Shamefaced Apology

This is not the usual Rev post where I bitch and rant about something that “grinds my gears” in a Peter Griffin-esque fashion. Instead, its an apology to my former partner, Phoenix Chapman, who has summarily blocked/deleted me from every imaginable communications tool and has asked that I never contact her again.

As a flawed individual I fuck up regularly. And I royally fucked up and really hurt her feelings, and for that I truly am sorry. Sometimes one is aware of, but doesn’t fully realize what the consequences of one’s actions will be until the line is crossed and the impact of the fall-out is experienced first hand.

I keep re-reading the last message she sent me, seeing myself through her eyes and realizing what complete asshole I am.

For all it’s worth I apologize, Phoe.

– – –
Soundtrack to sadness


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