Top Ten Signs Your Girlfriend is a Man, Baby!

On plurk today, I asked for submissions for a blog post.   Prad’s idea won out in the end, so I bring you a quick and dirty top ten list:

Top Ten Signs your Girlfriend is a Man, Baby!

10)  She plays with her boobs more than you do

9)  You picked her up at a strip joint/sex club

8)  She says, “just call me Al”

7)  Her avatar name is too indecent to tell your mom (IWILLSUCKU Gallore)

6)  She can handle your cock better than you can

5)  She looks like she would tip over in a strong wind

4)  She likes to overly dramaticize her attempt at trying on an xcite cock and blog about it!  (okay only the older bloggers are gonna get that one)

3) On voice she sounds like she smokes 10 packs a day while downing a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon

2) She thinks you look really hot in a tail and whiskers

1)  She keeps “accidentally” jumping on the blue ball before you do


7 Responses to “Top Ten Signs Your Girlfriend is a Man, Baby!”

  1. Terry Toland Says:

    “9) You picked her up at a strip joint/sex club”

    Tack on any roleplay sim that uses sex as an advertising line, especialy post-apoc.

    So many manginas…

  2. Devon Chaffe Says:

    Your baby is a ninfomaniac, and wants more sex than you can give? –> man

  3. Wait, now I can’t tell people to call me Al?

  4. umm can i still jump on blue balls??
    too funny

  5. Sounds like Jelly on 9 of the 10!

  6. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    *gets out her flexi-man thong* Let me jiggly jiggle it for ya! 😉

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