Who Said It? #2

[CLOSED. Results below]

“All hail the giant waggling cunt! May your amber waves of labia ever be free.”

The first person – excluding any SL Revolution contributors and the person quoted – who can accurately guess who penned these words will win a L$500 store card from Aitui.

Sweep the blog and try to figure out Who Said It?.


  • Leave your guess in comments.
  • Reply with your full Second Life name (first and last names).
  • You must provide the name of the quoted individual and a link to the original comment in your guess.*
  • Who Said It? #2 will be open for guesses until Friday, March 13, 2009 @ 11:59PM SLT.

*How to copy the comment link:
(Click image below to enlarge)
With Google Chrome: Right-click the link and select “Save Link As …”
With Internet Explorer: Right-click the link and select “Copy Shortcut”
With Mozilla Firefox: Right-click the link and select “Copy Link Location”

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Answer:Thema Felix
Winner: Express Zenovka


3 Responses to “Who Said It? #2”

  1. The “Who Said It?” prize this time around goes to Mr. Express Zenovka for accurately guessing the quote from the ever-classy fashionist, Thema Felix.

    The original comment appeared on Iris’s Why Second Life Makes Me Love My Country post last month.

    I think that’s a record, Express. Five minutes after posting.

  2. lawl! nothing like a quote about genitalia to get one noticed on the internet 😀

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