Translating Bases for the Aussie’s

So earlier I was teasing one of my aussie friends about hitting a certain base on her date with a boyfriend last night, and it came up that she had never heard of the American term for scoring bases.    In my quest to continue to bridge the gap between the diverse cultures out there, I consulted my guide to Aussie lingo as found here, and took a pass at converting the bases over.

First base:  Keeping the wowser from throwing a wobbly by only landing a pash.

Second base:  Give it a burl at her bikkies inside her grundies.

Third base:  Get a captain cook at his chook

Home run:  Crack a fat with his doodle while having a naughty but be sure to use a Franger

Thank you for taking time to further the power of the metaphor across country borders and linguistics.   This PSA was brought to you by your SL Revolution staff.


8 Responses to “Translating Bases for the Aussie’s”

  1. LOL!!

  2. LMAO

  3. Years from now, when peace and understanding have been truly achieved………the world will look back on this blog post as the virtual “butterfly wings” which constituted the true turning point in our evolution.

  4. LOL @ Honour. Thank you for seeing my global vision so clearly. 😉

  5. oh i get it.
    because all australians speak like bogans.

    just like all americans speak like texans, right?

  6. you mean we don’t?

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