♥ Long-Distance Valentine ♥

If you can remmy last year and how much of a pessimist I was in regards to the dreaded Valentine’s Day, then this post may actually surprise you. It’s more common today to say that you’ve met the love of your life online than it was, oh, say 5-10 years ago. Secondlife isn’t too much different in some ways from match.com or the plethora of other dating sites if you really think about it.

This post is for the many that have found love online but have yet to make the physical move. For example one of my close friends lives in New York and the love of her life is in North Carolina. Her job, his job, where shall they go to meet in the middle and when? Well, that’s not really for any of us to decide. However if you & your loved one are miles away this coming Valentine’s Day and you’re completely clueless on trying to tailor something for your love, and want it to be as meaningful and personal as possible this post may help ya.

I’m not talking about a gift in Secondlife. No, this is real life and you have finally found real love outside of your virual safe haven, but now Valentine’s Day is 30 days away and the clock is a’tickin. Here is a list of things I’ve compiled for ya so you can hopefully have enough time to light that match under your ass & let lose your creative side.

  • Old-Fashion Valentine – make a home-made valentine with dollies to him/her written in cursive and then spray some of their favorite perfume/cologne on it.
  • Tech Savvy? – create a power point telling the story of your relationship in the past oh so long… Have a romantic song playing softly in the background as they play a slide show.
  • Daily Messages of Lurve – create a jar full of messages (it can be enough for a month to a year) with little quotes or reasons why you love them, then tell them to pick one each day. That way your gift lasts a while. There is a website that does this called KindNotes but doing it yourself is cheaper and more meaningful.
  • Movie Night – watching a movie together is great, even if you two are miles apart. For this I would actually use either Netflix and get him/her an account also (it’s not uberly expensive) or just buy them the movie you want to watch. You can send it prior in a gift package and include popcorn, licorice, etc. Once you both have the movie in hand, fire up Skype or make sure your cell is fully charge and hit play at the same time.
  • Love note – plan to write and read to him/her, a “what I would be doing if I were with you right now” note. You can read this over the phone or mail it to him/her. As an added bonus, you can include cute adorable Conversation Hearts (chalky, I know but a long-time V-Day tradition).
  • Lovin from the Oven – bake a huge cookie and decorate it with red hots. Then place the cookie in a very large box and get two helium balloons. Write “Open Carefully” “DO NOT Puncture” “This Side Up” all over the box. When it gets to him/her  the opened box will release the two balloons into the air and then they get to enjoy the cookie.

These are just a few ideas, even cheesy ones but hey, I’m a girl & I like cheese. Hopefully this list will inspire you, get you thinking, or give you the exact idea you were hoping for. Also, another helpful tip for any Valentine’s occasion… Make sure your loved one knows just how special they are to you (year round!), and that you love them very much.



5 Responses to “♥ Long-Distance Valentine ♥”

  1. hawksrock Says:

    or you can just send flowers… :p

  2. Nieve Thor Says:

    there’s a shop in SL where you buy the item in sl and then it will be delivered to you in RL. Well i got a big bouquet of flowers from my sl boyfriend last year. I can’t remember the price because he bought it. All he just need to do hand out the present to you and just click the item and it will display a web browser where you need to fill up the delivery form. I got mine 3 days after I fill it. Beside flower, the shop run the same service for chocolate, pendant..hmm I can’t remember what else. I think the owner is Starfruit Oh (I’m not login to in-world to check it. *Sorry*). Oh by the way, if you want to maintain secrecy (like I did), the sender won’t know your RL address because you are the one who fill the delivery address form.

  3. Why is this blog turning into some self-help blog? You all used to be really interesting, now every other post seems to be a “How to in SL and RL”.

    I doubt this is what the premise of the blog started out to be, but it’s ended up that way.

  4. Terry Toland Says:

    Honestly, this post really isn’t like all the other posts. Most of the ‘self-help’ posts have been sarcastic satires; this one is sweet and shows that the SL Revolution is really about different opinions of *all* types.

  5. I met my husband on IRC. Back then he just made a macro that was ascii art of a dozen roses and sent them to me.

    Damn, I sound nerdy, but it’s been 10 years since our first valentines day… so I suppose even ascii art works 😉

    Happy Valentines day (when it rolls around) to everyone at the Rev. ❤

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