A copyright owner has claimed your ass!

I’ve been many things in SL… a model, a DJ, a blogger, a muse, land baroness, club owner, and a machinimanic. The above video is one that Hawks & I worked hard on a year ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long. “Grinspoon – Lost Control” was probably one of the best planned, best executed, best over-all videos that we’ve put together to date, in my honest opinion.

Hawks & I created JH Productions from my JBM Productions. In the beginning we used YouTube to upload and share our interpreted works of art from SL. It wasn’t great, in fact most of the time it barely borderlined adequate. I still have a few videos on YouTube. That is the ones that haven’t been blocked. Over the past few months YouTube has incorporated a new “copyright infringement” pain in my ass! Youtube gives us a place to upload content *FREE* however if music is used (whether you own the CD or not) if a party or “content owner” comes in and claims it’s their music, you’re fucked depending on how they handle you. There are two options I’ve seen:

Opt.#1 They allow your video to stay up & LIVE but add advertisements about themselves to your vid.


Opt #2 they completely block your vid from public playback until you either comply to copyright and remove song, challenge it or use their “audioswap” which plays crappy music over your music because yours happens to be imbededededed.

We soon discovered Vimeo. Holy shit! The quality is so much better & the vids are so crisp… but most of my first attempts at being a machima-ographer (is that a word?) are still on YouTube. I’ve had my computer crash, break, reformatted, poked, proded, and slapped around since the early days and I’ll be damned if I still have the original avi files. So screwed you might say.

It seems everybody and their SL mothers have discovered the good times of what is Machinima – so I ask you if you’ve been affected by YouTube’s newest policies, if so how did you react? If you don’t use YouTube, where do you show off your art?


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  1. So you are finally admitting publicly that grinspoon is a WAY better vid, than the old surf footage you shot before I was a twinkle in your eye?

  2. *subscribes to Vimeo*
    fangirl moment: I have always been a fan of your vids!

  3. I’ve been using Vimeo for over a year, the interface is much nicer and the quality is awesome, I’ve even seen some HD vids on there. Youtube may fetch a larger audience but it has issues.

    The video I did for Laylah’s and Jon’s wedding got yanked a few months ago for copyright and I’m not really surprised. Although I reckon a few artists won’t care because all publicity is good right?

    There’s buttloads of ‘free’ music on the web however, artists and bands trying to get a break will whore their stuff out so it gets used and noticed which you can use no problem, plus you’ll get the whole “ZOMG! I’ve never heard that song, what is it?” thing. But it’s a shame that if you want to use your favourite choons then you run the risk of the vid being pulled.

    Here’s a linkie for some more linkies to free music sites



  4. Ooo another comment… It’s on the list I linked above, it’s a british site called Jamendo. Lots of super cool brit stuff (Hey, you know we’re classy with our muzak… The Specials *wink wink nudge nudge*).

    I’ll stop commenting now

  5. You could also try http://www.mobygratis.com/film-music.html

    Its free film music for nonprofit use made by Moby. There’s a nice little selection of tracks in a bunch of different moods. You do need to sign up and you request songs through an application process, and have to describe your film, but the music’s great and its free and totally legit!

  6. As a voice on the other side of the debate…

    You should be happy they do give you options. If I cut together a piece and added music that I didn’t have the rights to, a for profit project or not, I’d more than likely get sued. I’d be laughed out of the edit room when handing it in. Along with never getting editing work again. Ever.

    There are all sorts of royalty free music sites out there.

  7. Chelle Moore Says:

    *giggles* I was in that!! Thanks for making me famous Jelly! LOL Love ya 🙂

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