Curbside Confessions – Round 2

Wow, things are really slowing down at that “other site”, but we are pleased to bring you our next installment of Curbside Confessions.   We have a little bit of everything:  political, economic, social, and even personal turmoil makes for some interesting reading.











15 Responses to “Curbside Confessions – Round 2”

  1. The feeling’s mutual, Hawks. 😉

  2. Man, fuck you too Hawks. 😉

    (Seriously, yours are way better. Kudos!)

  3. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    Re Number 7. It totally will this time, but that’s cos there are 3 of us and a leash.

  4. Wilma Delgado Says:

    Damnit, I made the list:P

  5. I didn’t make the list? This whole “avoid drama” thing is obviously not working from a “try to become a SLebrity” perspective.

    #7 is freaking hilarious.

  6. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    You are much too classy to be on the list CC.

  7. hawksrock Says:

    @Crap: Thanks for affirming what I was reconfirming which you have previously confirmed on numerous occasions to which I was responding. 😉

    @Tenshi: That’s what she said.

    @Stephanie: I have the utmost faith in your trio. Funny thing is that one of the three was who I quoted for that one when she said he was normal, but all his exes were nuts. Of course, she didn’t realize Jell was an ex and also in the room… 😉

    @Wilma: You are a lot more notorious than me… all I get is the poop contingent.

    @Crono: Thanks and seconding what Stephanie says.

  8. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    /me thinks she made the *wrong* list (annoyed)

  9. Wait JUST A MINUTE.. am I on the list because i’m nuts?

    I might go and weep now, srsly.

  10. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    @hawksrock That’s any easy mistake for someone to make – wouldn’t the list of exes be almost as long as “The List”? Just impossible to keep up! (I am of course allowed to say this, Mistress and all ya know)

  11. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    Hey i am nuts. He called me schizophrenic plenty of times – now I am convinced its true (just ask my ex who I dumped him for).

  12. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    and oh props to Mel Cromulent for the great pic of me

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  15. Alyx Sands Says:

    Oooh, The List again-I can see my name! I’m famous! (And still have no idea why I’m even ON the bloody list…)

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