Virtual Worlds vs Virtual Reality “Heads” You Win!

A 2D View Of A 3D World

A 2D View Of A 3D World

For most people, Virtual Worlds like Second Life are non-immersive.  Although you are “in” a 3D world, you are still staring at an image on a 2D  monitor.  Even if you have a large (25″+) monitor your 1st life ocupies far more of your sensory awareness than what’s on the screen.

I’ve been known to put Second Life on 60″ LCD and demo it to prospects using a projector that increases this size to 180″ diagonal.  Even then, you are still surounded by 1st Life.

Virtual Reality Helmet

Virtual Reality Helmet

Enter the Virtual Reality Helmet.  The goal of this device is to not only immerse you visually in an environment, but also recreate the sounds, smells and possibly even tastes of the places you choose to visit.

The team of British scientists who are developing the helmet, claim it will provide users with immersive experiences that bring them to such exotic places as Kenya’s Masai Mara, all while sitting comfortably in their own home.

Additional sensory input, such as the scent of flowers or the heat of the sun will contribute to the goal of a fully immersive experience.  Like Second Life and other Virtual Worlds, users will be able to share their experience with others who are using the system.

Some of us have used Virtual Reality systems in arcades or received military training using VR technology.  Despite having often stunning visual and audio elements, prior to this, they have not involved the additional senses.

The scientists working on this project say “it stimulates the senses so convincingly they have called the experience Real Virtuality.”  For those of us who enjoy Virtual Worlds like Second Life or WOW, this type of device, potentially coupled with a VR suit, could offer an almost completely immersive experience that would blur the line between 1st Life and the virtual world so as to make them “virtually” indistinguishable.

How it works:

VR Helmet Functional Diagram

VR Helmet Functional Diagram


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  1. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

  2. thats cool virtual game system i wish i could have one lol company should bring it out into society

  3. I thought about trying to build one of these. But you made my job ezer I want a helmet that can show space, stars passing by me as a tunnel efect. to put me in a light trance. With a wave type backround noise that you would lisen to during meditation. I also have a great idea for dream state reconition, to make you aware your dreaming. please contact me . Thanks. Dan

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