Live Your Dream

Just as long as you don’t have neighbors, that is.

For 3 years now I have rented land off and on, here and there all willy nilly like because eventually I end up with neighbors I can’t stand.  Some people will blame this on my uncanny ability to seem like a huge bitch without saying a word.  Others may blame this on my ‘opossum stance’ where I do this finishing move.  Its complicated.  See when someone starts talking to me that I don’t want anything to do with – I go silent instantly.  Even if everyone else is talking I just stop and wait for them (the person I don’t want to talk to) to go away. 

Some may call this cowardly and downright stupid – but it works people.  Noobies are great for walking up to anyone and talking, and ya know sometimes I just don’t want to talk.  So I stand there silently waiting for them to go away.  I might even add a bit in my profile that says “sometimes I am AFK so don’t take my silence for being rude” even though I’m totally being rude!  Oh dear I’ve gotten off track.

Neighbors.  Grid love ’em they can make things interesting.  I’m sure everyone has come across nearly every type of neighbor (and if you say “I’ve never had a neighbor because I’ve always had an island I swear I’ll throw dirt at you!”) and if you haven’t let’s assume you have. 

Not everyone that buys/rents land near you is going to plop out the same style house/shop that you have.  No one who starts living next door to you is going to think its very cool when you have about 30 or so people over to yours for a party (or filming session).  But what is someone supposed to do who refuses to buy an island (lets face it: that shit is expensive) and can’t restrict themselves to either having a shop or having a house, but not both!

Crack Shack.  Yes its as simple as those two words.  If you live in a region that doesn’t have this strict ass shit about what your house has to look like – plop down a crack shack.  People will eventually get pissed off and move.  It really works.  I’ve watched it happen!  As a matter of fact its even happened to me and at the time I didn’t recognize how damn brilliant of a tactic it was!

I guess I should really say that I don’t hate everyone in SL even though sometimes it seems that way.  I also don’t hate every neighbor I’ve had in SL.  I’ve only ever hated the ones that fill my speakers with constant gestures and have only been in SL for a month or two and think they know everything.  I’m not prejudice against noobs, I’m really not.  I just wish that some of the noobs I meet would bow down more ya know?  Give me some respect! (I’m kidding ok?!)

My advice?  Oh yes!  Next time you have SlaveMaster AssChowder as your neighbor – turn your nice little villa of a place into a crack shack.  When he comes over without a shirt on with his long, flexi, Fabio-esque mane – whip out a prim baby that cries non stop.  Owning land is war, people!  Are you going to hide in the trenches are will you be victorious?!?



3 Responses to “Live Your Dream”

  1. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Awwww! I’m so getting me a crack shack for Christmas! ❤

  2. ” Owning land is war, people! Are you going to hide in the trenches are will you be victorious?!?” So true. I totally ❤ you Orchid!

  3. This definitely made me laugh quite hard… it’s so true!

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