Okay.. Stop it.

I’m serious. Stop it. It’s frickin’ annoying now.

[5:41] Random Person: hello

What the hell?! That’s not an offline message. It’s a bloody irritant – you tell me nothing other than you wish to greet me, and testing whether I’m online or not is not smart.. especially when I finally do get online, you’re probably going to be offline.

Would it not be smarter of you to tell me what you wanted? Are you really that retarded to think that you’re going to get quicker assistance by not stating your business?

Just in case you didn’t get it, “hello” or any other form of greeting is not an acceptable way of IMing someone who you can’t see is online, particularly if you have a business related request. The only thing worse I hate to see in my inbox is “r u on?”. There are faster ways to make my mute list, but this is definately one path to it.

Don’t do it – be smart and send a full instant message.. or else you’ll find your messages are mysteriously “capped”.


10 Responses to “hello?”

  1. I should really add a link to this post in my inworld profile!

  2. A. Fucking. Men. -.-

  3. Solange Korobase Says:

    @Eidur: people who write “hello” don’t normally read profiles.

  4. It is annoying and I honestly don’t understand it.

  5. Omg. This issues has been driving me crazy lately. I been getting alot of offline “Hellos” . When I get online my first instinct is to ignore them. What these people miss is there are alot of annoying people on SL who im you for no reason. I can’t know if you that kind of weirdo or someone wanting business. Plus, how do I respond to that: Hello? or Hello and what the f**k do you want? Leave a full Msg!

  6. Argh, I so so so so hate this.
    Offliner: Hello?
    Me via email: Hi, can I help?
    Offliner: Hello? Are you on line?
    Me via email: No, but what did you need?
    Offliner: Hello?


  7. LOL @Ziggy 🙂 what about the Friend Req First, “Hello” Second then Can I TP you? Id like to meet you…????? whaaaa, just got off the bus I recon, “In regard to??”
    him/her “Whaaa?”
    me/”Why are you IMing me”
    him/her”Oh sorry”
    I then go on Busy…and ignore.
    Ignore and it will go away, a good moto most times, used wisely this moto can serve you well, for personal hyginne issues, body sores and people that IM you OUT OF THE BLUE FOR NO BLOODY REASON AT ALL!

  8. I’ve been getting a lot of these recently too… capping my IM’s with “hello” isn’t helpful! gah!

  9. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    I agree, the friends request accompanying the “hello” IM almost makes me blow a gasket. You want me to be your friend because YOU want something from me? I’ve found the inappropriate friendship request to be particularly common when selling land, from people who want to offer me an insultingly low price for the parcel, and become abusive when I refuse.

  10. Xiomara Mendes Says:

    Be easy on the people who friend request before speaking. A lot of newbies seem to be under the impression that they can only IM people on their friends list. I’m not sure where they get this from.

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