We the People

From the office of Lookit Fakename
Cuba Sims, SL

We the accused wish to contest numerous claims made recently by Ms. Encore Mayne via her lawyer of disputed gender (and existence), Truth Leader.

Your claim that Ms Mayne’s reputation and livelihood are based largely on her public persona will not be contested. We fully appreciate that her reputation for irrational behaviour, paranoia and complete breakdown in understanding common sense will lead her to be a figure of public interest. We appreciate that such traits will be highlighted so individuals can feel better about themselves, and use Ms. Mayne as a “At least I’m nothing like her” case scenario.

We are therefore persuing the action that such cases cannot be considered “personal attacks” when they are based on solid fact, as numerous chat logs will suggest. If this will not suffice, we invite any individual to attempt to hold a 5 minute conversation with Ms. Mayne without rolling their eyes in disbelief.

We are also seeking a conviction for harassment, as Ms. Mayne contacted many dozens of individuals personally to discuss the matter, before she took ‘legal council’. We feel this has been a violation of our rights, and we seek a restraining order to prevent Ms. Mayne from contacting any of the named individuals again, for fear that her “batshit craziness” may be contagious.

We are sorry, but rather surprised, to hear that Ms. Mayne considers her mental stability to have deteriorated during this affair. We the people are of the opinion that she was never really all quite there. Therefore, we seek for Ms. Mayne to be institutionalised so she may receive the care and treatment for her own well being. We will specifically be requesting that such facilities do not have, and will never have access to a computer or the internet.

We also wish to have Ms. Mayne educated in the skill of “common sense”. We feel that anybody who thinks they’re above the citizen’s right to free speech and will persue depositions from over 300 people over libel, really needs to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they’re of a sound state of mind.

We will also be seeking a psychological assessment to ensure that the institutionalisation of Ms. Mayne will be permanent, on the basis of her disillusioned state of mind. There appear to be several cases where she has imagined chat logs which never happened, believes several thousands of people are embroiled in a conspiracy solely against her and has manifested imaginary friends in the form of journalists and lawyers.

We the people feel that if she truly wishes to prevent “any flare ups to further exacerbate any reactions based on rumours, innuendos, and gossip”, she should simply just shut up and go away.

No court in the world would uphold the poorly stated argument by Ms. EnCore Mayne and her ‘lawyer’ Truth Leader. We believe that any action against us would result in a ruling in our favour, thereby making it legal for Ms. Mayne to be defined as “batshit crazy”.

Actually, on second thoughts.. disregard this counter.


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  2. Banana Vella Says:

    Cant …

    Stop …

    Laughing …

  3. Ms Mayne cant seem to stop… “All parties (listed below) who have entered comments on the issue will be contacted by myself or my agents for a deposition.” and she has posted everyones name that commented on your site.

    I’ve not been in SL long, but I have read enough blogs in my short life to know that when you’re been slammed/ridiculed/picked-on/caught-out, its best just to shut up. Its the loudest person that ends up looking the silliest. You guys seem to be managing the situation the best and therefore coming off looking more mature.

    Its getting past the point of the initial posts and has moved on to something resembling a laughable episode of Judge Judy, where people forget the initial lawsuit and move on to how nutty the ‘victim’ is and where Bert looks to Judy with a ‘can-I-hit-her?’ look.

    Now… I’ve also known a lawyer or two in my time, and not one single one would encourage their client to do exactly what Ms Mayne has done, as they know it would open her up to all sorts of problems. But I guess she has to find that out for herself.

    What I can say to the authors of both blogs… ty ty ty for giving us all something entertaining to read! I eagerly await the next installment…

    Love to all.

  4. Chalice Yao Says:

    Brilliant. Just brilliant!

  5. This is absolutely brilliant. Well presented and well argued. 😉

  6. I think she finally lost her mind…. check her blog, there’s a proof

  7. Oh… Thank you. Prad. I should have read this yesterday and I was really pissed off.

    sign: one of the people of The List

  8. *au* tummy hurts from laughing

  9. Natalie P. Says:

    Will you be my internet lawyer?

