Second Life in Graphs


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  1. Brilliance! And more than a spit of truth about it, too.

  2. Wonderful! The inventory one struck a nerve here..although in the current state of affairs you might have used Kabul rather than Baghdad LOL

  3. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    I feel well presented in the “What people do when the grid is down”-chart *coughs*

  4. LOL how true! 😀 😀


  6. Ok… almost the funniest joke of SL. LOOOVE it.

  7. Oscar Page Says:

    Where’s my Snuggie graph!? I DEMAND IT! And the Cybering portion should be larger…just sayin.

  8. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    I see these coming in handy as responses to some of the more common discussions on SLU.

  9. […] Second Life in Graphs […] […]

  10. yacinda001 Says:

    Loved it! ❤

  11. Graphs make me happy in my pants.

  12. Finally! Metanomics information presented in a format I can understand. I didn’t realize that was even possible.

    After further analysis, are you sure these statistics can be classified as satire or parody? They seem alarmingly accurate…

    Well done!

  13. Joshua Walsh Says:


    “Your stuff is crap.”

  14. trubbleinsl Says:

    hehe… still tickles on the 3rd scan

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