Man of the Moment: Dancien Graves


Dancien Graves is a man of many shoes in SL. He’s a builder, DJ, club-owner, blogger, and snarky bastard. Also, he’s kind of a hottie. I sat him down for an interview and here’s what happened.

Iris Seale: What do you do in Second Life?

Dancien Graves: Well, I started out as a stripper/escort in SL. From there I went to DJing. I picked up building along the way and now I’m a DJ /Builder/Club Owner/Photographer/Blogger/Hate Fashion Reviewer

Iris Seale: No more escorting?

Dancien Graves: Not only no but hell no. Want to meet really crazy people in Second Life? Become an escort

Iris Seale: What’s your craziest story from SL?

Dancien Graves: That I’m legally allowed to tell you? Hmm…I’m actually racking my brain here because SL is pretty much crazy by default usually.

Iris Seale: We can come back to that one. How did you find Second Life?

Dancien Graves: Oh, my RL roommate for awhile was an SL resident named Silvernia Nakamura. I came home one day and she was on Second Life. And I asked her what that was all about and she explained it to me. So I figured I’d give it a shot

Iris Seale: And then you built your club, Club Baby Seals. Why did you decide you wanted to have a club?

Dancien Graves: Because I honestly believe most clubs in Second Life are full of shit. You have like 50,000 clubs filled with the same stripper, the same retarded howl and multi-line gestures and the same boring “Who’s fucking who” drama. I got tired of working in them so I decided to make a place where it was about friends and about the music. And as you can tell by the name, it’s also about not being politically correct

Dancien Graves: I didn’t want to port anywhere for work anymore.

Iris Seale: You’re also a DJ, how’d you stumble onto that?

Dancien Graves: Funny story about that. I actually started DJing online with winamp and dialup in 2000 for a porn site called (No longer in service). I took a break around 2002 and then started DJing for a gaming guild. I came into SL with no intentions of DJing. However the first club I worked at had DJ Drama and none of them showed up so I volunteered

Iris Seale: How does one DJ for a porn site?

Dancien Graves: Those were back in the good old days before SL when everybody was on IRC. I was pretty much an IRC DJ

Iris Seale: what’s your favorite type of music?

Dancien Graves: Well, I have alot of music I like. If I had to narrow it down to three. I’d say Gothic/Jazz (Sinatra, Connick Jr. etc), and Classical

Iris Seale: If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Dancien Graves: At this point in my life? Gogol Bordello – Wanderlust King

Iris Seale: Why that one?

Dancien Graves: Because to me it symbolizes change. That’s one of the things I like about Second Life. Constant change. To me, Stagnation is death

Iris Seale: You certainly seem to keep yourself busy. You just started a blog, Brutal, about things that annoy you in SL. Why start it and how do you choose what to post about?

Dancien Graves: I started Brutal because I figured the same things that were seriously pissing me off were probably pissing off other people so I thouht I would share. I don’t actually choose what I post about. It just kinda falls in my lap or I come across something which needs to be bitched at

Iris Seale: Have you ever had negative IM’s or anything from the people/things you’ve blogged about?

Dancien Graves: Actually, not yet. I’m a little disappointed actually. I may have to try harder or go after stuff everybody loves. I’m not sure yet. Encore (Mayne) did come visit my club though

Iris Seale: How’d that go over?

Dancien Graves: I started to fly down from my Box of Evil up higher than the club and she left. I was a little sad

Iris Seale: Aww, that’s no fair.

Dancien Graves: I know. I was looking forward to finally using my hump head animation. Maybe next time

Iris Seale: You’ve gotta hold out hope.

Iris Seale: What are your future plans for SL?

Dancien Graves: Besides world domination?

Iris Seale: Well, that one’s a given.

Dancien Graves: I don’t actually make a habit of planning anything. Because when you make plans they go wrong. And you can’t look cool saying “I meant to do that!” when you have a plan. Well eventually I’d like to maybe get a full sim. Dedicate it to all things politically incorrect

Iris Seale: Like what?

Dancien Graves: Well, I have a prefab SL Abortion Clinic in the works. I figure it’ll take care of the prim baby issue. I’m also considering opening up a Second Life Divorce Mediation Center.

Iris Seale: You’d make a killing.

Dancien Graves: Which one the abortions or the divorces?

Iris Seale: Both, probably.

Dancien Graves: Yeah. The Abortion clinic is going to take awhile. it’s hard to make sculpty wire hangers

Iris Seale: If you could rid the world of any one thing, what would it be?

Dancien Graves: Hmm. Well RL I’d really like to get rid of taxes, the republican party, and people who go into the 20 items or less lane with a shopping cart full of groceries.

Iris Seale: Ooo, I hate that.

Dancien Graves: Second Life….Homeless looking Nekos, The concept of paying people to go to your club, and last but not least. Bling

Iris Seale: What’s your all-time favorite word?

Dancien Graves: What

Iris Seale: Why ‘what’?

Dancien Graves: because it’s one of those awesome all purpose words. Like when I see somebody acting like an idiot in RL I can point and just go “WHAT?!”. I’m finding it works in SL too. Also, it’s because I’m usually never paying attention and so when people ask me something I say “What?” a lot

Iris Seale: What do you do in your free time when you’re not working?

Dancien Graves: I pirate music and watch anime and read

Iris Seale: What are you reading right now?

Dancien Graves: Carnival Culture by James Twitchell

Iris Seale: So, is there a special someone in your life or are you still an eligible SL bachelor?

Dancien Graves: You know, I tried the SL relationship thing. It lead to some good times, some bad times, some times which may require therapy later in my life. But as of now, still a bachelor. Like Doris Day said though, whatever will be will be

Iris Seale: Good philosophy! It was great talking to you. Anything else you want to add?

Dancien Graves: I’ll be covering this later in Brutal but I guess I can spill here. Dear Male Fashion Designers/Reviewers, some of us are straight and we’d like it if you posted/made clothes that straight guys would wear


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