  10. This is just brilliant! *giggles*

  11. I think I just peed my pants… Very well presented and just Awesome!

  12. ☆Franny☆ Says:

    Oh my…..LMFAO….oh jeesh ..i can´t stop laughing….We pay ya if you’ll be our e-laywer

  13. O mai, I have been named, what will I do? She is gunna sues me!

    Oh christ, I’d ask if she’s serious, but I know she is. Opinions do not constitute libel, and I’m pretty sure any judge would take the book and slap her across the face with it.

  14. Can you guys/girls get any more stuck up? This post only affirms the fact this blog as well as SCD love drama, creating it, stiring it up..and not letting it go. You think you are a good person posting something so pretentious, rude, obnoxious and down-right mean about someone who is potentially “unstable”.
    Just let it go, for f*cks sake. Leave this issue alone and move on to something more productive.

  15. Diddums.

    Yeah.. that’s pretty much it. I could invoke the “If you don’t like it, don’t read it” rule too. Nobody’s got a gun to your head to read the blog.

    And I never claimed to be a “good person”, and never would dream of claiming to be such a thing.. =)

  16. bleh @ encore. Great post though. My IL will be in touch 😉


  17. @Ginny Hai der! My name is Hawks, and I just want to call out a few things about our blogging style here at the Rev.

    We like to tackle topics of the day in quite a few different formats. We might do serious, we might offer advice, we might just post an opinion, but more often than not we are going for some form of satirical intelligent witty commentary that is hopefully timely and causes you to think.

    I think Prad did a great job of making light of an apparently absurd situation. It is being widely discussed, is relevant, and he did it in a funny satirical way. Hats off to Prad, and keep it coming!

    If you don’t enjoy wit and humor, then I suggest you just bury your head in fashion blogs. 😉

  18. Cheers Prad! This is BRILLIANT!

    Apparently, I’ve been missing out! How did I miss your wonderful posts?

    So, for those of you that assume that Encore Mayne is including people who posted here or SCD are misinformed. I’m one of the lucky 300. Not quite sure how I got on the list, maybe a comment on someone’s Plurk? Just goes to show how deep the well of paranoia runs.

  19. I dunno why I love “pretend Internet lawyer” situations so much. 🙂 I went and looked up “Truth Leader”, just out of curiosity. No such name found in search, I always forget if that means they don’t exist, or they’ve just hidden from search. The w-hat name2key database doesn’t have an entry for “Truth Leader”, fwiw. SL Name Watch says that there are 58 or 59 residents with the “Leader” last name, and that it’s an old name, from before they started tracking. Search finds 55 residents with the last name “Leader”, including Dear Leader, Great Leader, Fearless Leader, and Waffle Leader. But no Truth Leader. Seems odd that a professional SL lawyer would hide from search, but ya never know…

  20. Landsend Korobase Says:

    This is an appropriate response to the situation. Some people are going to be upset by her actions and get nervous about their names being included in the list, hell even mine made an appearance. Since I have a background in law though it didn’t particularly bother me. For those who it did upset though, Prad’s response helps them realise what sort of person they’re up against.

    Oh, and it was damn funny. Every post you do is worth reading Prad, but this is one of my all time favs, nicely done.

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  22. I’m a bit pissed because I am on the list and have not been deposed yet.

  23. Arya Markova Says:

    She’s got quite a few personalities rattling around in the old gourd there, doesn’t she?

    Too bad they’re all crazy assholes.

  24. Rosie Shark Says:

    Bravo!! Awesome post Prad I was laughing most of the way through it!!!

  25. Sugarr Delight Says:

    *Stands and applauds*

  26. alberogssm Says:

    LOVE IT!! Great responce and I have my popcorn ready for the next show.

  27. Awesome! Perfect reply, and thanks for the laughs!

  28. wtf? I’m onna list! I can haz teh intarwebz naow! I’m famous! *shakes head*

  29. I think I got light headed from laughing so hard. OMG!

  30. Wilma Delgado Says:

    Yes, I’m one of the chosen ones. I made her list. But, now I’m wondering…can’t we get Dr Phil or Jerry Springer to invite us all on their show? We could be tv stars:) Plus, I want to see Dr Phil trying to explain our little virtual world.

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