SL from an MMORPG View (for Lowbies)

As a gamer, I couldn’t see the point of SecondLife when I first joined.  I had a lot of questions like:

  • Where’s the PvP?
  • Where’s the XP bar?
  • What do I need to do to get items?

Some people may laugh at these questions – but I’d bet any gamer would ask that of a ‘game’ that has a worldwide player base and economy.  The lack of levels really astonished me.   Laugh all you want, but for the longest time (and even now for the most part) I find little appeal in a ‘game’ that mocks the normality of real life.

Shopping, dancing, finding a mate, cheating on said mate, poppin’ out babies:  all this was too close to life.  Yes, even though it is called SecondLife in a very literal way – I still never caught on fully.  In a world which has potential to be anything … why is it the same thing to so many people?

Some of us have a need to gain ‘rank’ or level.  I have devised my own MMORPG type outlook of SL.  Though much time has passed since many of us had real fun while logged in – I feel that if everyone just added some silly (and a lot less crazy) there would be far far fewer blog posts about having the ‘SL Blues’.

Level 1

You start your journey in a crowded village of low level characters.  You can of course power level (aka Skip Orientation Island) past level one – and many do.  Go ahead.  You’ll gain plenty of XP in level two that you have no need for the petty quests in level one.

Level 2: The Awakening

At this point you have learned to walk around and probably even interact with all the strange mobs (players) which spawn randomly (TP and land on your damn head) here and there.  At this low level you still don’t have the ability to rez (build) most likely so its best if you just observe and ask questions.  Gaining knowledge (inventory crap that will tide you over until around level 5) is the biggest XP earner at this level.

Level 3 – Quest Taking

Perhaps by now you have seen other NPCs (people you see standing around but never talk directly to you for whatever reason) but have decided that you need more interaction.  A quest is what you need.  You find a crowded city (club) and make your way to the keep (dance floor).  Though things are quite hectic in this new environment, you are gaining a lot of stats:

  • Charisma (adding people to your friends list)
  • Intelligence (learning about SL and some tips and tricks)
  • Weapon Skill (building/interacting with items)
  • Group Buff (finding out that animations are cause for groups to gather)
  • Armor Bonus (people will likely give you stuff that’s way better than what you have)
  • Guild Invites (likely random group invitations to places you’ll never visit again)

Level 4 – Crafting

The time has come that you choose a profession in SL.  You can’t just be a freeloading hippie!  You have to actually do something.  Whether you decide upon escorting or buying land to make it into tiny boxes to sell for ridiculous prices (Unlock Title:  Glarin’ Baron) you will find your calling.  Crafting is a fine art and with all art comes ridicule.  Don’t listen to those haters.  Rock that shit.  If you accomplish quest titled:  I Am Not My Avatar you may lose favor with some citizens but you gain influence for your high level armor which comes later.  Patience, grasshopper.

Level 5 – Ganking Lowbies

By this point the XP has slowed down compared to the previous 4 levels and now you are desperate to find new quests (new shit to do) but are having a hard time of it.  Now is when you travel to the Great Deserts of the land (sandboxes) and learn the ways of the Gyprims (combination of gypsy and prim).  You watch them build and converse while eagerly awaiting them to go AFK.  Once you are sure they are no longer there, quickly lay a ranger trap (hollow cube) to snare them.  Congratulations!  You have earned the title:  Snap that Trap for snaring 1 Great Desert Citizen and 98234xp!

Level 6 – PvE and PvP

You’ve spent considerable time in this strange world.  You’ve collard someone’s mom and bought yourself prim genitalia.  Now you’re ready for a little PvP (SL Relationship).  This level, though it seems short and easy – ends up in a small scale war which can lead to a huge mob raid (bringing friends into your breakup) which might cause you to have to respec (delete everyone from your list and start again).  Respecing is expensive so do not do this often.  Every time you respec it causes you to gain xp much much slower.

That’s all for the lowbie levels (the first year or so) of SecondLife.  This is seriously how the XP grind and leveling would go if there were ‘real’ levels in SL.  Though these levels are imaginary – no veteran SLer gains enlightenment without going through these lowbie levels.  Nobody.


14 Responses to “SL from an MMORPG View (for Lowbies)”

  1. WTS [Box of Freebies] only 200L$. That’s 30L$ cheaper than AH (slex) /w me

    Seriously though, this might be the best blog post EVER! Go Orchid!

  2. Bloody awesome and BEST POST EVER! Rofl @ collared someone’s Mom! Hahaha! I like your style Miss Orchid! I hope my last comment,
    (” If you don’t get XP or Honorpoints by being a ” Sl Celebrity “, then it’s none but a self created metaphor.”)
    has inspired you to this blog.

    Brilliant Blog!

  3. @Kitty – So glad you enjoyed it

    @Noor Loam – I actually didn’t know you had made that comment .. so I went to read it and found that once again my uber weird psychic powers have picked up on a brilliant something and turned it into a weird something.

  4. Noor Loam Says:

    Orchid, you are ueber indeed. You are not Miss Cleo, by any chance are you?
    Does a Kek Kek dance 😛

  5. Heidi Halberstadt Says:

    Someone just downed a potion of insight, I think. Brilliant post, Orchid, kudos!

  6. LMAO @ collared someone’s Mom! Great post…loved it. Spot on comparisons!

  7. It’s close… I think I power-leveled a lot then. I had my first PvP war at 2 months… Owned a club in 3 weeks and a mall (with rentals) at 4 months, at which time I was mentoring and instructing lower levels too. I don’t know what level I am now, almost 5.5 years in and with a relationship that’s lasted over 4 years (so far)… I’m guessing it’s pretty good.

  8. This made me laugh so hard. Awesome-tastic post Orchid. Totally what I needed.

    I honestly expected to find NPCs when I started playing, especially after doing Orientation Island where there was a segment where you had to do a little ‘quest’ by talking to and shouting at a volcano…

  10. Prokofy Neva Says:

    I have been play Strategic SL with a special patch and mods. There you can level up as follows:

    o get Linden bears — build relationship points, green up
    o get Linden calling cards — level up to Paladin with only 12 collected if they are in senior management
    o friend the FIC — also useful for achievements and healing in battles with Lindens
    o complete 10 office hours — if you can sit through these instances without getting booted from the server for swearing, you get some more points

  11. I recommend camping the spawn in Grasmere. The named mob “Blue” is the best way to level up in mid 30’s. Way better than Thousand Needles or stalking Torley….he wanders the whole map @_@

  12. @Prokofy – I completely forgot about those damned bears! Oh man remember how everyone went batshit crazy trying to get them?!

    @Blue – ROFL@ Torley wandering the whole map. I actually thought about putting something along those lines in … but then remembered how sometimes Torley has those ROFLCOPTER meetings at his fluffy bright colored house (I so love that house. Makes me say ❤ OMG lolol every time I see it or pics of it).

    Thanks to everyone for their imput so far. I’m actually suprised that anyone was the least bit entertained over this aside from myself – but as we all know it doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot to amuse me.

  13. Miss Raviprakash Says:

    brilliant orchid so funny i have to confess ive wound a few noubies up on sl saying this is level 1 lol you need to get to level 2 rofl

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