A SL Bedtime Story

Once upon a time

In every sim on the grid

Long before babyfurs

And way before kids

When Lindens would come to clubs

And click your butt to dance.

It was a time when guns were scary

Cuz no matter where you were they’d push

And the only way to escape being orbited

Was to park your tush.

A time when no one’s hair was prim

Back when no one cared who was a ‘her’ or a ‘him’

While we all saved for weeks for a  Nomine skin.

Lots has changed since way back in ’04

When none of us could figure out what the hell the ‘talk to’ option was for

SL isn’t what it used to be

Its all fashion gossip and scandal – not nearly enough silly.

So if you feel that things are over the hill

Too serious, too dry, too run-of-the-mill

Try doing something silly

No matter who sees

And if anyone bitches ..

Tell them to fuck off because being in a virtual world isn’t always about mocking the same goings on of every day life even if you aren’t following your RL path.


6 Responses to “A SL Bedtime Story”

  1. You know, that may be true in some circles. But note that it’s not in all, not at all.

  2. minxarashi Says:


  3. It’s easy to get caught up in the junk, get too wrapped in work or drama. We all need to remember to take time to be silly. Take time out for the people we care for, take time to do something we enjoy or just step back and remember the reason we came here and stayed. When is the last time you went SL site seeing? I know I am guilty of this too, thanks for reminding us Praddie.

  4. Y’know, I haven’t been orbited in months. I wonder if I could orbit myself. I do miss the days when the head was the default attachment point. Newbies these days are so privileged to never have boxes on their heads.

  5. well… i like to walk around on my hands in popular stores, or go “censored” at xcite…

  6. Foneco Zuzu Says:

    And Im lucky im only entered Sl about a year ago, wih all the amazing stuff already avaiable, Windlight, Havoc and all that allows me to ride, surf, and so much more.
    And even more lucky to have a good computer, phoenix viewer, Rlv, Open collar, A Sl love that is also a Rl one.

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