experienced and what brings us to and keeps us in SL–creativity, freedom, friends (I’m a hermit too, but there are a few people, even if we’ve moved on, I’ll always remember.)

  3. “This Is What Happens When You Have A Best Friend Who Publicly States Her Opinion”. Please. I HAVE CHAT LOGS! *shakes her fist* ILY. *hugs*

  4. Congratulations upon getting the offer! Many would DIE to get this opportunity! 🙂 If I were to write about my journey in SL, I would probably write about the different kind of customers I faced throughout my working life as a host. And how some friendship turned sour, I would probably be focusing on the DARKER side of people in SL, as it’s the juicy one. Of course that is *IF* I had the chance to write a book.

  5. Wow – congrats! What a great opportunity! Good luck!! I am excited to read the book! (Note – I do admit that I am full of jealousy, lol. But I honestly wish you the best!)

    To answer your question, I guess I would have to say that what I have been writing in my blog during my SL is what I would put in my book – just my observations of SL as I have explored it and tried to understand it. And I would keep it light and fun – because SL is my playground. I would not exclude anything – except references to my first life.

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