Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Ya know I read up today on natural defense mechanisms of different species of critters. Two particular oddites caught my eye… The first being the Hairy Frog or “Horror Frog”. Why are they so cool, you wonder, right? Well it actively breaks its own bones to produce claws that puncture their way out of the frog’s toe pads, probably when it is threatened. OOoo it’s like Wolverine but like only tote real and full of awesome.

The second being nine species of Bruneian ants, whose workers “are known to have hypertrophied mandibular glands and release their glandular contents suicidally from the head by rupturing the inter- segmental membrane of the gaster.” That means, in plain English, that they totally EXPLODE! Exploding ants will instinctively commit suicide when their colony is attacked, killing not only themselves but often their attackers as well.

Everyone has defense mechanisms, not only weird bugs and frogzoids. In Freud’s view, the human is driven towards tension reduction, in order to reduce feelings of anxiety. Sometimes people operate unconsciously, shut the world out, throw up walls, hide, and distort, transform, or falsify reality is some way etc etc. Do you know what yours is? In my case, I make myself hard to fight. Yup, how do you fight someone who loves a good fight? I don’t have neat tricks like the frog switchblades or exploding ant heads, but I have been trained over the years to be one hell of a verbal boxer. I’m not afraid to fight dirty if it gets to that point as some people (honestly I mean my ex) have pushed me to.

When you’re hurt, frightened or feeling threatened, how do you react? Really think about that. I would say I’m almost always 100% defensive but I’m getting better.

Lately the fact that I’ve openly admitted that I LOVE DRAMA has been a consistent topic of discussion from plurk to IM. I know I’m losing you here going from ‘defense’ to ‘I love drama’. I swear I never claimed to make sense. I apologize in advance, but it sorta goes along with this post. Just like how I feel that I am an exceptional verbal fighter because that is *my* defense mechanism… I also admit I love drama. The best fight is one where the other person has no chance in hell of winning. If you think you can hurt me by causing me drama, being dramatic, or fighting me, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s like fighting fire with fire… What if you’re fighting a fire-eater? You lose.

This post really has nothing to do with me loving drama, that’s a whole other post but isn’t timely at the moment. This post is asking you what you do in situations of anger, hurt, threat? How do you react and why? Are you offense, defense? The human condition is fascinating, so humor me.


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  1. Humours the Jellster…

    I get defensive, I rarely fight back because I’m a great bit wuss, I curl up into a ball and just defend myself from the reign of blows i’m being dealt, until the anger boils up and if it boils too high, I unleash the inner bitch but she’s a bit rusty cos she’s not aired often 😛

    I think most ppl are defensive, not many people fight back immediately, I believe it’s human nature to defend yourself, but then I dunno, that might just be me 😀

    I’d rather see stuff all die down and be forgotten than drag it on by prolonging it.

  2. I rarely get angy, or I avoid situations likely to cause ire, but i do spoil for a good verbal stoush on occasion. I really don’t like it when people cower when i say something passionately or heatedly – say what you mean when you mean it and any conflict will be over quick-smart. I don’t hold grudges, i just want to resolve the conflict (or conversation) satisfactorily.

    I get a bit bark-y at times, but that’s a means of expression, rather than an emotion – I just use short, sharp and occasionally loud words to quickly say something to its best effect, and to make sure you’re actually listening. THAT’S NOT SHOUTING. YOU’LL KNOW WHEN I’M SHOUTING!!!


  3. Dove Swanson Says:

    I’m a kill’em with kindness and sprinkle a bit of humor on it kind of fighter. What does that qualify as? I have no idea.

    The only time you will ever truly see the fighter side of me is when you go for the people dear and closest to me. Me? You can pick at me all day and I’ll laugh it off or just smile and nod. But mess with those certain people and I go into kill mode. heh.

  4. Bleh I suck at appropriate emotions for the situation 😀 If I feel threatened or attacked, I rarely confront the person unless I’ve been pushed wayyyy too far. I shut down. Walls go up, I go silent. Isn’t that one of those biological responses? HaHa like a possum? Just to freeze? I get haughty too and my nose goes wayyy up in the air. One of the most infuriating things, though, is I often have a very hard time expressing anger, so then I just get teary eyed. Totally. Inappropriate. The person making me feel trapped into tears usually would benefit from a strong tongue-lashing instead of being able to feel smug cuz they made me tear up.

  5. Dove Swanson Says:

    I do the tear thing too Rosie! I HATE it …because I’m really feeling the urge to punch them in the nose, but all I can do is cry? wtf. lame.

  6. I tear too rosie, especially if I am what I call “spitting mad”

    if I’m just annoyed, I tend to verbal it and not always in a nice friendly way as I dose heavy with sarcasm.

    Above slightly annoyed yet below ‘spitting mad’ Verbal with a lash. Not one to hold much in, not super fond of confrontation and it takes a bit to get me there so when I do get to that point and realize it, I let it out. Not always for the good either.

    Then when it’s all said and done, I’m good to go. I don’t hold grudges (never learned that trick) and will always be polite in public.

  7. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Yay for comments. I was actually waiting for someone to say “Jelly WTF?” Haha! If not educational, it was ummm… something.

    I have to admit that I do tear too actually but only when I’m caught off guard. It happened a lot with my step-dad when he was alive. He’d start & I’d bawl. I think mostly because it was either unexpected or his tone. I’m not sure which.

  8. blaubeermund Says:

    I get infuriated pretty quickly if someone starts attacking me in-world or whatever. The thing is, it’s not only because they’re attacking me, it’s because I can’t pull the words together to fight them back.
    In this scenario, I do what I can – try to stay calm and reply without exploding. If the person keeps full-on attacking me, hello abuse report. Yeah, probably gonna get yelled at for being an report-happy resident, but seriously, that’s my reply if someone starts harassing me.

    Same thing goes for threat, pretty much. I get really really defensive.

    As for hurt, I kinda go running to friends to whine. Thank goodness they don’t mind listening to me, haha…
    Fun thing is, I have at least two friends who’ll attack at the person who hurt me. They’re pretty kickass, too.
    Yeah yeah, the posse thing – I don’t really consider them a posse. To be honest, I hate that kind of drama.

    When all else fails, I just sit back and simmer. Eventually, something bad usually happens to people who cross me. It’s happened many times, usually just as I get over being upset or angry.
    Oftentimes, what happens had no connection whatsoever to what happened to me, and was not initiated by anyone I knew. That’s the fun part.

    Ah well.

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