I’m in ur Private Plurk with “over 50 other plurkers”!!! jOMG!

Yup, it’s a plurk post. I know, right? In the beginning there was Plurk, it was simple… and as time went on, Plurk grew a pair grew up. The plurktonians were given new smileys, tabs to sort their plurks by and even a town cryer ding tone alerting of each new plurk. One of the tabs given was a “private” tab and that’s where this post begins…

Let’s start with the definition of private, shall we?

private pri⋅vate /ˈpraɪvɪt/ Spelled Pronunciation [prahy-vit]
–adjective 1. belonging to some particular person: private property.
2. pertaining to or affecting a particular person or a small group of persons; individual; personal: for your private satisfaction.

okay so there’s that, how about another definition – small:

small /smɔl/ Spelled Pronunciation [smawl]
adjective, -er, -est, adverb, -er, -est, noun
–adjective 1. of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little: a small box

Are you following me?

From this I gather that *your* private plurk would be directed to a “smawl” group of friends. How many? Sayyyyy, 50% of your list? Well, how many friends do you have?! I for one get very excited when I see my private tab light up with the glorious number (3) or less depending on the day. A touch of my privates is surely meaning good times, ahhh good times! Imagine my disappointment & saddness when I go to open it thinking it’s just you & me, uhuh, to see that I’m not your only one – you floozy, you hoo’R! You invited OVER 50 other plurkers!?! Okay fine! Color me broken-hearted… but so what some girl looks like you in SL, or your ex-SLova has been contacting you, why is this private?

Where do you draw the line between who gets to be in on it and who doesn’t? Usually the stuff said in the PP isn’t that dishworthy anyhow, why all official and privatelike?

Which brings me to this… a pp isn’t all that private, srsly. Oh no, it’s not. Especially if you’re in there attempting to stir a pot (really you should hire a professional – call me, heyyyyyl). There’s always that friend of a friend of a friend that’s on *my* list that is copying & pasting your ass right into my email and I’m not even on your friends list. Imagine that! Oh yah and what exactly is it about a pp that makes you think if you’re responding to it that you are having a private discussion and you can say whatever you want? Haha!

So in all that is good & happy in plurkdom, STOP IT! Either make your list friends only, say what you have to say publically, stop including me in your PP orgy or otherwise make a fookin’ clique and take over the plurkiverse PEOPLE!

Just sayin’


9 Responses to “I’m in ur Private Plurk with “over 50 other plurkers”!!! jOMG!”

  1. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    Thank you, that really needed to be said. And because I take this issue seriously, I have set my Plurk timeline privacy to “Only I can view my plurks” to ensure that all my plurks will be genuinely private.

  2. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    Jellybean you can plurk me anytime you like!

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I would tote plurk you like you’ve never been plurked before, but… you deleted – again. 😮

  4. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    LOL – i moved to a RL plurk thing but I am not very active. I’m schizophrenic remember?

  5. I think a plurk etiquette guide needs to be blogged. I’m hoping one of you awesome folks at the rev would do that one day! I think plurkers are in serious needs to a list of do’s and dont’s.

  6. My private tab is no limited, there’s no one on it.

    Ok, that was lame. I just don’t plurk.

  7. Solange Korobase Says:

    Private can also simply mean not public (see private party and private property.) A private plurk to a number of people means exactly that: not for everyone. No matter what the number, as long as I get to decide how many and whom.

    If your expectation that a private plurk will be a ticket to the drama theater has been let down, I think there is nothing the other party could do about it, right?

    PS: Another thing, how will setting a plurk to friends only prevent leaking when there are people who are too happy to rebroadcast?

  8. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    @tiffergg – I think you’re absolutely right since common courtesy and proper behavior seems to be lost lately in social media.

    @Solange – You’re right about it being a private “party” and of course it’s *your* plurk, do whatever you want with it but don’t include me. My main issue with private plurks is shit like this:

    ??? says
    damn you plurk, where were you when i needed you

    This is private why? And wtf was I included? Not all pp are “drama” related, I know but some are just obnoxiously unnecessary IMHO.

    “PS: Another thing, how will setting a plurk to friends only prevent leaking when there are people who are too happy to rebroadcast?”

    That’s exactly what *I* was sayin! There is no such thing as a pp unless of course *you* are the only one in it. At least if you narrow your numbers to oh, iunno, three people instead x-number plus over 50 other plurkers… you can also narrow down your “leak” if it happens.

  9. Roblem Hogarth Says:

    Well Private should proly just be labeled subset as in “I’m sending this to a subset of my friends”. If its text you can bet someone will “share” it. Anyone that is sending a private message to most of their friends is really just keeping something from a few of them. And, odds are it will get back to them…

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